The most complete history! SOE reform, panoramic view! Is your stock in?

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The most complete history! SOE reform, panoramic view! Is your stock in?

2017-01-06 22:50:19 194 ℃

I was about a week ago, we are very concerned about the reform of state-owned enterprises this section, we should also remember that the master called you to share some of the views of the reform of state-owned enterprises, including railway reform, military, etc..

The strength of the market in the past few days in the direction of state-owned enterprise reform, whether it is the reform of local state-owned assets, or the reform of the central enterprises are in the trend of obvious trend.

Even today, Sinopec, China petroleum, China Unicom this hundreds of billions of big guys started to move, not only is China Unicom high strength or not, and the Sinopec also hit a new high. Some of the central enterprises reform of small cap stocks, even go into triple plate

Today, I will be distributed from the central enterprises reform, and local reform in two areas, so the state-owned shares do a comprehensive combing. Data is not guaranteed to be complete and accurate, the data is only a case study, does not constitute investment advice.

The significance of this chart, at least in several ways:

1, the general state-owned enterprise reform, are linked, you have these maps, you can read the disk, why some stocks move, others will follow up.

2, the reform of state-owned enterprises, I counted at least five hundred or six hundred, he has one, it can not all hype, you know, and now the market funds in the direction of attack. What is logic.

3, many people may not have been aware of, which companies are not state-owned enterprises........ Own shares are not popular SOE reform sector.

Central enterprises

Local state owned enterprises

(this figure is no nap do, ugly, double click to view suggestions, more clear)

Original rich three generations, copying poor life.

On the inside, the central enterprises reform data, because it is based on the control of large shareholder and the data from the database, so, many analysts do not like, so meticulous, such as the aviation department has dozens of companies, this is not my point so precise.

This is no way to do things, the analyst is a person to see an industry, I am a barbecue brother, engage in the data of 3000 companies, so it is good. The advantage of this is that I must be more than any one of the industry's analysts are all, analysts get a military, or chemical..... If you give me an assistant, I can come out, each of the central enterprises, can be very good, but, the assistant is a sexy beauty... Ha-ha

Well, that's all,,