Why do I look down on Alibaba? He said after opening more than 1 thousand stores

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Why do I look down on Alibaba? He said after opening more than 1 thousand stores

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In December 15th, the name of the product excellence founder Ye Guofu delivered a keynote speech at the conference on the black community. At the meeting, Ye Guofu pointed out clearly, if the next line + line is the new retail, China all retail are new retail, because now the China retail entity, which is not part of the electricity supplier No. In addition, he boldly predicted that the next 3-5 years electricity supplier will die a large.

The new Internet Business Review

Note: "electricity supplier observation" changed its name, please pay attention to!

Retail is walking in a fork in the road. One is the rise of electronic business platform and the recession as the representative of the department store, supermarket store; on the one hand, Ma stressed that "pure electric era will soon end, only the future of new retail", while at the same time, many companies, have also opened the online shop front.

The name of the product excellence in retail industry a "dark horse", for a period of 2 years, expanded to more than 1 thousand stores, sales are expected to 5 billion yuan. As for the future development of the retail industry, in December 14th, the leaf has just won the "top ten entrepreneurs" award, in the business community horse conference, also expressed their views.

In Ye Guofu view, online + line does not represent the concept of new retail. For the next wave of the rise of new retail what, Ye Guofu gives three views: good environment, good service, good price, good product and the ultimate price. The product design is the ultimate products and have less sense of design, the depth to open up the supply chain; high price is the product cost less and less profit, lower price, finally will earn a lot of money, such as ZARA, UNIQLO, IKEA; excellent shopping experience is not to do commercial three: no scene, no experience no guarantee.

In addition, he was more daring to predict the next 3-5 years will be a large electricity supplier died. For Ye Guofu's speech at the general assembly, after the release of the I dark horse editor again. And only do the next line shop name product excellence in recent years "contrarian" development, and his views and new retail electricity providers in the future, the real industry practitioners, perhaps more analysis significance.

The following is the content of Ye Guofu speech, I dark horse editor.

"People who don't understand us, like ten years ago, you couldn't understand the Alibaba"

Today I want to share with you the core part throughout the global name product excellence 1500 stores: "the power of design".

Last month, we found that Miss Dong was dismissed as chairman of the group, we in the "Yangcheng Evening News" made an advertisement: Miss Dong Zhuhai, they do not, I would like to!

Chairman + one hundred million, I give. Together, over 100 billion! Guangzhou Ah Fu, @ name product excellence.

Why do I dare to advertise?

If there is no confidence, no domineering, never dare to do such news. Today, the name of the product excellence in the outside and a lot of people do not understand the question, a.

Do not understand us, like ten years ago, you do not understand the same Alibaba. The name of the product excellence this three years of development, including its development, it can be said, GREE seckill beauty.

We venture to three years this year, sales of nearly $10 billion. Alibaba from 0 to 10 billion with a period of four years, Jingdong from 0 to 10 billion for a period of six years, vip.com from 0 to 10 billion with a period of seven years.

The name of excellence in products from 0 to 10 billion in three years. And what I do is consumer goods, consumers buy every day, and I do the world.

What does GREE do? Sell air conditioning.

Do you know how many years it takes for an air conditioner? Only when you move, when the decoration of the house to buy air conditioning. How to compare with the consumer goods? Can't compare.

GREE 120 billion last year, last year to dry up to about 90000000000, the performance is very strong decline. Don't say the growth in durable goods to the world top China.

Why is Dong Mingzhu so hot, so hot? Engage in mobile phones, engage in electric rice cooker, engage in the car, there is a reason.

We are currently in 15 countries around the world to set up shop, in foreign business is much better than china.

The name of the product excellence performance in more than 90% foreign countries in China. China only 5 of my future, the business has been very good 10%.

By 2020, our goal is 600-800 billion, by 2025, our goal is to reach 300 billion. This is our confidence.

The next 3-5 years, the electricity supplier will die a large"

I'd like to talk about the new retail today. What is new retail? Ma Yun said that the new retail Online + online. Is that so? What is O2O's new clothes? If the new retail Online + line, then, all of China's physical retail are new retail.

You told me that China is now the physical retail, which does not have electricity supplier, which is not doing online? Are doing.

What is business? What is the most accurate explanation for business? The creative life and growth in nature.What makes us keep buying his cell phone?

Apple's mobile phone quality is very good, much better than before, Motorola, NOKIA, apple is to rely on Apple 5, apple, apple 7, there are always new ideas to guide us to spend.

Any enterprise, whether it is the product of the creative, creative marketing, business model of creativity, your creativity once the end of your business is over. This is the fundamental nature of the creative "business life and growth in nature".

Back to the new retail, physical retail is dead? I'm here today to make a judgment.

Over the past 3-5 years, a large retail entity, from the beginning of 2016, the next 3-5 years, the electricity supplier will die a large, do electricity supplier friends must remember.

What about the next wave of new retailing?

In the past, the electricity supplier will force China's physical retail innovation. What is the next wave of rising physical retail? To give you a few examples:

Costco, a high-end supermarket in the United States, has not yet entered China, done very well in the United states.

