The benchmark is the strongest in the world! Beyond Hong Kong, is Shanghai possible?

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The benchmark is the strongest in the world! Beyond Hong Kong, is Shanghai possible?

2019-08-07 00:33:27 1153 ℃

Abstract: Which aspects of Shanghai are more competitive with Hong Kong and Shenzhen

author|The uncle & editor|Xin Xinran[123 ]

On August 6, this day is a combination of two auspicious numbers. Shanghai has added good news since it was harvested into the Expo and the Science and Technology Board.

The "China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area Overall Plan" was released. On the basis of the existing Shanghai Free Trade Zone of 120.72 square kilometers, the Lingang New Area regained 119.5 square kilometers of land.

The program has a lot of good and good policies.

At the same day's press conference, the Shanghai official said:

Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Lingang New Area will release the property purchase restriction policy. For the non-local households to purchase housing qualifications, the households are adjusted to individuals. Moreover, the original policy is to pay a tax or social security for 5 years, and the new district is shortened to 3 years.

How do you view these two news, what does it mean for Shanghai, what it means for the property market, and what is the significance of further opening up to China?

1, Shanghai not only harvests the special zone, but also targets the world's strongest free trade zone

First, the leverage game should give a hint. After the approval of the Lingang New Area, the area of ​​the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has doubled. Other than the Hainan Free Trade Zone, other free trade zones are twice as large.

This is the status of Shanghai.

According to official sources, the leveraged game noted that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area is to be recognized as the most competitive free trade zone in the international arena.

This expression belongs only to Shanghai. This is the expectation of Shanghai.

The purpose is of course very simple, that is, to select the national strategic needs, the international market demand is large, and the key areas with high openness requirements but not yet in other regions are implemented. Do some stress tests and so on.

Why do you want to do this? Very simple, the internal and external situation needs.

For example, this time node, everyone understands. In a word, the country needs a more open window.

According to the goal, by 2025, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area should establish a relatively mature system of investment and trade liberalization and facilitation.

By 2035, a special economic function zone with strong international market influence and competitiveness will be built.

The plan is clear, and the core functions of global high-end resource element allocation will be built at that time, which will become an important carrier for China's deep integration into economic globalization.

In order to achieve this goal, the plan is clear, and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area is managed by the special economic zone.

Yes, the pole friends did not misread, and the special economic zones were actually expanded on the basis of the original Shenzhen and other basics.

From the Expo and the Science and Technology Board, a series of good deeds came to Shanghai. In terms of economy and finance, the competition between Shanghai and Hong Kong and Shenzhen has become more intense.

Can Shanghai achieve its transcendence to Hong Kong?

2. Which aspects of Shanghai are more competitive with Hong Kong and Shenzhen?

The plan is actually very clear. Simply say 5 aspects.

The first is freedom of investment. The leveraged game noted that the plan is clear, drawing on the common practices of the international free trade park, increasing the opening up to the outside world in key areas such as telecommunications, insurance, securities, scientific research and technical services, education, and health, and relaxing restrictions on registered capital and investment methods. .

For example, support new areas to strengthen the construction of international commercial disputes. Allow overseas well-known arbitration and dispute resolution agencies to set up business organizations in the new area.

For foreign investment, the protection of rights and security will increase.

The second is freedom of trade. Establish Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone as an important carrier for the internationally recognized and most competitive free trade zone.

Yangshan area is good.

also accelerate the development of capital-intensive service trade such as cultural services, technology products, information and communication, medical health, and innovate cross-border e-commerce service models, and encourage cross-border e-commerce companies to establish international distribution in new areas. platform.

According to the oil and gas system reform process and industrial needs, the research is to grant qualified enterprises the qualifications for crude oil import in the new area.

Three funds are free. Cross-border business, the most important thing is to make money safely and efficiently.

