A real estate intermediary exposure " insider &quot:: you should not spend the money!

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A real estate intermediary exposure " insider ":: you should not spend the money!

2017-01-08 11:01:53 223 ℃

The sale of real estate is the winner of what is not conclusive, but it is certain that the real estate intermediary to earn a lot of money. At the same time, in a number of return a house dispute, part of the intermediary accused of routines deep.

"The industry does have some 'routines'.A Cheng (should ask a pseudonym) said. He is a "edge" after 90, not tall, medium build, even in the dog days, put the shirt into trousers strict in demands, this year he will be on hand from the second-hand housing intermediary business to yishoufang.

A Cheng said: "look forward to the industry environment to improve the environment, inevitably" something I do walk on the edge ", but I really appreciate this industry, also want to do it, so I hope it better."

More than and 200 calls a day, about a total of 32 showings

Every real estate agents have to engage in customer personal information, name, phone, real estate, which is not a secret. We know it's a gray area, and we have to do it. Get these calls, we start at nine every morning, one by one, "Kim Gu" hit the time of the more than and 200.

The reporter saw in A Cheng's agency, a staff spend list, one by one phone salesman, if rebuffed, making a mark, for a period of time again; if asked the price asked lots, is marked as the key learning object. One day about 32 showings, the results have been good.

Cross city showings: on the sunk costs of psychological warfare

How the largest auction house? Of course, the scene showings, in particular, the kind of special point of view of the inter city house, as long as the customer is willing to the past, there is a probability of about three or four, the next is the psychological warfare.

Once, A Cheng with a client at the Huizhou Dongjiang Palace House on the edge of Dongguan Shilong, 8000 yuan a square metre, usually work to Dongguan Dongcheng Nancheng also need 1.5 hours to the subway to the bus. Began to see the support of the customer is disappointed, most people hold so far to come, do not come to the white, the psychological change for a disk to look at it again and again for a long time, as if the psychological book called sunk costs". Grind, the guest bought a bite.

Compared to the guests from the scene of the subscription, the sense of crisis is easier to mobilize. Last March, Longwan Department of the opening period, the bus pulled several car Shenzhen people around, a lot of people admitted: housing and the surrounding environment without looking, directly "grab room" atmosphere scared, the money to the intermediary queue, rush into the room, a few seconds selected order.

A white Wei Shenzhen, sales offices in the phone broke the news to reporters: "in the morning rush to raise the impulse, and push the afternoon,So do not have to rush, want to call deposit have no retreat."The matter was finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Local authorities said, this year we received many complaints, such as housing, no pre-sale permit the sale without security risks rectification, goods not board, mostly home buyers in the case of asymmetric information "emergency room", after the problems found.

Tea: "Easy Access" price tag

Some real estate, opened on the sold out. Like this particularly hot plate, it is really not to raise, how to do?Generally will receive tea water charges, customers pay a 10 thousand -2 million, you can advance subscription. Want to which specific orientation, which floor, which door, again appropriate to add a little bit of money, the price is space, to discuss the.Peak time also broke fifty thousand or sixty thousand of the tea fee".

Many agents are denied to reporters, tea charges this reference, this is called 'green channel', you can subscribe in advance. Need to pay some money." However, the specific price and operation, the other party must enter the actual transaction is willing to disclose.

"Tea fees do have such a situation, usually there are complaints."Dongguan City real estate industry association secretary general Chen Junliang said, this is the intermediary management regulations prohibited, but the contract generally does not take the" tea "and the words written on paper, in other ways, it is difficult to define disguised shill.

Renamed fee: fifty thousand or sixty thousand count less

There is a rush to raise the way, the higher the cost. Is the intermediary to set up a subscription to the first house, and then find the intention of buyers, the lowest fifty thousand or sixty thousand, high shouting over one hundred thousand.

The housing made strict provisions, once the subscription owner is not changed. There are measures under the policy, one is to take the "set back" mode, the original property buyers and developers jointly apply for the cancellation, the purchase contract signed after the approval by the developers and buyers back. A Cheng said that a friend made a single fifty thousand renamed, then the house a few months rose by two hundred thousand, the owners do not feel the loss. However, there are risks renamed, long cycle, in fact, is involved in real estate intermediary, he has not tried.

A Cheng courage, but pointed out that part of the intermediary routines. More buyers to reporters reflect,There are many intermediary "minefield" startling step by step.

Eat the difference

Last May, Dongguan Wang sees an apartment, the agency promised to help bargain, finally bid 660 thousand. She was afraid of rising house prices, braved the heavy rain took 50 thousand yuan deposit paid up, and later told the agency with the seller said the price is $650 thousand. She angrily find intermediary companies, intermediary "complain" finally promised to help her "down" ten thousand tax, according to the 650 thousand transactions, the other to pay 5000 yuan to the intermediary.

Down payment loan

Although the down payment loan has been banned, some intermediary companies are still committed to get down payment loan".There are intermediary with the bank's consumer loan package. A small brand Yishoufang platform can be achieved through the down payment loan down payment of 15%. According to the new Dongguan average price of 15 thousand yuan, 100 square meters of the house 1 million 500 thousand, Shoufu 450 thousand, Shoufu 200 thousand loan is calculated according to 5.6% consumer loan annual interest rate, three years has finished, the interest rate will be 6488 yuan each. Plus 70% of the housing loan repaid in 30 years, the monthly repayment matching interest 5572 yuan, add up a monthly loan of nearly 12 thousand yuan. For many wage earners is a huge pressure.

Dongguan, the first court announced a case last year, Dongguan residents to buy a house, and the agency signed a contract with the agency, and 20 thousand yuan as an intermediary to ensure the purchase of Italy's house. Unexpectedly, the use value of the house did not arrive, intermediary companies are directly under the 20 thousand Yuankou, refused to return. The court held that the company did not accept the legal basis for the million yuan, the verdict returned.

Expert statement

Asymmetric buyers suffer most

"Intermediary related complaints, mostly due to asymmetric information." Dongguan City Real Estate Association Secretary General Chen Junliang said, with the market for the better, with the real estate disputes suddenly rise this year. Reporters interviewed intermediaries and buyers reflect these problems are there, in turn, will harm the healthy development of the real estate industry.

Editor: Li Tianlu