[two] live stock 27 billion 400 million yuan in the main capital fled the billboard agencies rush to raise 9 shares

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[two] live stock 27 billion 400 million yuan in the main capital fled the billboard agencies rush to raise 9 shares

2017-01-12 00:37:37 179 ℃

Gold network January 11th newsOn Wednesday, the Shanghai index, performance is still low-spirited, as of closing down 0.79%, at 3136.75 points, the Shenzhen Component Index and the gem index fell 0.88% and 0.72% respectively. Capital flows, the main city of two net outflow of funds of $27 billion 400 million. Mio, wongtee international, Kyland 9 stocks sought after institutions.

Two main net outflow of funds of 27 billion 400 million yuan

11, 2009, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange traded a total of 404 billion 600 million yuan, a decrease of $12 billion 900 million compared with the previous day. The opening of capital flows, the main funds net outflow of 7 billion 312 million yuan, from a net outflow of 3 billion 300 million yuan net outflow of 27 billion 401 million yuan, all day long.

CSI 300 and small and medium sized net outflow

Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 today, the gem, small plates across the net outflow of $5 billion 896 million, respectively, $2 billion 218 million, $7 billion 106 million. In addition, the Shanghai shares through the net inflow of 846 million yuan today, after the end of the net outflow of the situation. Deep net inflow of 923 million yuan through shares.

Only the defense industry to achieve a net inflow of funds

Today SWS 28 levels of industry, only the defense industry to achieve a net inflow of funds in 1 industries, a net inflow of $129 million a day. Outflow, the chemical industry net outflow of 4 billion 843 million yuan, is the largest outflow of funds from the industry today. Electronics, computers, medicine, biology and other industries, the size of the net outflow, the outflow of more than 2 billion yuan, in addition, leisure services, steel, building materials and other industries, the smaller the size of the net outflow.

The concept aircraft net inflows topped 442 million yuan

Today, only the carrier, UHV, nuclear energy nuclear power Beibu Gulf FTA, the concept of the 4 sector net inflow of funds, the net inflow of 242 million yuan topped the concept aircraft. The pledged repo, employee stock ownership, central enterprises and other sectors of the concept of the fund is showing a substantial net outflow.

Benz information today the main net inflows topped 311 million yuan

Main trends: agencies rush to raise 9 shares

Billboard data announced late on the 11, 26 stocks appeared the figure of institutions, institutions dedicated seats sold a net 66 million 411 thousand and 700 yuan. The Mio, wongtee international, Kyland 9 stocks showed net buying, Chinese Unicom, Hangzhou Jiebai, TISCO and other 17 stocks showed a net selling mechanism.

Shanghai shares through deep shares through the list of the top ten active stocks every day

The new organization is the first to focus on stocks

[the latest reports]

Securities Times reporter statistics found that, as of January 11th closing, the two cities have 18 listed companies to disclose the results of letters, the relative performance of the notice, the performance of listed companies express information disclosure quality and reliability is higher, which is conducive to change investors clearly grasp the company operating state, so as to effectively grasp the risk of possible opportunities and avoid potential. Revenue, 18 companies, the company in 2016 to achieve full year revenue growth, including an increase of more than 20% of the year, there are more than 3 companies, such as the 11. For the rapid growth of the size of the business, the modern investment pointed out that the main reason for the increase in subsidiary trade income. While LONCIN GM is benefiting from the subsidiary and table. In addition, the 7 companies in 2016 revenue decline, including the size of the larger margin to accept the three brokerage firms, fell by 31.13%, respectively, by 33.41%.