Eight sons of Wang Jianlin and Dong Mingzhu: the rich life of the rich and the two

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Eight sons of Wang Jianlin and Dong Mingzhu: the rich life of the rich and the two

2017-01-10 00:19:50 773 ℃

We are very familiar. Today eight sister Sicong, eight hundred and eighteen Miss Dong rarely appear in public view in the son, two rich two generations, which do you love more?

The financial gossip girl cast

In the Chinese business community, the general public can call the name of the big brother must include Wang Jianlin and Dong Mingzhu, the former richest man in China, the latter is the leader of female entrepreneurs.

Two people met for many years, from the year GREE air conditioning advertising, to invest in new energy vehicles, mutual admiration for each other's trust. "Pharaoh" in the Miss Dong stalk can play here for one thousand years.

Although Wang Jianlin is worth slightly shrunk, $30 billion is still ranked in the China's second richest man. No comparison on wealth management with the strength of Dong Mingzhu, although hundreds of billions of market capitalization of GREE electric appliances, after all, not their own enterprises. But dare to come up with 1 billion yuan investment in Zhuhai long silver, Dong sister net also ordinary people than not.

The two of them about the legend of a lot, successful business stories are also many, in life there is one thing in common: a son.

Today, 818 of the rich life of the two generation of the two.

Two kinds of life attitude of the origin of the two

Wang Sicong was born in 1988, was sent to Singapore, the United Kingdom and other places of life to learn from childhood, Wang Jianlin.

In 2011, 23 year old Wang Sicong because the hand tore Zhang an instant fame, young and handsome, shredded celebrity, dad more gold... All sorts of characteristics to bring him a high reputation, the female fans call him a "national husband", even passers-by also called him "the Secretary of the entertainment commission".

Since the birth of a golden key, but also in foreign countries to learn the behavior of others, Wang Sicong's character is straightforward, even if it will hurt people will say, without any disguise.

A few years later, Wang Sicong micro-blog has added too much anticipation for the entertainment circle: debunking Zhang Lan and Wang Jianlin cooked, laugh at love, English at Jingdong diandaqike, Zhu Shengyi, Fan Bingbing and hand satire Zhang Xiyu is Chao Xiaohuang Zi Tao, blanket star, shelling good sound play according to the script......

I gradually get used to it, there is a big event in the entertainment industry, always go to see his micro-blog and what amazing words.

I admire him for this, Chinese too aimianzi, everyone's face covered with a thick layers of camouflage, Wang Sicong slightly aggressive frank, let I seem to see a clean.

Wang Sicong is a high profile, or it can be said that he never thought when speaking and acting low-key, grew up in a pile of money, have never seen anyone look, want to say to do it, he never was such.

January 3, 2017 is his 29 birthday, a $8 million luxury package under the Maldives Island, half net red circle of people go to celebrate, tough life what a good interpretation of it.

Dong Mingzhu's son was called East, nine meters tall, was born in 1982, has been 35 years old this year.

East of the starting point of life is not so lucky, 2 year old father died, the mother of the age of 8 to work and separation of mother and child.

Dong Mingzhu's net worth billions, as her son came to cast appearance is not surprising, if Wang Sicong play some young model and stars are within the scope of the public to understand. However, we can only recognize this mysterious figure from Dong Mingzhu's mouth. There are no pictures on the Internet, we don't even know his full name.

Network transmission of this photo is my stuff, but there are 190 tall, but whether this pending investigation

As a lawyer, he conscientiously do their own thing, others are low-key, not even let people know he is the son of Dong Mingzhu.

Since there is no parental care, independent and not defeat world stuff, failure in life to have their own ideas, he was in high school once told Dong Mingzhu said "Mom you can start from scratch, I can!"

Two, do not bite other dead "deceive the two generation"

Wang Jianlin gave a debut in 5 hundred million, Wang Sicong established a PE fund MIPS investment, investment began to test the water in hand.

2016 Hurun rich list, Wang Sicong's net worth has reached 6 billion, his investment involving medical, Internet, new energy, electronic commerce and so on, any CEO panda TV since the early admission, live in the field also have good performance.

Wang Sicong finalists after 80 rich list

East is a lawyer!

In China want to become a lawyer, first through the known as the "China first test of the judicial examination, not only to memorize the laws Chinese but also learn to use flexibly, the difficulty is quite big, the reflection of Dongdong talent and hard-working spirit.

Has always been known for aggressive and strong Dong Mingzhu, evaluate their son with a "good" and "strict", but also said he is a warm man.

Dong Mingzhu used to be serious every time the son will laugh, Dongdong is her pride, perhaps the most proud even more than GREE.

A rich two generations in the end should be what kind of emotional life?

In January 3rd this year, the birthday party, the media exposure Wang Sicong changed his girlfriend, hug his predecessor to eat street stalls photos do not seem to last long.

Only from the emotional side, Wang Sicong is a real "slag man", from 11 years into the public eye, his girlfriend has been replaced by a wave of waves, I can not even count.

The love of Wang Sicong and young model of current and former Red Net, all have the same eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead... In addition to a different name, I really can not see what is the difference.

Wang Sicong success, ten thousand steps back and China first father in the rear support, so people without money to play, what fun. Of course he gave the money to spend money, love group and young model red, so that another batch of ex girlfriend is reasonable".

Played so many young model, but have not heard what stand accused Wang Sicong of irresponsible. Stick after Wang Sicong moved away from the dormitory can stay in Beijing, the best location of luxury, Hermes bag to buy a bunch of, no belief in life of women, this is life, even if the kick is not what to complain.

In accordance with the laws of the market, I can't even use each one takes what he needs, to evaluate the social moral sense, so.

Dongdong now no girlfriend, drove about one hundred thousand of the car, had a very "self", and even do not mind renting. Not because of low wages and low self-esteem, love and adhere to their lawyers.

Treatment of feelings, the concept of marriage and love East and Wang Sicong is very different, he said the marriage is to be responsible for, not to buy things, buy today threw tomorrow, to find mutually recognized.

The process of finding true love may be a long time, but it takes a lifetime to find a real relationship.

Wang Sicong and East, the birth of a different life, different ways of life, even the way to treat the feelings are so different, but in their own lives in the world are very self".

A lot of money to take their own clear, while making a profit spending; a while can enjoy a rich material life, but choose the most comfortable way; not all, flowers and not spend their own money, and wear and not wear their shoes, is its own thing.

Two rich two generations, two different life, grateful that they didn't "die" like zuochishankong. They have a career, a life and a future.

Girls, if you have a choice, would you like to choose a boyfriend like Wang Sicong or a good husband?

Eight younger sister coffee time finally opened the message function, true love to leave a message!