Dong Mingzhu: GREE year-end bonus of 10 thousand per capita, gave them a mobile phone

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Dong Mingzhu: GREE year-end bonus of 10 thousand per capita, gave them a mobile phone

2017-01-12 00:33:28 189 ℃

GREE employees for the use of GREE phones and year-end awards topic, Dong Mingzhu responded. Dong Mingzhu also talked about the tax burden of the real economy, such as Cao Dewang,, etc..

In January 10th, Dong Mingzhu won the "20 thousand and 160 annual economic figures", at the scene, Dong Mingzhu said: "last year I become red, is the installation work I added 100 yuan, an increase of 1000 yuan for my employees at the end of each month, the average person has us a bonus of 10 thousand yuan, but also to send them a mobile phone."

"Mobile phone for employees, is sent, do not buy"

The afternoon of January 9th, GREE electric high outgoing network "on the use of GREE mobile phone mail notification" photos, content is: according to the spirit of the meeting of cadres, after the Spring Festival staff need to use GREE mobile phone, please pay close attention to the implementation of.

Rumors, immediately attracted attention and interpretation. Some people think that just up 1000 wages, forcing employees to buy their own cell phone.

"Not to buy, to send." "You have an opinion, you also send a mobile phone to the employee." Before the ceremony, Dong Mingzhu accepted an exclusive interview with Chinese entrepreneurs, but also talked about this issue.

You are GREE employees, GREE products you do not need to use? If you don't like it, why do you want others to like it?" Dong Mingzhu believes that GREE employees with their own phone is a must. As an employee, their products do well, why not? GREE mobile phone, the first generation, the second generation, I have been using, I think much more, in order to allow me to experience more, better marketing."

Dong Mingzhu said, do phone, is to bring more and better products to consumers. "Some people say that GREE mobile phone is not successful, I think there is no such thing. I am not the production of mobile phones today, it means that I have to do ten million, one hundred million, is a time precipitation. However, I have to be responsible for the market, consumers. Or not to sell, sell must be the best."

According to some online black GREE's remarks, Dong Mingzhu said, "we take up 1000 dollars salary, year-end year-end bonus, sending a mobile phone, what is not? What's the fuss? You have an idea, you can also send a mobile phone to employees."

"Chinese tax is not high, but the cost is too much"

In the January 10th awards ceremony, Dong Mingzhu also talked about the Internet and the real economy, she said, "in this era of the Internet, others say we are the traditional industries, the Internet does not belong to us, but in this we just found the Internet is most suitable for our real economy. We have changed the times with efficiency and effectiveness, we have adhered to the entity, but we still get a good return.

This past year performance did not decline, but also increased by 10%, and the profit reached 15 billion yuan, so I think in the process to see is the era of Internet give us opportunities, rather than the traditional industries and the Internet confrontation, because we have the Internet this tool, let us fly, let our employees are very good development, but also by the enterprise and with good returns."

In an interview with the Chinese entrepreneurs, Dong Mingzhu also talked about the problem of excessive tax burden on the real economy, such as Cao Dewang,, etc..

Dong Mingzhu said, we all talk about the high tax in China, there is no tax, there is no way to invest in national construction, such as health care, education, national defense, the need for financial is very large. "So, I think that as a business, it is incumbent on the tax, this is my ten years has been to stick to, I will not because of tax relief and I am happy, but because I can pay more tax and happy. This is the real economy, the value of physical enterprises."

The key is now too much money, a lot of fees and no clear determination, the prime minister recently said that the company's non tax burden is too heavy. If the United States, I do not think our tax high where. The key is to spend too much, as well as the middle of the institutional transaction costs are too high, this is indeed a problem to be solved.

Zong Qinghou said there are more than 500 kinds of fees to pay for a year, Dong Mingzhu said, I did not count, I was listening to a lot of entrepreneurs and I complained, inexplicable fees too much. I don't do this, I can't figure it out."

"GREE air conditioning does not rise, it is difficult to increase the price of other air conditioners"

In the January 10th awards ceremony, talking about the prices of raw materials for the impact of GREE, Dong Mingzhu said, "we have to discuss how prices in the peer, but companies still have to save social impact, we still do not price. Close to 50% of the market share of air conditioning is not the price, the other may not rise prices."

In an interview with the Chinese entrepreneurs, Dong Mingzhu also talked about the problem, she said, now operating costs are indeed rising, and some people say that the price increases, but GREE does not raise prices, why? Because of their cost control is not good, by the time the prices of materials have risen, it is necessary to talk about the price of the material, so the air conditioning prices.

However, the current price of materials, with the highest price of materials before, but also far from. Copper, for example, the highest time to 7, 80 thousand, and now has not come to the 50 thousand, but also can not affect your business profits.

So, even if the material price increases, if the per capita efficiency, but also can come out. Dong Mingzhu said, I do not agree with the current price increases, which will bring chaos to the community, so we do not insist on price increases. This is the responsibility of entrepreneurs, but also to take responsibility for the enterprise."

"The ball pen head deter Dong Mingzhu, do it"

These two days, by the prime minister, Dong Mingzhu got the ball pen head, are created, "the news scraper. But Dong Mingzhu really stumped?

It is understood that by the end of 2015, Dong Mingzhu with BEIFA group, said a year to develop cooperation in the production of ball point pen equipment, not the ball pen head."

Dong Mingzhu said that in 2016, we have to do a lot of BEIFA transformation, automation transformation, some of the equipment process transformation we have done, but also a very pleasant cooperation. But the most important point is that we didn't make the device. "It's not because I can't do it, because they don't need the material. If we do the material, I'll tell you, I can't do that. But I am not, without this material, I can not produce this material, so can not do."

Dong Mingzhu said, now that the pen is made out of, before. This also shows that China's manufacturing industry has been in progress.