The Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry purchase vanguard cultural and Ma on whether Zhao Wei: I think the next few days late reply

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The Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry purchase vanguard cultural and Ma on whether Zhao Wei: I think the next few days late reply

2017-01-08 11:07:28 268 ℃

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Lead: Shanghai said, Zhao Wei, your company bought 10000 culture, where the money was to say, consider the reorganization of assets, and whether the acquisition of Ali and Ma Yun's relationship and so on, and reply before January 5th; Zhao Wei said, this thing to be verified, a few days later reply.

Film star Zhao Wei to win the A shares of listed companies 10000 culture (Code: 600576) of the controlling rights, by the Shanghai stock exchange. Please make a written reply to the exchange said in January 5th, Zhao Wei's company Long Wei media said, involves the content and data need to be further verified and supplemented, apply for an extension will reply before January 11th.

This is the case, in November 2, 2016, Tibet Long Wei culture media Co., Ltd. was founded, Zhao Wei holdings of 95% as the largest shareholder. Then at the end of December, major shareholders of the dragon culture media and Wei 10000 signed the equity transfer agreement, the proposed acquisition of vanguard culture 185 million shares to 3 billion 60 million yuan shares, accounting for 29.135%, became the controlling shareholders of listed companies, Zhao Wei will be equal to ten thousand cultural boss.

Of course, to spend so much money to take control of listed companies, or want to do things, take control of assets is considered to do asset restructuring. Long Wei media said, "within 12 months from the date of completion of the transaction, continue to do a good job in the listed company based on the existing main business, the information disclosure obligor intends to consider the general meeting of shareholders of listed companies submitted by major asset restructuring program approved by the board of directors of the listed company or issue of shares to buy assets or non disclosure the issue of shares to raise funds to buy assets such as asset injection plan".

Such a big star to take a controlling stake in 3 billion yuan, and is said to be considering to engage in a major reorganization of assets, the exchange for leadership or investors inquiries clearly. So there are 1, 2, 3, 4.... The letter of inquiry.

The general idea is as follows:

The establishment of 1, Long Wei media is for the acquisition of shares of listed companies, the acquisition of equity before Miss Zhao Wei had to participate in the given by the listed company, but later set by the termination, the increase in fixed prior to the termination of the acquisition of equity is talked about.

2, the acquisition of the money come from, how much of their own is raised, how to raise the future will take the equity pledge, to raise funds will affect the stability of the future control rights, etc..

3, said the future to consider the reorganization of assets and so on, this is a commitment to the future of asset restructuring will lead to changes in the controlling power, whether there is a clear asset restructuring plan and schedule, etc..

4, whether the listed company and Zhao Wei's other companies have a competitive relationship, if there is competition in the industry how to avoid and maintain the independence of listed companies.

5. Zhao Wei's financial position in the last three years. (the Zhao Wei family to exposure ah?)

6, whether the acquisition of assets related to Ali injected?

The above problems please reply written in January 5th.

However, yesterday's ten thousand cultural bulletin said, as part of the problem involves the content and data need to be further verified, supplement, Long Wei media said it could not be completed within the time required by the Shanghai stock exchange. Therefore, the company to the Shanghai stock exchange for an extension of "reply letter of inquiry", is expected in January 11, 2017 prior to the Shanghai stock exchange to submit a reply.

Of course, what some of the content and data need to be further verified, is not clear, anyway, before January 11th reply, we will wait and see. You can also take a look at Zhao Wei's financial situation for the last three years.

However, the financial situation of Zhao Wei and her family's financial situation is not different from this, how to distinguish?