GREE requires full use of GREE phones after the Spring Festival? Response: non mandatory

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GREE requires full use of GREE phones after the Spring Festival? Response: non mandatory

2017-01-10 00:15:43 182 ℃

GREE full wages, but also requires full use of GREE phones.

In January 9, 2017, GREE electric all received a letter on the use of GREE mobile phone notification. According to the message shows that after the Spring Festival GREE employees need to use GREE phones.

This requirement down, it means that each GREE must purchase a GREE phone, the 1 generation of GREE, GREE can be a generation.

It is reported that the staff to buy 1 generations of GREE mobile phone 1200 yuan, GREE mobile phone for the 2 generation of $3300. GREE slightly lower than the official offer, GREE official website shows that the 1 generation of GREE's mobile phone is $1600, GREE's 2 generation mobile phone is $3599.

On the network it was said that GREE has just raised 1000 yuan per person per month wages, this is only a month, we must dig out to buy a mobile phone, if you want to buy a GREE of the 2 generation, which is not small.

However, in accordance with the practice of GREE in the end of the year award, according to the different levels of wages, year-end bonus by cash + two parts of GREE products, the amount of GREE products accounted for about 30% of the annual bonus. This year, 30% of the products can be used to purchase GREE phones.

January 9th, Chen Zili, Minister of the Department of GREE electric market, told reporters surging news, which is the company encourages employees to buy their own products, trust their products. It should be said to encourage everyone to use GREE's mobile phone, rather than mandatory provisions, no problem." Chen self explanation, some company year-end bonus is the cash, part is real, so employees can buy a GREE mobile phone, mobile phone is not only "buy their own use, the Spring Festival also to relatives and friends, the way to make use of GREE product advice."

Some large companies in order to maintain the image of the company, will require employees to use their own mobile phones. For example, Apple Corp employees are using iPhone, Samsung employees basically use Samsung mobile phones. But local companies rarely do so, HUAWEI does not require all employees to use their own products. However, HUAWEI phones in recent years is getting better and better, a lot of HUAWEI's mobile phones are also replaced by their own products.

The 1 generation of GREE and GREE 2 generation mobile phone has not only large-scale distribution sales, sales at GREE mall and other commercial channels. As for the two generation of GREE mobile phone sales has been released so far, is still a mystery. Insiders also analyzed the number of GREE's 2 generation sales of hundreds of thousands of units, but not officially confirmed by GREE.