World Bank: 2017 global economic growth will accelerate, U.S. policy to increase economic uncertainty

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World Bank: 2017 global economic growth will accelerate, U.S. policy to increase economic uncertainty

2017-01-12 00:37:06 172 ℃

CCTV Finance (reporterHejiajingHu Zuhe)The World Bank released the latest report on the global and regional economic development in 2017 in the United States on Tuesday. The world bank believes that continued to pick up commodity prices will help accelerate the development of the global economy, while the US President elect Trump's policy uncertainty on the global economy may be a double-edged sword. What is the growth rate of the world's major economies? What are the challenges? Under the attention of the next.

The World Bank released the latest global economic outlook report, the global GDP is expected to expand by 0.4 percentage points this year, to $2.7%. This growth rate compared to 2016, the world bank to show that the economy continued to pick up in 2017 optimistic. By contrast, the growth rate in 2016 was only 2.3%, the lowest since the financial crisis. The World Bank forecast, crude oil and other commodity prices rebound, will reduce commodity exporters in emerging markets are facing the pressure, and we may see that Brazil and Russia's economic recession will end. As a result, the report shows that emerging markets will grow by 4.2%, compared with last year's growth of around $3.4%. How to re activate the enthusiasm of investment in emerging markets, developing countries need to solve the problem.

Ayhan KoseDirector, Department of development, World Bank

These economies are facing a serious challenge, the challenge is weak investment. Investment growth in 2010, an average of 10%, but only last year, the growth rate of 3.5%. So they have to find ways to encourage investment growth. With investment growth, you will see global trade growth, you will see productivity gains.

The World Bank expects China's growth rate will reach 6.5%. The United States is a very important market, but also full of uncertainty. For the United States in 2017 growth is expected, the bank gives 2.2%.

At present, the market is looking forward to Trump's policy effects, including the introduction of fiscal stimulus measures, lower taxes, increase infrastructure spending and the introduction of trade protectionism, etc.. But it is too early to predict the change in the US economy that Mr Trump will have before the details of the policy are introduced. The world bank said that if the Trump policy is fully implemented, the U.S. GDP growth in 2017, could accelerate to 2.5%, and in 2018 may reach 2.9%.

(Editor: Wei Yuanyuan)