3 billion holding listed companies! Zhao Wei: money is borrowed, but did not find ma Dad

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3 billion holding listed companies! Zhao Wei: money is borrowed, but did not find ma Dad

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December 2016, Zhao Wei, Xialong Wei media intends to invest 3 billion 60 million holdings of ten thousand culture (600576.SH) news, entertainment overnight, the financial sector headlines. A great deal has also attracted the attention of regulators, the SSE of this equity trading bursts of 17 Q - 3 billion in the end come from? Is there any relationship with Ali?

"On December 30, 2016, in Shanghai, Faye Wong concert backstage, Zhao Wei and ma. Source: visual China

On the evening of January 11th, ten thousand culture announced the reply of the Dragon media. Daily economic news reporters to sort out and draw the following focus.

Long Wei media is not set up for this transaction

November 2, 2016, Long Wei media was established in December 23rd, Long Wei media decided to acquire ten thousand shares held by the vanguard group. Is this a company dedicated to "swallow" the culture of ten thousand?

In this regard, the media to deny the Long Wei, said the purpose of the establishment of the Dragon media was originally Zhao Wei's film and television business needs, not specifically set up for the acquisition. Due to the preparatory period of film and television, culture and other projects usually require 1~2 years, the impact of the project through the establishment of new investment projects and the establishment of the enterprise platform will generally be set up in advance. At the same time, the Dragon media and the culture of thousands of details of the two sides of the transfer of the negotiating process and provides a memorandum of negotiation process.

In fact, in July last year, Zhao Wei has launched a non-public offering of shares subscribed ten thousand culture. By the end of November, the announcement shows that the mutual agreement to terminate the reorganization of assets. Reply letter shows that tens of thousands of people in recent years, the actual control of the culture of human resources has been seeking to transform the business of listed companies, although the subscription of shares of cooperation fails, Kong Deyong and Zhao Wei communication, still hope that the two sides continue to cooperate.

In December 8, 2016, Long Wei media controlling shareholders and actual controllers of Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong et al., met with 10000 group actual control of Kong Deyong, on the transfer of shares to contact, face to face communication agreement on acquisition of Vanguard Group held shares and vanguard vanguard cultural and cultural control intention.

3 billion money is borrowed, but nothing to do with Alibaba

Long Wei media announcement shows that the registered capital of only 2 million yuan, and set up a short time, the registered capital has not been paid in place, the total assets and net assets are zero; not to carry out the actual business, operating income and net profits are zero. The total amount of funds required for the acquisition of ten thousand cultural shares up to 3 billion 60 million yuan.

Where did the money come from?

In this regard, the Long Wei media company responded that: all of the acquisition of funds from the media or self owned Long Wei media, specifically divided into three parts:

Borrowing 60 million yuan to the relevant parties, the loan does not agree to the repayment period, the other party does not charge interest and other capital costs, plans for the future by the same way under the actual control of debt restructuring;

Tibet silver letter will be to the third party Asset Management Limited borrowing 1 billion 500 million yuan, for a period of 3 years, 10% years of the loan interest rate, repayment for one-time debt maturity; guarantee measures for Zhao Wei personal credit guarantee;

To financial institutions to borrow 1 billion 500 million yuan from the stock pledge financing, repayment period of 3 years, the financing rate is 6%, the repayment for the quarter (or half) of interest and principal due time, the financing of financial institutions is currently in the approval process.

Previously, the outside world that Zhao Wei 3 billion yuan acquisition is likely to come from Ali, after all, Ali and Ali has been a close cooperation before the culture of Zhao Wei. Some people even speculated that Ali is one of the group (potatoes + Youku) to backdoor listing?

In this regard, Long Wei media reply said: "the acquisition of shares of apos and & apos; & Ali; not related to enterprises or individuals, as of now with & apos; & apos; Ali; related enterprises have no assets into the follow-up plan or arrangement."

In order to prove the repayment ability of Long Wei media, reply letter also disclosed in detail the Zhao Wei, the couple's assets, the assets are roughly divided into the following sections:

Zhao Wei and his spouse Huang Youlong Investment Holdings (01239.HK), Shun Baby Dragon Holdings (00361.HK), Ali pictures (01060.HK), Yunfeng Finance (00376.HK), Tak television (300426.SZ) shares a number of listed companies, as of December 31, 2016 the stock market value of about 4 billion 522 million yuan.

Another preliminary statistics, Ms. Zhao Wei and his spouse, Mr. Huang Youlong also holds about 666 million yuan of real estate value;

Other equity investment value of about 318 million yuan;

Zhao Wei, Huang Youlong also operates film and television, wine trade, 4S shop and other services, as of November 30, 2016 total assets of about 157 million yuan.

The total value of the underlying assets of about 5 billion 663 million yuan, in 2016 the cash flow of investment recovery of about HK $1 billion 256 million.

Daily economic news reporter noted that ten thousand culture is also called a detailed report of changes in equity, the disclosure of information disclosure obligations of the controlling shareholder, the actual control of the core enterprise.

Follow up plan: consider entertainment assets

According to the follow-up plan, Long Wei media intends to consider a proposal to buy assets or non-public offering to raise funds to buy assets in a major reorganization of assets, issuance of shares, focusing on the cultural entertainment industry with good growth, strong profitability and asset quality, do not rule out of the listed company or its subsidiaries of non core assets and business culture and entertainment stripping.

The photograph: visual China

Ten thousand culture has been done for three years before the transition, the transition is not good, because people have been looking for capital to do before. But the film and television culture, such as the light industry, the key role is the professional human resources." A senior film investors on the daily economic news (reporters) said, "if Zhao Wei became the first major shareholder, culture and film is easier to trade."

But the letter also stressed that the proposed asset injection plan formulation does not constitute a commitment, as of now, in the next 12 months, the proposed asset injection plan does not exist, it will not affect the status of the actual control of listed companies.

The next year, after Zhao Wei took over ten thousand culture, want to inject entertainment related assets, but also has great uncertainty.

Each edited by Du Hengfeng