Cliff-type plunge 80%! Half a year up 8 times, producer hot hand shipment

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Cliff-type plunge 80%! Half a year up 8 times, producer hot hand shipment

2019-04-25 21:30:13 3318 ℃


"Today, maybe it is the banker who has earned enough money in the first two days of shipment and started to run away desperately. With the help of many entrants, he left a chicken feather behind." On the afternoon of April 25, Fuhui Construction Holdings (01034.HK) shares plunged, plunged more than 80%, and the total day turnover was HK$370 million .

From the market information, the trigger of this sharp fall is likely to be 720 million shares will be lifted on April 30 , accounting for 45% of the company's total equity. It is worth noting that the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission has named Fuhui Construction Holdings as highly concentrated, and the top 20 shareholders hold 95.6% of the company's shares .

and the previous report of Fuhui Construction Holdings in 2018 showed a sharp decline in performance, year-on-year spillover and total earnings fell by 73.17% compared with the same period last year. In addition, since Fuhui Construction Holdings went public on October 30 last year, its share price has risen more than 800% in less than half a year. The stock price of Fuhui Construction Holdings is at such a high level, and the company is facing multiple shorts. It is inevitable that the stock price will fall, but the decline is so large that it is very unexpected. In fact, because Fuhui Construction Holdings belongs to the construction contractor industry which is not favored by Hong Kong investors, its attention in the secondary market is not high. < p > < p > small coupons found that in the period of the lowest turnover of Fuhui Construction Holdings, the turnover of one day was even < strong > less than HK$100,000 < / strong >.

Under the circumstances that most of the shares of the company are locked up, the transaction in the secondary market is poor, and the issuance price is low, Fuhui Construction Holdings is very easy to be regarded by the bankers as the first target of sitting on the bank.

From the past trend and turnover of Fuhui Construction Holdings, the traces of stock price manipulation by bankers are more obvious. During the period of stock price consolidation,

trading volume was low, and the turnover was between hundreds of thousands to millions of . During the period of sharp rise of stock price, the turnover suddenly increased tens of times, reaching tens of millions trading volume, and two days before the sharp fall of Fuhui Construction Holdings'share price, the turnover reached hundreds of millions of yuan . Obvious.

To this day, maybe it is the banker who has made enough money in the first two days of shipment, and has started to run away regardless of everything, with the help of many entrance scribbles, and has gone away, leaving a chicken feather behind.

Because Hong Kong pays great attention to market self-control, even to a laissez-faire level, this leads to the "thousand shares" in the Hong Kong stock market, such as Fuhui Construction Holdings, which is very common. Many small and medium-sized investors do not understand the internal situation, and look at the rising stock prices, they think they are high-quality stocks, so there are many deceived people.

in this small ticket, I would like to advise you that investors in Hong Kong stock market and US stock market must not participate in speculation. After all, gamble is the beginning of the dealer, and when they finish it, they have the final say.