I went to the country, as long as there is Costco, I have to go in. What is the biggest feature? The product is very beautiful, the display is very good, the price is very low.

And most of the products are brand-name products. Its biggest drawback is that no membership card does not allow you to pay. In Japan, no membership card will not let you in.

In the United States can go in, but at the moment of payment, we must use cash, what VISA, UnionPay all side by side, unless the credit card with his own bank. At this moment, the experience is not good.

So, we don't start everything, do not think that every place to do it perfectly. Rather than hurt its ten finger, it is better to break a finger.

Be sure to break through at one point, it doesn't matter if other services are bad.

Costco, no matter how many things to buy, do not pay cash, you do not pay. Buy buy, do not buy it, you go out, I just cattle, so cock, this is fucking business.

Like apples, what do we like best in China? Dual sim dual standby. China has a population of 1 billion 400 million, in accordance with our general entrepreneurial thinking, such an important market, we must pay attention to, we must listen to the voice of consumers, to cater to consumers.

Apple for you? Don't you, I like this, this is a mobile phone, not dual card dual standby, cannot change the battery, buy buy, do not buy it, sold all over the world.

We have to do this kind of cattle enterprises. A little breakthrough, the other shortcomings do not ignore. Often users are advised that 90% is invalid.

Or to return to the nature of the business, to find, insight into the user's most painful point. For example, there are 10 pain points, the most painful point of the roots, the other 9 points do not see.

The point to achieve the ultimate, your product is explosive, do not try to meet all his pain points.

It is my great respect for the enterprise, the price is very cheap, not the money he has a name in Japanese clothes".

UNIQLO jacket, sold for about 399 and 499, Japan's 20% cheaper than China, but the average income is 5 times the US japan. In the eyes of Japanese, 70 dollars to buy a jacket, as can be imagined this price.

So, Japanese has a name "not money clothes" to UNIQLO, want to buy buy, want to throw it away. T-shirt, in his eyes just a few dollars. There are IKEA home, which I think is very good retail enterprises.

Last year, we opened 1000 stores around the world. The world does not have a brand to do this, either Nike or apple, adidas.

We are also the only one China to the whole world so fast as far as the brand: the United States and Canada, Australia, Israel, near the area of Hongkong and Singapore, the developed countries are the United States, Europe, the underdeveloped countries have Laos and vietnam.

China to do foreign trade for 30 years, are doing?

In ODM (OEM to others), we are not the same, we in the output of the brand, design, manufacturing, China output output output channels. In the future, we will go to the world, every mall, every street can see our logo.

And many of China's products, just into the channels of others just to give you a one meter position, placed in that place, which is a big difference.

Why do I dare say I spike GREE, why dare to do three hundred billion, five hundred billion?

I am in the output of the brand, the output channel, this is the one and only, just like ZARZ, like IKEA, like UNIQLO as to the whole world, it is an independent brand and independent channels.

First, I do not sell in other channels.

Second, I do not help others oem. Why they can't die because of this.

"Why do I say I look down on Alibaba"

The name of the product excellence in overseas business is more than two or three times as high China, why? Overseas did not like China so crazy, abnormal electricity supplier exists, I think the Chinese electricity supplier is very deformed.

It is not polite to say that companies like Alibaba cannot live in other countries except china. Electricity supplier by fakes, in other countries is no way to live.

What is the nature of retailing? The sword, to death cannot hand. What is the sword of the retail industry? Is the quality of the control, the price of the control.

Why do I look down on Alibaba?

It does not do quality control, did not do the price control, just take a platform, no matter how the quality of goods, how much money to sell Alibaba also.

Jingdong is a Jingdong, the beginning is very good, is to rely on direct, tell you a platform to rot.

However, IKEA and UNIQLO do platform? The future of retail, only through your design, into the supply chain, their own pricing, can grasp the quality of their own, is a good retail.

Only in this way can not die. This is a retail sword, if you lose it, you can't do it.

This sentence I asked my 6 year old son: the sword, to death cannot hand, what do you mean? He said Dad, a swordsman, sword lost, life is lost.

In terms of the retail business, the quality is lost, the price is lost, you the retail business is dead.

Whatever you do, do business under the line, good to do this:

Good environment。Today, consumers pay great attention to the environment. The name of the product excellence 90% shops in shopping centers in Beijing, all the shopping malls are our shop, whether it is joy or Cade Mall, Wangfujing Department store. What are we doing? To create a good environment.

Our 200 square meter shop decoration, about to spend $400 thousand. What product to sell it? Most of them are 10, 15, $20.

You have seen a sell so cheap things, into such a good shopping malls, spend so much money to decorate it? In addition to the name of the product excellence, no second.

"Service" good.I said this "service" is good to play the double quotes. I believe that good service is not to serve.

Why do so many retail failures? The service is too excessive.The female comrade to the clothing store to buy clothes, the clerk with very tight, just a piece of clothing a try, clerk words came, saying how beautiful you wear the clothes, improper stars are bad, you are more beautiful than Fan Bingbing!

