Endowment insurance did not pay enough 15 years, how can the pension after retirement?

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Endowment insurance did not pay enough 15 years, how can the pension after retirement?

2017-01-12 00:36:52 230 ℃

Our parents that generation or even older generation, many people are not paid pension insurance for 15 years, then the retirement age can be pensioners?

Not to the minimum number of years of 15 years, is not a pension.

One, pay

You can find a local agency Advisory Bureau, combined with the relevant provisions of the local human resources and Social Security Bureau, to complete the full 15 years of pension insurance rates,Can be in accordance with the monthly pension for urban workers pension.

Two, do not pay, a one-time return of personal accounts stored pension

This method, you have to know: the termination of the basic old-age insurance relationship between workers, we can only receive a personal account to store the pension, the unit is not to pay for the part of the.

Three, the new rural or urban residents social endowment insurance

To continue to pay or extend the payment after the total payment period is less than 15 years, apply for transfer to the domicile of the new rural social pension insurance or social pension insurance for urban residents, enjoy the corresponding pension benefits.

Whether urban or rural social pension (monthly tens of dollars, like ~) in the monthly pension amount is far less than the employee pension insurance, not to cannot but not to.

If that had not been to buy pension insurance, and now want toA one-time pay 15 years of social security, is it worth it?

1, we assume that once parents pay the 120 thousand social security, then parents first month can receive 1200 yuan of pension, pension after the annual growth of 5%. Then, every month, every year to receive pension as shown below:

Social insurance to pension: the first year can get 14400 of the pension, followed by a slight increase in the annual pension.

2, that does not give a one-time parents pay 120 thousand of the social security, to use the money as their pension fund, and robust investment, yield per year is 5%, can receive higher pensions?

Xiao Bian also drew a simple table, with a one-time pay social security situation for comparison:

Financial support for their own: the first year can get 6000 yuan of annual income, but in order to participate in the social security and pension level, the need to come up with a subsidy of $120 thousand from the principal of 8400 yuan. When the 9-10 year, the basic pension of 120 thousand of the golden light. As a result, 120 thousand of the principal is decreasing every year until it becomes negative.

The one-time payment of pension, as long as the age of 70, 120 thousand yuan pension equivalent to one time before sexual intercourse, earned back. If life is longer, more parents are longevity, a year after the pension is earned.