He started 100 yuan, not listed on the financing for the past 32 years, but also to do the industry leader, the current family with his products!

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He started 100 yuan, not listed on the financing for the past 32 years, but also to do the industry leader, the current family with his products!

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This is a family business, 32 years does not appear on the market, not financing, relying on its own funds have been quietly in the field of seasoning products.Although only 8 cents per pack profit,But the annual profit could do more than 300 million. He is behind the thirteen incense, the founder of Wang Shouyi.

Thirteen spices seasoning is the secret of the ancestors of Wang Shouyi down, originated in the Northern Song Dynasty, was once a palace to enjoy the seasoning, formerly known as the Church of spices seasoning factory.

In the late Ming period, Wang Shouyi had tired of the officialdom intrigues, began to resign to return home, which is now Henan City, in his hometown had been selling condiment.

To the Qing Dynasty, social unrest, war, from the age of 15, Wang Shouyi began to inherit from his father Wang literature there to make the dressing, 1950 PPP, Wang Shouyi was forced to abandon their craft, eat the collective mess.

Wang Shouyi's family business

In 1959, China's great famine, Henan is the hardest hit, there are people starved to death every day. In order to survive, eating bark, grass roots, even the so-called "immortal soil poison".

Wang Shouyi looked at home all day, not hungry, he had to pick up the old. He pulls out the family ancestral secret recipe sauce, according to modern people's appetite improved the seasoning recipe, preparation of a new seasoning, named "sweet thirteen", and then get the market sale, the vehicles are generally own two legs, in order to gain more market, Wang Shouyi often carrying spices went to various near the city of Zhumadian, South to the north to Shijiazhuang.

At that time people even hunger problems are difficult to solve, so the demand of seasoning is almost zero, in order to alleviate this impasse, Wang Shouyi began in the credibility of efforts, because he felt that as long as the reputation up, there must be someone to buy. So Wang Shouyi on every packet of spices are stamped "Thirteen incense" seal, the seal is a name, if the customer is not satisfied, can be returned or replacement, did not think this way is really effective, people soon on the "Thirteen flavor" full recognition, but also greatly welcome, when the "Thirteen incense" in Zhumadian sales is the best, so Wang Shouyi led the family just moved to Zhumadian to settle directly from the opening.

Although most people are poor, they will buy some home every year.But in 1976, with the arrival of the cultural revolution, set off a nationwide "overthrow the capitalist" tide, as long as it is to do business, is considered to be a capitalist, so nobody would dare to do business to do business, so Wang Shouyi was forced to stop thirteen "sweet" sale, but Wang Shouyi never gave up another idea, just waiting for the opportunity.

This is so for 8 years, with the advent of market economy, the more than and 60 year old Wang Shouyi felt it was time to do their own, and then his two son Wang Yinliang to open a small workshop in Zhumadian, specializing in the production of "Thirteen incense". Although the cost of only 100 yuan, but finally put his old bank to pick up.

"Thirteen flavor seasoning factory" is opened up, but no money to hire staff, only Wang Shouyi and his three sons, but the Wang Shouyi is not depressed, he also encouraged the son said that the three:"Everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as the business to do anything to say."

Hands less, of course, very tired. Wang Shouyi started to get up at 4 every morning, go to the car ready spices, and then pulled to the market to sell, there are about 15 kilometers away from home to the market, the market is more than good, more than one person,Wang Shouyi started crying, crying is a dayAt the beginning, not used to live by the throat, dumb and pain, home is unable to speak, can only communicate with gestures, then slowly get used to it, the voice is also out of practice.

Seasons throughout the year, they four, regardless of the weather, the worst season is winter. Have a cold winter, minus more than and 20 degrees, we are delighted with this solar term, to eat dumplings at home, Wang Shouyi and his sons in the early morning from the bed lira up, because this solar term will be a lot of people buy spices.

Wang Shouyi in order to earn more money, a new year, four, two hours earlier than the usual to the market share, in the biting wind in the upper teeth and lower teeth frozen straight fight, the selling of a day, not to say cold hands and feet swollen, the dark to sellOnly earn more than 1 dollars,Wang Shouyi looked quickly frozen silly sons, I looked down at my hands 1 dollars, bitterness take out all of a sudden, three sons from his father face that sad, all ran in front of his father to comfort him:"Dad, it's okay. It's gonna be okay."

The second day in the morning, Wang Shouyi looked at his sons sleeping face, distressed straight away tears, but in order to live only to endure the pain to sons called up from the warm blanket, and then continue to stall on the market.

When the holiday season to sell a lot of vendors are indeed seasoning, but over the festival, and soon removed, only Wang Shouyi has been holding on. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, regardless of winter and summer, as long as the home is not what events will stall selling out.