The clerk must be young and beautiful, but also eloquent, will flicker. In the cosmetics industry, labor wages account for 20% of sales. The name of excellence in products per capita wages, accounted for 5-7 store sales points. We have no service, you are willing to buy, do not want to buy it.

If you look at IKEA, ZARA, UNIQLO service? No, the clerk busy and engage in health tally, no one to give you service, you can buy in.

I often observe in the store, in Guangzhou before a cosmetics shop, I immediately introduced to me in a shop, one of the female comrades in, another clerk also followed, the female comrade said "please stay away from me," what is this sentence subtext?

Your products are introduced in Chinese, I would like to buy to buy, the price, the composition is also very clear, you do not need to introduce me, you give me on behalf of what? Keep customers away from you and leave the store as soon as possible.

What is a good service? Do not serve, the new chain do not serve. If you want to manually introduce, promote the product, then the enterprise has no future.

Good product.Our eyeliner is produced by a L'OREAL factory, only sell 10 dollars.

You think about it, from the day of listing to today, we sold more than 100 million, $1, is 1 billion, a product sold at 1 billion.

This product is like a woman's menstrual cycle, like once a month. 1 a month, a year of 12. I have 20 million fans, mostly young women. What to call it? This is called an air conditioner and consumables, how long will it take?

Quality must be excellent, but also to develop explosive products, not much, then the one or two, and then let you come back every month to buy.

We see a lot of cosmetics enterprises in Guangzhou, a year to develop 1000 products, only tens of millions. Jobs has taught the world a profound lesson: how to develop products.

In the case of product quality assurance, the lower the price the better, not the more expensive the better.

In my team, if you can sell is very low, I will be very excited, sometimes I feel very abnormal, other bosses sell higher prices more exciting for me is the lower the price even more excited, excited can't sleep sleep at night.

In China, we are talking about a price of goods. What is the price of a sub goods? Like UNIQLO, the name of the product excellence will be a price.

China's prices are 10 Fen cents a price, or even a price of three cents a minute, no one point of the price of goods.

Do you think the old sense is because you bought expensive products to the psychology of a shill, why this thing so expensive?

One point of the price of goods, should be like this, it is not the case.

I talked about two classic words, one of which is: the quality of the product, not the price decision. You don't think the more expensive the better quality.

The quality of a product is determined by its direct cost and efficiency. The same shirt, the cost is 100 dollars, 2000 dollars sold in department stores, UNIQLO sell 199, but he can sell 1000 pieces a day, department stores can only sell 5 pieces a day, you say who earn more?

Of course, earn more, because it is very efficient. The department store clothing efficiency is very low, so he must sell 20 times.

Why Taobao can succeed? What is the core of Taobao's success? Low price.Why Taobao can lead us to the line up? Under the line to sell 2000, online sales of 200.

Previously sold only 60, 70, 80, and now the line can accept the price of $200, is to rely on such a huge price difference, so that we Chinese consumers dragged to the line. Even if the goods are not the first version, even if a week, half a month, bad, take back to change, are willing to wait.

Because of the huge price difference, let's go. Therefore, the price is the core of Taobao (electricity supplier) success.

Share a few cases:

L'OREAL mascara, this is my picture taken in Losangeles, 9 in 99, this is a price of a goods.

Vitoria's secret underwear, which in the eyes of the Chinese people, like God, like the brand, Losangeles 2000 square meters shop ladies underwear, $10 an optional, engage in promotions, 5 pieces of 5.

A lot of people told me about the dollar, do not tell me about the dollar, China's per capita income of more than 4 thousand dollars, the United States per capita wage of about $3000, roughly the same.

In the eyes of Americans, is 10 dollars to buy underwear. Bra 38 dollars, $48 optional. Ladies and gentlemen, you think, how much do you want to buy a bra?

Slap a piece of cloth, you have hundreds of thousands of dollars. You also told me that in China, the price of goods, a reasonable? Your knowledge is too little.

The name of excellence in products market, not three hundred billion or five hundred billion, if we rational consumption, more mature, there may be one trillion.

Today in China, why Beijing, Shanghai business, better than second tier cities, three lines of business? I'm scared of this project, and we don't think people with money will buy us anything.

What is the best business in the country? Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shanghai, high quality, rational, rich people.

Finally summed up: the future of the new retail, we remember three words: the ultimate product design, high cost, excellent shopping experience.

As long as these three steps, whether online or offline, where the business is very good. The name of the product excellence today, did not sell a thing on the Internet, we still do not affect to become the 10 billion enterprises, 100 billion enterprises.

So remember these three words, the ultimate product design, products must be less, must have a sense of design, to get through the supply chain, depth into the supply chain.

High cost performance, profiteering era has passed, the future will enter the era of meager profit, into less than many times.

What is less, what is called? Less: the variety of products less, less cost, less profit, the price should be less, finally will make a lot of money, like the boss of ZARA, the richest man in the world, its boss, to become Japan's richest man, the boss of IKEA, has become Europe's richest man.

It doesn't matter how much money you make. High cost performance, which is a measure of whether you are a representative of the new retail. Finally, excellent shopping experience is not to do commercial three: no scene, no experience, no guarantee. Thank you