After reading it, it is important to deposit 500 yuan per month

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After reading it, it is important to deposit 500 yuan per month

2017-01-12 00:36:08 102 ℃

Say on wages can not go home, but for most of us wage earners, stable source is more important than fortune. Because the salary is not only a basic guarantee of life, an important premise is our occupation planning and financial planning, so the use of monthly wages, do the occupation career salary plan, or you can take it as a springboard to go on the road of entrepreneurship, bid farewell to the count of living wage.

How to spend every month? How to use it?

First of all, take your salary seriously

On the Internet to see a lot of friends reflect, save money, I do not know where the money. And when it comes to wage planning, where do we start?

If I say, salary planning the first step is to take your wages seriously, we are not going to laugh: who can not pay seriously? No, there are some people who don't take their pay seriously.

Generally have the following situations:

1 people who consider themselves low paid

Feel their wages are too low, but also the money is earned out of the savings, so the side of the side of the side of the side with no sigh of any change. Over the years, it is estimated that the wage is still low, still can not save money.

As we see, every month if you deposit 500, a period of five years, according to the calculation of the first 5 years after your every 5 years time of the way, in the context of interest rates unchanged, after 30 years (55 years) a total of 352300.94 yuan, is not a small income?

2 people who are well paid but don't care

Some people pay well enough money to spend, but do not know where the money is, TA does not know how much, because there is no bookkeeping habits.

3 real high paying people

A lot of people paid a year, probably hundreds of thousands, millions of TA may also, know a lot of money they earn, afford a house car child, but what he doesn't care about the money in the account, money more or less is not clear.

Regardless of our salary, this is our hard work in exchange for the low, do not be discouraged, high not proud, take it seriously, after must have good returns!

Do a good job planning

In the workplace, a lucky man is always a few, a lot of people are paid a spiral, a start is relatively low, compared to focus on workplace occupation planning, but also pay attention to financial investment. Compare a 10 years ago and now earn ten thousand yuan a month to earn ten thousand yuan between feel the gap, you know if you do not have a lifetime to seriously invest only rely on wage income to compete with others, how passive.

Salary planning is a long-term project, from the income to capital management, we do all the work and pay money, planning the final step is to own the hopes and dreams have a clear goal, to guide you step by step toward that way.

Low salary also want to manage money, serious accounting throttling, so rational consumption, and then improve their ability to eventually rise income, make more money.

Low wage + + financial accounting system to improve the ability to pay = original asset accumulation

High wages, but also to finance, invest properly in their sustainable limits, to maximize your money income, realize the value of wealth. Of course, wages will never be too high, you can also pursue higher.

High salary + reasonable salary plan = more and more of your assets

Well, now how to do wage planning in the end.

1, combing the past year household assets and liabilities and cash flow

Inventory of their own, is the first step in financial management.

How to know their own income, how to spend their own money, spent some money, you can grasp their own economic status, so as to make a reasonable plan. Through the analysis of the financial, to know how many resources in 2017.

The first category: the money that has been earned, that is, the current assets. Here, the asset is to subtract the liabilities, that is, the final net assets.

Second: the future can continue to earn money, that is, family / personal income. In order to be more accurate, it is recommended to lose monthly or additional expenses, that is, the final figure is the actual annual surplus.

2, according to the family financial situation, assess their risk tolerance

There are three kinds of risk tolerance assessment: conservative, balanced and radical.

Simply put, the assessment of risk tolerance, we have to consider from the age, the amount of funds, investment objectives, subjective risk preferences and liquidity considerations.

3 develop financial goals and plans

If the past year we have achieved a goal, then the beginning of the new year, we need to according to their actual financial situation, adjust or re enact reasonable and feasible financial objectives.

Keep in mind that these goals must be in accordance with their financial situation and can be quantified with the goal of digital. That is not a monthly salary of 3000, two years to save 500 thousand "target. It is a monthly salary of 8000 yuan this year, saved 50 thousand yuan "or" after 15 years, 1 million yuan to give children enough time to study abroad"

4 allocation of financial products according to financial objectives

The salary is not high enough and no accumulation of capital, not to participate in the proposed risk degree is too high or too complicated investment, may be more appropriate allocation of low-risk fixed income financial means, such as 12 months, the annual yield of about 7% products.

Fund investment is also a good choice, it can solve the following three questions:

First, the investment period is long enough to be able to fully diluted costs, improve revenue;

Second, do not spend more energy on the timing;

Third, mandatory monthly savings;

In addition, accidents, medical treatment, the risk of a variety of threats to life, but also to bring economic burden to the family. So we have to adopt a method to deal with personal risk and to minimize the economic burden. Prior to the investment plan, the first to do insurance planning, to buy insurance to buy the right to buy insurance.