He is the only heir to Nike, known as the "American version of Wang Sicong", but not a huge empire

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He is the only heir to Nike, known as the "American version of Wang Sicong", but not a huge empire

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Some people say that Travis Nate is the American version of the "Wang Sicong", his father is Nike Empire founder Phil knight, worth $23 billion, ranked the 2016 Hurun global rich list thirty-third. Travis face these natural wealth, but think: really annoying.

After graduating from high school, Tallawy J turned down offer at Stanford University and wanted to become a rapper. As a newcomer when he found 100 thousand pieces of sales are from the father with his debut album, he had quit the entertainment business. After he was admitted to the Portland State University, his father refused to arrange after graduation, went to Will Swinton's animation studio, from the beginning of a handyman intern, after most time spent studying animation. In 2005, Tallawy J officially appointed Will Swinton studio CEO, at the same time, the company officially changed its name to "Leica (Laika)".

Tallawy J animation has been 10 years, together with the upcoming release of the legend of the magic string, a total of only completed a total of 4 animation works, but before each of the three have been nominated for the best animation of the Oscar:

1 "ghost mother": Oscar and Golden Globe Award for best animated feature film two nominations, won the Anne Award for best music, the role of design;

2 "psychic boy Norman": nominated for best animated feature film by Oscar, Best Animation Award from the British Academy of film;

3 "box": Oscar's best animated feature film nomination, and the nomination for the best animated feature film of the Anne.

Long string "magic legend" poster

Taravis Nate the pious dream of the heart, like his father, the head of Nike, the old knight founded the original brand -- believe that running can make the world a better place. Taravis Nate once said:

All the imperfections just make the stop motion animation even better, making them more human.

High input and low output

Only the main facial expressions on more than 48 million kinds

"We could have done it in a simpler way." "Magic string legend" responsible for the DanPascall production studio is the implication, Leica chose a way more complicated and time-consuming.

In the pursuit of fast, high yield, the commercial interests of the film industry, "magic legend" by the string animation is more like a "heterogeneous", high input and low output, only the film artists and dreamers will touch.

Freeze frame animation is what? Popular understanding is in every static role, need first to use the model to locate the animator. Make a good screen, the animator will object slightly mobile, began filming a scene, only shooting each one. The modern film is usually 24 frames per second, which means that every second of the stop motion animation to take at least 24 photos. The protagonist of the film in the forest scenes, each animator only move a leaf and a twig, finally the whole piece of the movement of forest on the computer.

Well, in every exquisite scene, is the combination of Arts and crafts studio Leica have great originality. Every expression, action figures, and even the weather set the scene for different transformation, need hands-on animator. The most time-consuming details are often overlooked in viewing. There is a wooden boat covered with leaves in the boat, tens of thousands of thousands pieces leaf is glued on the design department manual.

"Magic strings legend" has 27 different shooting scene animators division, each task amount per week is the animator animation content for about 4.3 seconds, but in fact they only finished 3 seconds per week. In order to make facial expression more vivid, true and delicate, Leica studio produced the massive character model. The film is Kubo, Leica studio as he made 48 million expressions of combination, this has always been obsessed with the Leica animation studio, the previous figure expression package record only 1 million 500 thousand.

This animation cost up to 500 million yuan, the Leica studio also produced up to 5 years. The film's visual effects is widely recognized, "rolling stone" magazine praised it as "completely transcendent animation", "America Forbes" also made a high evaluation, said that it is "the magnificent art peak". At present, the film in the rotten tomatoes freshness as high as 97%, high reputation. It not only nominated the animated Anne Award "best animation effect", but also in 2017, the best visual effects of the top ten finalists in the only animated feature film in the top of the list of the best visual effects in the world, the best of the year in the year of the year of the year, "the best animated feature of the year" is the best of all.

More than a dream

"Leica studio" Nike head four injection

"Magic string legend" directed by Taravis Nate, is the Leica studio CEO. If you do not understand the background of Tallawy J, you can see him as a dedicated passion for the production of stop motion animation. However, when his identity and the Nike business empire, heir to equate Tallawy J's dream journey more glittering.

Phil Nate founded Nike, is a loser track curve dream legend begins, adventure innovation and believe that dream, this Tara Weiss is like his father. 18 years ago, from the studio in Portland will do Animation Studio Intern started, Tallawy J buried in the hearts of the animation freeze. Will Swinton's studio studio Leica predecessor, created by the famous animation master Will Swinton hand.

Will Swinton made the clay animation "Monday closed" won the 1975 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film Award, and the definition of clay animation in the next focus on the animation scenes in the documentary, the application for patent studio. Let Will Swinton animation studio fast, after across the television industry.

"Monday" in "closed on the watercress movie score was 6.9

Will Swinton began to seek foreign investors, Nike founder Phil Nate will see the dream of his son, in 1998 for the studio's $3 million capital injection of $. Later, another investor suddenly quit, Phil will invest an additional $5 million, and get a studio 15% stake.

However, the successful financing, Will Swinton studio has suffered heavy losses, TV ratings less than expected, after "911" American advertising industry downturn, but before the animation and advertising are two major sources of income of the Vinton studio. When struggling, the number of people from 400 to less than 100 people, once again financing, Phil Nate got more shares, mastered the actual control of the studio.

On 2005, Phil Nate hit $18 million, the studio was renamed Leica studio. Tallawy J has a father who can support his dream. But his animation sincere heart is the mirror. As the Leica CEO studio before diving because my brother died of a heart attack, let Phil Nate have been hit only son Tallawy J to heir identity into the management of Nike.

Nike's market value has broken hundreds of billions of dollars in fiscal year 32 billion 400 million revenue of $2016. However, Tallawy J was put on the profit model of mature business empire in Portland do not adhere to the Leica studio painstaking work. Leica animation studio to do not in business as a starting point, had produced three stop motion animation, the average cost of about $60 million, but the box office figures are at a loss.

In such a low output of high quality film mode, Tallawy J still adhere to the dream of stop motion animation chase, he said:

We chose the most strenuous form of animation, because it has no other animation of the aesthetic and temperature. All efforts are out of the love of the freeze frame animation. I hope I can die before, can all the movie type, with the stop motion animation again.

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