Mobile phone supplier LETV collective debt collection: whether owed how much money?

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Mobile phone supplier LETV collective debt collection: whether owed how much money?

2017-01-12 00:35:30 137 ℃

The morning of January 10, 2017, LETV building entrance and lively, gathered a group claiming to be " LETV mobile provider " people, their number is forty or fifty, wearing uniform clothing, dun " " the back surface of the clothes printed with " LETV " it; ". And just across the street, is a luxury area - Pan Hai international. Many stars, including music as one of the stars of the shareholders - Li Xiaolu also live here. Beijing time at the scene learned that because they are LETV owed money, up to " discussing ", where someone has to dozens of times, and a southern supplier employee representative for " " for money already spent three months. Even so, the arrears of payment has been delayed.

Home " rights " no results of up to 200 million

Beijing is very cold in the winter, as long as the wind chill blowing. However, this can not be blocked by the purchase price of the supplier home " rights " footsteps. For them, this is the only way. In the activist scene, a vendor told the Beijing times, " not even know as money, but in addition to the door and music consumption, how can we do? "

Beijing time the scene asked a number of suppliers said LETV's attitude is very perfunctory, no intention to repay.

A home office told the Beijing time in Wangjing -- the supplier employee Liu, their group's two companies responsible for the production of music as mobile phone chip, which owed a total of $four million, according to Liu recalled, since they are music and music as cooperation, there are few cases timely payment according to the contract. Liu came over last time, music, said the middle of January will be paid, if the money did not come to her again this week to see.

At the same time, Liu said: " and music as well as the cooperation of our group's two small companies, large companies do not cooperate with them. "

Another employee of the company, Mr. Zhang said, according to his knowledge, today came at least five or six suppliers, up to $200 million in arrears. As for music as the total amount of arrears of mobile phone providers, Liu and Zhang agreed that not less than 15 billion yuan online spread.

Because Beijing is a local company, so they would come every day as building " see ", but not always wearing " clothing, " collection; so much trouble movement. However, far away in the field of the company, can not get the money can only be spent in Beijing.

A supplier in the south, as the music to provide mobile phone material services, the company responsible person said: " we have come to Beijing for three months, to music as the building ' rights ' dozens of times. " according to Mr. Lee said, as the music has not yet settled in 2015.

" every time, LETV will develop a solution to repay that day not yet, give you make a plan, so dragged, Mr. Li said ".

According to the Beijing Times reported earlier, Tianjin Wang Rui electronic technology limited company has repeatedly Taoxin " " even if unsuccessful, LETV said at the end of December to resolve the debt problem.

Music, as the king of the terms of a number of small factories to work

Mr. Li also said: " ' 136' music; agreement is to drag a month for a month is not just another three months, six months, so doing a cycle is ten months, are terms of overlord ".

For the music as the development of the agreement, the supplier said: " fool only signed. " and refused to sign the agreement is the result of the music has not pay back the money.

In general, the long-term cooperation of the object, the supplier will give a grace period of three months, but it is impossible to default for ten months. AAC director general manager Daryl Zuquan said, LETV owed three to six months of the repayment period is acceptable, but also to the money owed to the company considered, stressed that not too long term debt allowed.

According to media reports, insiders said that for small mobile phone vendors, ten months in arrears is likely to lead to a shortage of cash flow, or even bankruptcy. Beijing time to understand that there have been a number of music as a default payment supplier is in shutdown state.

Mr. Li even bluntly: " I do not want to mention our company now, has run out. "

An overseas listed supplier employee representative -- Mr. Zheng said, as they owed at least 34 million yuan, the impact is very big to the company, he knew that some small companies have shut down for several months.

I am " our company Beijing branch, now every day there's nothing else, only after LETV debt ", Mr. Zheng said helplessly.

For large companies, because the music will not be in arrears down, and that push LETV repayment will not have results, so are not willing to expend energy to LETV and once again " " rights;. Site " rights " staff told Beijing time, was owed 200 million of the company, see music as such a perfunctory attitude, especially " calm " go.

Music as a mobile phone supply chain crisis

Music as a large area of the supplier's payment of arrears, the most direct result is that the supplier refused to supply as music. The scene of the suppliers believe that, as the phone's supply chain is facing great problems.

Beijing time query as the official mall, Le max2, Le S3, Le Pro3 is currently out of stock status, at the same time, cools1 and cool1dual models in stock. Previously, LETV was exposed to the normal supply of mobile phone.

LETV suppliers and LETV as in the heat of the state, especially small suppliers, and as they are in the same boat, with the breath, a common destiny.

Beijing time observed the scene, the presence of suppliers is very understanding of the music, they talked from the car LETV LETV suspension, are well known for its every move. However, the language revealed the music as a great mistrust. They do not believe that music will have prospects, even to the ecology of Jia Yueting called " draw pie ".

For the results, suppliers do not seem to expect too much. Zheng said, " we and the music as the supply chain sector docking, will be on the issue of arrears before consultation, and now they do not talk to us ". Liu told Beijing time, she simply can not contact the music as the top, even if the supply chain director. Liu said at the same time, as the music should be unified to be an explanation for the payment of the loan supplier.

Beijing time to contact the music as a public relations officer, the other party did not respond to the supplier arrears.