[stock market] regulators intensive research market spread stock index futures this month deregulation

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[stock market] regulators intensive research market spread stock index futures this month deregulation

2017-01-08 11:10:49 160 ℃

Gold network January 8th news, the recent market onStock market indexFutures deregulation rumors intensified, the latest version isStock market indexFutures limit this month is expected to release the first step, the date may be in January 16th or January 23rd, but the regulatory authorities declined to comment.

There are reports quoted informed sources said that the overall limit of one and a half yearsStock market indexDeregulation has been initially agreed to the regulatory authorities, but the deregulation will step by step. Program has been formed by the end of 2016, and submitted to the state council. The first step is to be non hedging customers individual products in a single day trading volume opening limit from 10 to 20 hand hand.

The stock market crash of 2015 raid, the stock index futures was once considered a crash culprit. In the dispute, the transaction is limited. Gradually stabilize in the A stock market, institutions need to hedge against the background, the industry began to call for a return period. A series of recent regulatory dynamic bedding, it is the rapid spread of the stock index futures deregulation rumors.

Regulators intensive investigation is expected to come true.

Since 2016, with the trend of A shares of stock index futures on the stabilization of relaxed voice came from time to time. In August 3, 2016, there have been reports that gold is being considered to relax the restrictions on stock index futures trading, including the deposit margin standards, fees and restrictions on the number of days of trading, etc.. But the next day the gold denied.

Although the official repeatedly clarified rumors about recovery index is still can be heard without end. Especially since the end of last year, regulators continue to encourage the action of market expectations. December 23, 2016, Liu Shiyu, chairman of the Commission, vice president and his party Shanghai Research Institute of gold in. The market was once speculated that the theme of the study is about the possibility of restoring the normalization of stock index futures trading.

Earlier in December 19, 2016, 20, 2009, in the Commission dispatched institutions futures supervision of cadres training classes, also mentioned the stock index futures deregulation related content, but the specific time has not been confirmed.

Different retail institutions view different starting point

As the last booster A shares plummeted, the stock index futures by many investors as great scourges. The majority of investors in the stock market crash to reflect that memory, in addition to fuse, the biggest loss is the continuous limit period. During the stock market crash last year, individual agencies use stock index futures stock index down, resulting in A shares consecutive thousand shares limit, retail investors suffer.

Some investors believe that in the current market is still in the recovery time of weak shocks, whether the stock index futures act with undue haste. However, the industry has been looking forward to restore the normalization of stock index futures trading. In November 2015, Tsinghua University and Wudaokou Institute of Finance Director and Dean of Tsinghua University, CO president of the National Institute of finance Wu Xiaoling spearheaded the when the stock market abnormal fluctuations in the stock market research report pointed out that the reason is not because of the rapid collapse of stock index futures, stock index futures, on the contrary, to some extent reduce the stock market sell-off. Therefore, it is recommended to use derivative financial instruments such as derivatives to improve market pricing and risk management.

A large number of hedge funds futures deregulation can wake up

Stock index futures came back, the biggest advantage is the market drainage. Data show that as of September 2015 the domestic hedge fund management scale of over one trillion. Guotai Junan estimates, of which a large proportion of the stock index futures risk management. In the futures trading market neutral strategy of very low frequency as an example, this part of the fund long-term holding large stock positions, and the use of hedging account short hedging.

After the 2015 stock market crash, the gold stock index futures to take restriction policy. The risk management function has been in tatters, the hedge fund has been the basic waste of martial arts, super trillion hedge fund stock market withdrawal of stock liquidity on the formation of A pumped hundreds of billions of scale. A shares as the only systematic risk management tools, the index is still keep the restriction policy in special period. The self-employed broker or quantitative asset management business is almost impossible to carry out, many hedge funds are mainly or short positions.

Therefore, once the relaxation of the futures, the gradual liberalization of non restricted hedging account, can wake up the sleeping hedge industry, to attract long-term funds currently in a wait state re admission, is expected to bring 200 billion -3000 billion yuan or more incremental funding for the A shares, which can effectively improve the market liquidity and depth.

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[news] small market cycle will continue to fall early next week to adjust the space should be 3156-3126

This week is the start of the first week, only four trading days, the overall situation did not disappoint, the weekly closing line, the end of the 5 weeks of continuous adjustment, and that the US before the judgment is exactly the same, and this week we expected rebound height in 3156-3186, is the 30 important high pressure antenna no, because the amount can continue to enlarge, and ultimately difficult to fall here. Overall, the current rebound in the market is still running in the small wave of the rhythm of the ups and downs, the possibility of continuous volume rose is not large. This small level of adjustment is expected to continue until the beginning of next week, the adjustment of space in the 3156-3126, the limit of 3100. Gem fell for two consecutive days, basic on Wednesday will be in line to eat, to return to the previous low down again, has little room, rebound rebound pressure or 1970-2000.