5 years plunged 90 billion, the dissolution of the truth behind the amazing master

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5 years plunged 90 billion, the dissolution of the truth behind the amazing master

2017-01-08 11:11:59 222 ℃

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The master can be said that many Chinese big food from snacks to the instant noodles, is fully deserve the king, but is such a giant, also inevitably may be replaced, the fate of being eliminated.

  • Author: Li Dawei

The second day of 2017

Lying on the bed during the holidays

You're too lazy to read the news

There is a message quietly brush the circle of friends

"The master announced the dissolution of the!"


From snacks to big instant noodles

That's all!!!

News is true,

But this "master" the master

Taiwan China network quoted as saying the new group, has confirmed that since January 1, 2017 the dissolution of the Taiwan Kang shifu.

It is worth mentioning that the dissolution of the Taiwan master is the master's is not a subsidiary, Tingyi group.

However, many users mistakenly think that the master group disbanded, later will not have the worry Kangshifu instant noodles to eat!

2 evening, Tingyi official night to the daily economic news reporter sent a clarification statement, said the Taiwan Kang Shifu master Holdings Limited subsidiary, limited to the Taiwan region.

Kangshifu group has always been the main focus, all the normal production and operation, without any adverse effect.

For the dissolution of the Taiwan Kang Shifu, media reports said, is due to the 2014 "black oil incident" effect.

For media reports, Tingyi to deny.

However,It is undeniable that the black oil after the incident, Taiwan folk spontaneous "drowned action", new businesses have suffered.

It is worth mentioning that, in July 2015, Taiwan court verdict: new group from Vietnam happy company purchased edible lard is not what feed oil, but fully qualified edible oil.

In recent years, Kangshifu crisis repeatedly,Five years, Tingyi market value evaporated nearly 90 billion!

Brilliant moment:6 billion 500 million packs of sales

In 1992, there is a Yinghang Wei to the field trip, then returned to Beijing to sit eighteen hours by train, he took out from Taiwan brought instant noodles, instant noodles a red, fragrance scattered.

With the car, many people have said it is very sweet, very want to eat, Wei Yinghang will be distributed to everyone to eat, we say it is delicious.

He thought of instant noodles so cheap, we also like to eat, why not do instant noodles? In this study, Wei Yinghang created the kingdom of instant noodles.

At that time, he had consumed all the capital invested in the mainland from the family.

August 21, 1992Wei Yinghang family invested $8 million in the Tianjin Development Zone, Tanggu set up a Food Co., Ltd. Tianjin top benefits.

Company's first product is the "master braised beef noodles", a product launch,Kangshifu became synonymous with instant noodles. The most glorious time, a year sold 6 billion 500 million packs.

1996 is the master of the lucky year!

This year, the "master" in Hongkong successfully listed its shares in Hongkong in 2002 to enter the top three best price appreciation.

Same year,Tinghsin International Group acquisition of Dicos began to get involved in the food chain industry, now has a "Dicos", "Western-style food music and food" and "cattle" Leting barbecue Hand-Pulled Noodle three brands, only "Dicos" in the country has more than 300 stores.

Also this year, the master in Hongkong successfully listed its shares in Hongkong in 2002 to enter the top three best price appreciation.

1997Tinghsin International Group, founded Tesco supermarket in Shanghai, just a few years, in 10 the city has 26 stores.

2011In the heyday of the total market value, Tingyi once more than 140 billion Hong Kong dollars, the king is fully deserve instant noodles!

However,As of December 30, 2016 closing, the total market value of about 52 billion 850 million Hong Kong dollars tingyi.

National foodWhy can't sell?

In November 29, 2016, Tingyi holdings in the Stock Exchange issued a report in 2016 third quarter results. Amount can be described as a defeat!

For the 9 months ended September 30, 2016,Revenue of approximately $6 billion 913 million, down 9.44%. Instant noodles revenues $1 billion 500 million, down 13%.

In fact, the overall sales of instant noodles industry has long been out of line, for four consecutive years of decline.

China convenience food conference data show that in 2015 the total domestic instant noodles 36 billion 249 million copies, down by 8.54%, sales of $49 billion 91 million, down 6.75%.

Today, Taiwan Tingyi's dissolution is just a prelude, we suddenly found: instant noodles how marketable.

Instant noodles sell do not move,Is genetically determined.

Why not sell instant noodles? Some people say that consumption upgrade, it was said that channel change.

Top of the wave, Wu Jun said, the core of a company is its genes. Instant noodles today's dilemma, but also from its successful twenty years ago gene.

Small series to give you a look at a set of data, this group of data is very important, but also very critical!

In 1992, the average price of 0.4 yuan / China instant noodles, braised beef noodles is about 1.5 yuan, the per capita disposable income of 100 yuan; the average price of 1.5 yuan today, instant noodles, braised beef noodle price nearly 4 yuan, per capita disposable income has exceeded 2500 yuan.

In order to narrow the gap between 1998 and kangshifu,By means of price cuts + large scale advertising.

In 2003 the international palm oil prices soaring, according to the truth, food enterprises at this time should be to take the price strategy, but the master in order to compete for market, and there is no price.

As the two major companies in Taiwan have been trying to seize the market through price wars, resulting in the domestic instant noodles market has been dominated by low-end products.

Over the past 20 years, prices, labor, rent, raw materials are skyrocketing, but the price of instant noodles did not rise. This illustrates a problem: instant noodles market no product pricing.

No pricing right there is no initiative, no initiative, go die is only a matter of time.

Although the domestic instant noodles can not sell, but in fact, people are still eating instant noodles today, but eat mainly imported from the Internet to buy instant noodles.

Many instant noodles are priced at more than 10 yuan, but the taste is really good, consumers are willing to pay.

We now look at HANKOOK, their instant noodles market is layered, you can buy very expensive, you can buy very cheap.

In China, whenever there is innovation, the advent of high-end instant noodles, the price war will be killed, this is their genes.

Thinking on consumer goods:Stock change

Chinese consumer goods, will usher in the era of stock competition.

From the reform and opening up to 2010, this is an incremental era, that is, no matter what basically can sell out.

2010 to 2030, these 20 years may be a longer period of time, will be an era of stock.

The main consumer of this era is not too hungry young people, they have a strong demand for personalized consumption.

Products that meet the needs of a new generation of consumers: excellent quality, Internet brand, new consumption habits.

From the incremental to the stock, in line with the characteristics of the new consumer groups will rise.

The curse of instant noodles is just the beginning. The future, we will see more and more of the new era of consumer goods slowly fall, like those who filled my childhood memories of the consumer goods has gradually disappeared, such as white toffee, orange soda.....

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