RMB exchange rate into meat grinder, bears and bulls are beginning to doubt life

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RMB exchange rate into meat grinder, bears and bulls are beginning to doubt life

2017-01-08 11:11:55 217 ℃

Up and up!!!

When you do not have the previous two days in the boom to slow the God, the central parity of RMB today (day 6) soared by 639 points, the highest rate of nearly a year in the range of amplitude. Plus yesterday rose 219 points, the central parity of RMB up to the cumulative increase of up to 858 basis points on the two.

This is the first time since 2017, the RMB short encounter killings, it is bloody, thrilling, so suddenly soared, shocking.

January 4, 2017, 5 yuan, so that the RMB began to suspect short life.

Recently, many people are asking how to change the dollar, has become a kind of fashion, who knows, this sudden change in two days the wind, people will have to secure exchange recently.

BUT, in this short day, the situation has changed. To 6 pm, after another burst of short, long.

The RMB exchange rate in the soaring, suddenly fell sharply, the bank was down 0.81%, the biggest decline since August 2015.

Such a market trend, so that the RMB exchange rate bears and bulls are beginning to doubt life.RMB exchange rate soared and plunged, so that the cat sister think, some time ago, the stock market burst over the long burst of short bear tragic scene.

Goldman is not changed short die, they said in a report, 2017 RMB will continue to fall, at the end of the year "will be dropped to 7.3; but the China Securities report released today review article said that the central bank will not tolerate the continued devaluation of RMB is expected to continue to strengthen, can foresee, will be more stable exchange rate expectations management this year.

The central mother sword to give bitcoin. China bitcoin trading center data show that after a record high of nearly 9000 yuan, bitcoin ushered in an avalanche, has fallen below $6000. Beijing time 19:55, China bitcoin bitcoin price is 6074.18 yuan, the minimum to 5755 yuan, down yesterday after low flash crash. A stampede of bloody, too horrible to look at.

The diving, mainly by the central bank earlier Friday interviewed Shanghai bitcoin trading platform is mainly responsible for the influence of requirements bitcoin trading platform compliance management.

But this series of events, the logic behind it: the central bank can so easily tighten overseas RMB, RMB lending rates lead to rapid rise, also shows that the overseas RMB market has not formed a particularly large scale, basically in the offshore renminbi since their first state China guide.

As everyone knows, the central bank China from the second half of 2009, began to actively promote the internationalization of the RMB, RMB internationalization process can be divided into two stages: in the first half of 2010 to 2015, the internationalization of the RMB seems to have achieved great development; since the second half of 2015, RMB internationalization eased significantly, most of the indicators are reversed.

And since 2009 China financial system has been advocating the internationalization of RMB, but any kind of money, wants to move towards the internationalization, only the appreciation of a road, must be in the long term with appreciation potential, on the other hand, once the formation of depreciation trend, let alone international, even the national financial system will become a problem!

If the yuan itself is not worth the money, even if the central bank every year to find the opportunity to kill a handful of hard to bear, but the long-term value of the yuan but not much significance. So RMB 3 days jumped 2000 points, the so-called central mother shot short, like a little self hi means.

The RMB exchange rate may be hidden behind a greater crisis: that is, the global liquidity Bureau will change!

Because overnight, global liquidity inflection point has never been so close to three months: $LIBOR exceeded 1% for the first time since 2009; offshore RMB overnight Hibor soared to 40% continued a year high of 3 months, Shibor has 55 consecutive trading days up......

The boots that had fallen in 2016, are they going to fall at the beginning of 2017?

Merrill Lynch in the 2017 investment report pointed out that the era of excess liquidity in the central bank is over, the Fed will raise interest rates, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank will also consider withdrawing from the negative interest rate policy,2017 may be the first time in 10 years, the market is facing liquidity tightening.