The plan is clear. Under the premise of risk control, the internationally accepted financial regulatory rules are used to further simplify the cross-border RMB business processing process for high-quality enterprises and promote the facilitation of cross-border financial services.

Here, the focus of the lever game is to explore the free flow of capital inflows and free exchanges in the new area.

Support enterprises in the new area to provide cross-border financial services such as cross-border bond issuance, cross-border investment mergers and acquisitions, and cross-border capital concentration operations for enterprises and non-residents in the new area.

The income from the funds and cross-border services raised by enterprises in the new area can be used independently for business investment activities in new areas and overseas.

These measures, if gradually implemented. It is not only to make Shanghai more competitive with Shenzhen's financial status competition, but also to gradually "grab" Hong Kong's rice bowl.

Hong Kong is a super-contact between foreign capital and China. This role is more open with Shanghai and the country is more open and will gradually decline.

Of course, this is ideal.

The fourth transport freedom. The Lingang Area has Yangshan Deepwater Port, Pudong International Airport and Luchaogang Railway Container Center Station. It is very promising to enhance the function of expanding the global hub port.

The fifth person is free to work. The plan mentioned that it will relax the restrictions on the employment of high-end talents in the modern service industry, and implement more open and convenient policies and measures in terms of personnel entry and exit and permanent residence of foreign talents.

For example, exploring the implementation of the quota system for foreigners to provide more convenient services for foreign talents urgently needed by registered enterprises in the new district.

In addition to these points, the leveraged game notes that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area also has policies on Internet data and taxation. For example, for some companies, the company's income is levied at a rate of 15%.

If you are a business owner, this tax incentive, plus the surrounding talent, transportation, environment support, do you like it? necessary.

I have a friend who has been doing business in Wenzhou for a long time and has set up a business in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone a few years ago. The charm of policy is endless.

3The port needs to be popular, so the property market is moderately liberalized. It is not a signal for national relaxation and control

Pudong is very big. Although Pudong International Airport is on the east side, Pudong, which everyone is familiar with and understands, is more Lujiazui. The financial center is represented by the block near Shanghai's old city.

This part of Pudong, represented by Lingang, is not underdeveloped in terms of transportation location and industry.

It is said that the Tesla Super Factory was in front of the port and the boss came to investigate. The leveraged game watched the report saying that Tesla’s people stood at the port and looked at the Hangzhou Bay, and kept saying “Great”.

In fact, in addition to Tesla, Shangfei, Maersk, CSSC, Siemens, Shanghai Electric, Wärtsilä, Shanghai Auto, and DHL have settled in Lingang.

The port is located at the intersection of the Yangtze River estuary and the Hangzhou Bay. It is distributed all over the world, and there are not many areas integrating sea, land, air, iron and water.

Lingang is a perfect integration of industry, seaport and airport.

Even if it is not so famous in Shanghai Nangang, the number of cars that are transferred and transferred in one year is as high as 400,000. How many ports can China compare?

However, the population of a city gathers and resides, with history and its own laws. The Lingang area is indeed far from the old city of Shanghai, and the popularity is relatively small.

From this perspective, we can understand why the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area has moderately liberalized the property purchase restriction policy.

Of course, this release is limited. For the non-local households to purchase housing qualifications, the households are adjusted to individuals. The original policy was to pay a tax or a social security period of 5 years for the purchase of a house, and shorten the new area to 3 years.

This policy is still relatively strict. After all, it is Shanghai.

The superposition of various policies, the popularity and attractiveness of the new area of ​​Lingang will undoubtedly increase in the future.

From west to east, Shanghai has gradually realized the evolution of coastal cities from coastal cities. For the city of Shanghai, its spatial layout and urban development are more balanced.

Shanghai's foreign attractiveness, financial competitiveness, and the ability of the airport hub to radiate may also be stronger.

As for local regulation in ShanghaiThis looseness does not represent any signal. The country is still strictly controlled and has no change. In fact, what everyone is envious of is the status and policy of Shanghai.

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