Today Alipay is now officially charges exceed the amount of 0.1% service charge

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Today Alipay is now officially charges exceed the amount of 0.1% service charge

2016-10-12 14:26:48 559 ℃

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Alipay withdrawal fees

Beijing News (reporter intern reporter Mi di Zhang Pan) today, Alipay will officially implement the withdrawal fees. According to regulations, Alipay will exceed the amount of free for individual users to cash charge 0.1% service charge, individual users enjoy 20 thousand yuan per person basis accumulated amount of withdrawals free.

Balance treasure to do the original way out"

According to the Beijing News reporter found that ordinary users still have the opportunity to pull out the wool. According to the information provided by Alipay, and ordinary users can exchange integral, open close pay ants "to avoid the fee.

Clever use of the balance of treasure may become a way to avoid charges. According to Alipay's announcement, the balance of treasure funds transferred out, including transferred to my bank card and transferred to Alipay will continue to balance free. However, from October 12, 2016 onwards, the user from the balance of new funds transferred to the balance of treasure, when transferred back to the balance can only be transferred directly to the bank card.

In addition, from the balance transferred to the balance of treasure funds can be used to pay for consumption, which has not changed.

"Big deal directly with Alipay to spend." Insiders Beijing News reporter said, "Alipay cash charge effect on ordinary users is small, while Taobao business is not in the scope of the adjustment."

20 thousand free quota enough? Beijing News reporter interviewed a number of Alipay users. After 90 of the Beijing News reporter Zhang said, 20 thousand of the amount of enough for her. The graduates have a lot of money, Alipay is also used to some small expenses such as meals; and some of the older uncle aunt told reporters on the Beijing News, the habit of using the bank or more, the impact is not big, but the amount of free of course, the more the better."

20 thousand free credits in the future there is room for change? The reporter consulted the relevant personage of Alipay, as of this writing has not yet been formally reply.

"Alipay's real intention is to ring the customer in Alipay to create a network of consumer investment, thereby trapping the user, to achieve the self profit." Zhou Shaodong, director of the Department of economics at Nanjing University of Finances and Economics, points out.

Charges for the same reason with WeChat"

For the reason of present charges, Alipay pointed out that it is because of "comprehensive management costs", which also had WeChat's argument and agree without prior without previous consultation.

In March this year, WeChat has begun to collect 0.1% of the fee charged to the user, each user has a total of 1000 yuan free cash withdrawal limit. Considering that Alipay and WeChat have provided single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan, 0.1 yuan in charge ", which means that each user will pay at least 10 Fen withdrawals to Alipay or WeChat.

China E-Commerce Research Center special researcher Chen Hudong said in an interview with reporters, due to the small income risk, low cost of wind control, Internet banking market has become an important dependence on bank revenue. Alipay, WeChat charges belonging to the bank channel cost forced third party charges, but also represent the general trend.

But there are also expressed the relevant questions. Financial Law Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of Beijing News reporter said, "Alipay must admit to have the cost of operation, the early promotion of high operating costs, especially the cost of technology development, there is an original agreement between the bank and Alipay, is divided into the period, but nearly did not hear the bank raised their fees. With Alipay technology, the cost will be reduced."


Open bank entity "free card"

Under the impact of Internet banking, real banks are beginning to take the initiative and innovative ideas.

In July 28th this year, including CITIC, the people's livelihood, gf and other 12 banks launched the establishment of a network of commercial banks. The alliance "ambition" is not small: the 12 bank announced that the bank charges mobile phone bank, personal banking and other electronic channels free transfer formalities alliance between the 12 banks account for free exchange of funds mutual recognition, will implement the minimum market price.

The irony is that, as a contrast, the Internet has always been a financial financial selling point". Many industry insiders pointed out that WeChat, Alipay and other platforms is to free this trait and quickly occupied the market.

There are reports that, under the impact of the current Internet banking, traditional banks have also accelerated the layout of the internet. Among them, the small and medium-sized banks keen direct sales, the state has a preference for self built electronic business platform.

Some analysis pointed out that the Internet banking institutions and banks compared to the short board is more, because after all, the third party payment is small retail, large payments, including corporate payment is mainly through the bank to do. Although the Internet banking continue to impact the traditional banking aspects, but the traditional commercial bank has a huge user groups, financial strength, business copy ability, in the current financial regulation of the Internet increasingly strict conditions, traditional bank strength should not be underestimated.