Paul Wang Yincheng checked decryption: Valentine's reported last year, controlled by the side, "finance" exclusive

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Paul Wang Yincheng checked decryption: Valentine's reported last year, controlled by the side, "finance" exclusive

2017-01-12 00:34:24 121 ℃

Wang Yincheng was taken away in Beijing, Xidan Chinese Paul building in January 9th, in addition to some previous Shanxi nationality nobles or have a certain relationship, Wang Yincheng may also be checked and their private lives, the people's Insurance Group 12 will be held on the matter of the general assembly

"Finance" reporter Mi Sakura / Wen Yuan / full editing

At the beginning of the new year, anti-corruption action opened in the insurance industry. "Finance" reporter learned from multiple sources, Chinese people's Insurance Group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "PICC group") Wang Yincheng, vice chairman, President, in January 9th was taken away by authorities, this year became the first survey was taken away by the vice ministerial level executives of financial institutions.

According to informed sources, Wang Yincheng in Beijing on January 9th in Xidan Chinese insurance building was taken away by authorities, the office was raided, the driver was also at the same time. It is understood that the people's Insurance Group will be held on January 12th to convene a full conference on the matter.

For Wang Yincheng was taken to investigate the issue, the people's Insurance Group brand department in the evening on January 11th for the "financial" reporters did not respond to inquiries.

However, close to the people's Insurance Group, as well as the insurance industry, a number of insiders to the finance, said they were taken away as early as the investigation of Wang Yincheng was expected, this is boots landing". According to informed sources, as early as during the Spring Festival in 2016, Wang Yincheng and his family to go abroad when he was found side by side. At that time, in the insurance system and the insurance industry, it was rumored that Wang Yincheng may be investigated, nearly a year later, rumors come true.

July 21, 2016, PICC Jilin branch general manager Li Jianhua Dutch act then was reported to have died, Lee has been the people's Insurance Group Dutch act before the Commission for Discipline Inspection interviews.

Li Jianhua served as general manager of Dalian branch, after he was promoted to general manager of Jilin branch. According to a number of informed sources, Li Jianhua is a faction of the hardcore members of the Lee suicide or with the current investigation was taken away, there is a certain relationship between Wang Yincheng and Wang Yincheng.

October 30, 2015 -12 29, the central eleventh inspection teams conducted a special inspection of the Chinese people's insurance. February 1, 2016, the central inspection team to protect the feedback of the views of the Chinese people.

According to the feedback results when the central eleventh inspection teams to patrol the PICC group party, Chinese. The main problems are: the Party leadership core role play is not enough, the lack of grass-roots party leadership; comprehensive rules strictly ineffective, discipline consciousness, violation of political discipline, not political rules have occurred; the lack of responsibility, inadequate supervision and accountability and discipline; selective implementation of the central economic work policy; enterprise special theory, violating the provisions of the central eight mental problems prominent, leading cadres to go abroad (border) management is not strict; some major investment decisions without collective research, the alleged transfer of benefits; the cost of taking some resort to deceit. The use of insurance resources for the "small group" profit; some subordinate units of personnel selection rules do not speak, a flood of nepotism, Some relatives of leading cadres to participate in the insurance business profit.

In this regard, the central inspection teams to Chinese laying the four opinions and suggestions, for the "benefit" and "people" problems, to strengthen its major investment, the use of large sums of money, large amounts of material procurement and project supervision. Leading cadres, resolutely clean up right to properly solve the problem of self serving insurance, nepotism, cut off the chain of leading cadres and relatives to particular people transportation interests.

The inspection teams found these problems, Chinese Paul on 2016 as "comprehensive reform", with more than two months time basically completed 156 rectification task, which involves 30 group headquarters rectification task, 8 subsidiaries involved 126 rectification task. In the rectification process, the establishment of 6 key sectors and the focus of the region of the 3. Revised new rules and regulations 195, accountability for all types of personnel 128 passengers.

For "rife with nepotism", the people's Insurance Group from the headquarters of the group to expand the diagnostic level, relatives of leading cadres in the system working conditions, a total investigation of 233 passengers need to avoid the situation. In the group headquarters pilot, established recruitment avoidance commitment mechanism, the group fully open recruitment link to verify the close relatives in the system working conditions, the situation should be avoided is not accepted, from the source to the nepotism. The 2 sick promoted cadres, 1 people to give the party a serious warning and administrative demotion, the other 1 have cancel the appointment.

Wang Yincheng is a 57 year old man Paul was born, in 1982 from the Shanxi Institute of Finance and Economics (now Shanxi University of Finance and Economics) after graduation to enter the old Paul, served as PICC Corporation Deputy General Manager of finance department (in charge), the People's Insurance Company of China Shenzhen Branch General Manager, assistant general manager of People's Insurance Company of China, PICC executive vice president and chief financial officer the president and other staff, and in October 2013 was promoted to group vice president so far.

Wang Yincheng has basic management experience, familiar with finance, more than 20 years of financial management experience. PICC Property Insurance in 2008 was transferred to the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp of former president Wang Yi, Wang Yincheng took over has been vacant for more than and 110 days of PICC president. At the time of PICC 7 vice president, Wang Yincheng won was regarded as an internal Paul no suspense.

PICC President Wang Yincheng worked in five years, PICC turnover from about 80000000000 yuan to about 200 billion yuan, the total assets of more than 300 billion yuan.

However, in October 2013 Wang Yincheng was promoted to vice chairman and President of the people's Insurance Group, but not smooth. According to a person close to the people's Insurance Group, told the "financial" mentioned, was promoted to Wang Yincheng, the people's Insurance Group within the system there is no lack of controversy during the promotion, publicity, Wang Yincheng have been reported, the relevant departments have done two times before the Democratic evaluation.

This time Wang Yincheng was taken away, according to many industry insiders to the "financial" sources, which may be related to Wang Yincheng in some of Beijing Shanxi province elite dinner and pay for it or have a certain relationship. It is understood that Wang Yincheng was in Shanxi, and in Shanxi Province, some political and business elite had close in the past.

According to informed sources more than familiar with Wang Yincheng to the "financial" revealed that in addition to Shanxi province and some elite or have a certain relationship, Wang Yincheng investigation, may also and their private lives on.

It is understood that Wang Yincheng in his marriage, and other women also. Prior to its same person in charge of the security system has been the real name of the lover Wang Yincheng, but then in the work of the mobilization and promotion of the promise of Wang Yincheng, and automatically withdrew the report. In 2016, Wang Yincheng found himself under control, with his wife for divorce procedures.

It is reported that Wang Yincheng was taken away for follow-up investigation, the relevant departments and the people's Insurance Group will be further disclosed.

PICC group is the predecessor of the People's Insurance Company of China (ie, the elderly insurance), founded in October 1949, in September 2009 to complete the shareholding system reform, in December 7, 2012 to complete the H-share listed in the Hongkong stock exchange. At present, the people's Insurance Group Insurance owns property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, asset management, insurance brokerage, premium service, insurance and life insurance capital investment holding subsidiaries, in January 6th, the old people care insurance company is expected to become the people's Insurance Group, and insurance industry sector.