For a long time, people began to Wang Shouyi's "Thirteen incense" with a sense of dependence, trust degree is greatly improved, many local people have become Wang Shouyi's old customers, for old customers, Wang Shouyi will give little seasoning. Every day Wang Shouyi also did not stall before, often there will be many people in the queue ahead, until 8 in the morning on the long row of the team, with visibility, business is good, the surrounding villages who have heard, all the way to Wang Shouyi booth to buy "Thirteen incense." annual sales has reached about 200000.

The business finally boomed, ye four also busy, Wang Shouyi saw the demand, to think of a way to expand the scale, so he in a suburb in the city of Zhumadian, bought a few rooms, and hire a few people had a mechanical, so one should go,Thirteen incense, the annual turnover of hundreds of times turned.

By 1998, with the scale of production and operations continue to expand, "Wang Shouyi thirteen incense" company, the registered capital of 80 million, annual sales of 400 million yuan, after 2003, the company's annual sales, and taxes were maintained at 500 million yuan, 20 million yuan; to 2008, sales and profits were 700 million yuan, about 40000000 yuan; in 2011, sales, revenue, profits reached 1 billion 40 million yuan, 80 million 20 thousand yuan, 69 million 230 thousand yuan; in 2014, the index has increased to 1 billion 500 million yuan, 170 million yuan and 120 million yuan, the output of more than 60 thousand tons of spices.

To the first half of 2016, with the continuous improvement of production technology, coupled with the investment operations continue to strengthen, the indicators of enterprises showing a trend of rapid development,The production of a variety of spices suddenly soared to 80 thousand tons, turned over to the tax reached $170 million.

Of course, Wang Shouyi did not forget the money back to the community, often do charity, such as poverty alleviation, road construction, build hope primary school, to support poor students and other projects, the money has been donated to more than 300 million.

Wang Shouyi investment in the construction of the thirteen incense Road

Every year tens of millions of fake flowers

With the growing influence of Wang Shouyi thirteen Xiang "brand bigger, the market of counterfeit products more and more, after Wang Shouyi know very angry, and always treat him in the crackdown on this matter at all without mercy, Wang Shouyi said"Those fake products will not only destroy their reputation, but also hurt the people's body."

From 80s onwards, thirteen incense group for the costs of counterfeiting has exceeded 20 million yuan, by the end of 1993, Henan province light emerged more than and 20 fake "Thirteen Xiang, Shangqiu, Nanyang, Luohe and other places are everywhere, in this regard, Wang Shouyi said in the crackdown on this road persist!

Employees in the eyes of Wang Shouyi

Because Wang Shouyi perennial hard hard, very old age his body is not good, even if it can not bear to idle, from time to time will be on crutches to the various places to see the situation, the staff often being, in the minds of Wang Shouyi, his staff is a child.

Bitter life Wang Shouyi bitter afraid, so he does not want to see their children suffer, when winter comes, he will go to the dormitory look, ask them whether the shoes, the doors and windows of the dormitory to see if there is bad, also ask before they go to sleep and don't forget to close the window, be careful cold.

In the summer, Wang Shouyi is still very busy, will go to the workshop and see, see the staff hard, it will make people send summerheat watermelon and mung bean tea, in order to prevent employees from mosquito bites in the dormitory, Wang Shouyi will give each employee a mosquito net and a bottle of mosquito repellent.

Not only that, but also about the staff of three meals a day, Wang Shouyi will care about. In order to allow employees to eat and eat, he often went to the cafeteria meal check is qualified, and asked the chef Bianzhuohuayang cook.

Look at the disease in the body, still busy Wang Shouyi, his sons couldn't help, to persuade him to recuperate at ease in the thousands and thousands of words, don't be so hard, they will have a good business enterprise, not what happened. But Wang Shouyi is not put under the heart to rest, often told his sons to treat employees, because the company's results cannot do without staff sweat, so they cannot treat!

A few months before Wang Shouyi died, every cough blood, but he still insisted on crutches to the workshop to understand the situation of enterprises every day, suffering illness did not stop Wang Shouyi go to the restaurant staff, staff dormitory condolences to the staff. In 2003, Wang Shouyi finally left us.

Today, thirteen incense has become the leader of the condiment industry, why people are recognized by the brand, the reason must be inseparable from the integrity of the word two. In addition to good faith, Wang Shouyi also summed up the two words "low-key", he said, too much, the Chinese people do not deal with you, and low-key, others will be embarrassed to deceive you."


The first is called a "500 million liar", but in 9 years after the 102 billion 500 million summit, he single handedly changed an industry!

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