Ali responded MaYun Atlanp: did not talk about conditions, travel by hook

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Ali responded MaYun Atlanp: did not talk about conditions, travel by hook

2017-01-11 00:07:58 193 ℃

Beijing time on January 10th morning, the Alibaba Chairman Ma and President elect Trump for about 40 minutes of talks in New York Manhattan Trump building. Ma Yun became the first president of the United States after the election of President Trump, together with a public appearance, a total of Chinese entrepreneurs.

After the meeting, the two people on the first floor of the hall to receive a brief visit to reporters. Trump said: "we have a great meeting," praised Ma is "one of the world's best entrepreneur, he loves this country (the United States), he also loves Chinese", and said it would do together with Ma some wonderful things".

Ma repeatedly and should, "China love americans.". He also praised Trump is very intelligent, open-minded, two people's meeting on how to promote trade, and focus on the "small business". "We talked about helping 1 million small businesses sell goods to us and Asia in China, especially in Southeast asia." The expansion of goods will focus on agricultural products, wine, fruit, small clothing manufacturers, etc..

Ma Yun pointed out that China from manufacturing power to consumer, Chinese three hundred million middle class, the future will be increased to five hundred million, will become the world's largest import and consumption market of the United States is a huge opportunity. He hoped that more consolidation of Sino US relations and friendly, that China and the United States respectively as the world's largest and two largest economies, to the further development of economic and trade cooperation, not only for us, also on the global SMEs and consumers are important.

Ali group issued a statement pointed out that through Ali's electronic business platform, in the next five years, to create jobs for the United States in the next one million years." Most American media as headlines, suggesting a wealthy meeting with Trump, and promised to contribute to the U.S. economy.

Ali group responded Sina: no talk about conditions"

Chinese entrepreneur Ma Yun promises to bring the contribution to the U.S. economy statement in the Trump building, it is natural to let the United States media association to a month ago, Japan's richest man, Softbank group president Sun Zhengyi in the same place, and trump will face after the commitment in the next 4 years to invest in US $50 billion, creating 50 thousand jobs.

Ali group spokesman on the afternoon of sina international visit to clarify, Ma and Trump met, before and after the meeting did not talk about the conditions, there is no consensus on how to negotiate a unified media.

The spokesman said the answer of sina international, Ma was expected in New York on a business trip, just with United States President elect Trump time to catch, this meeting to determine the dimension.

He also confirmed to Sina international, representative and only two trump will face the Ali group: Ma Yun, chairman of the group in August 2015 and took over the Alibaba group president and executive director of the former vice chairman of Goldman Sachs Michael Evans. As to whether China and the United States Trade and exchange rate issues? Ali group said it would not further disclose.

On the morning before the meeting, Ali group has a high profile in the twitter account on Ma Yun and Michael Evans walking in the streets of Manhattan photos, caption read "Ma Yun is going to the meeting on President elect Trump, will discuss the Alibaba's plan, by helping small businesses to sell products to Chinese, creating 1 million jobs the United states."

Ali shares edged up

When Ma met with Trump news, Ali (BABA:NYSE) in New York, the share price was up 1%, the same day to a slight rise of $0.88%.

Three weeks ago, Ali again by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to counterfeit "unacceptably high degree" on the grounds, will dig treasure network violations of intellectual property rights included in the "notorious markets" blacklist blacklisted last 2011, but in 2012 from. Ali has expressed great disappointment.

Public data show that Ali group since 2012 has spent at least $2 million 400 thousand in lobbying against the US government, it is worth mentioning that Trump nominated quasi U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), chairman of the Wall Street lawyer Jay

Clayton, who led the Alibaba in 2014, listed on the NYSE, and a successful IPO240 billion deal.

Who is involved in the meeting?

As for the meeting when the Trump team sent representatives? Ali group of sina International said the inconvenience to disclose, to approach the Trump team. As of press time, Sina has not yet received a response to the Trump team.

However, according to the accompanying reporters released records, Ma and Michael Evans is on the same day at 11:21 in the morning to go upstairs to Trump's office, before this, key advisor to several important quasi White House officials, Sino US relations have arrived.

Several important lists (and arrival times) include:

Trump political adviser, vice president of the campaign team Michael Glassner (8:08 AM)

White House communications director Hope Hicks (9:04 AM)

Chairman of the White House National Economic Council, Goldman Sachs Group President Gary Cohn (9:27 AM)

White House policy adviser Stephen Miller (9:45 AM)

White House National Trade Commission Chairman Peter Navarro (10:01 AM)

White House economic adviser, former Goldman Sachs banker Anthony Scaramucci (10:02 AM)

White House counsel Donald McGahn (10:13 AM)

White House presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway (11:29 AM)

To be sure, associate vice president Mike Pence today at the scene, he and his family in the morning from home in Indiana, flew to Washington D.C. temporarily renting homes, still carrying their two cats and a rabbit, preparing for the January 20th inauguration.