Liu Shiyu shot again! The next will be blowing storm

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Liu Shiyu shot again! The next will be blowing storm

2017-01-12 00:37:45 208 ℃

All types of trading venues rectification storm reoccurrence!

The evening of January 10th, the Commission released blockbuster news that WeChat, the national various types of trading venues straighten out the inter ministerial joint meeting of the third meeting, the deployment of rectification of "looking back".The next six months, the industry will focus on the rectification of the storm.

Meeting point:

Some trading venues in violation of the State Council, 38, Document No. 37, to carry out continuous centralized auction transactions, inducing a large number of investors do not have the ability to bear the risk of investment;

Part of precious metals, crude oil commodity trading venues to carry out decentralized OTC transactions suspected of illegal activities;

Part Youbi card transaction place to carry out spot sale mode of alleged price manipulation in the market;

Some members of the trading venues, agencies and other agencies suspected of fraud misleading investors;

Some financial assets trading places will transfer the proceeds of the right to break the boundaries of the transfer of 200 people, suspected of illegal public offering;

"Micro disk" transactions suspected of gambling;

In addition, some parts of the blind repeated batch setting leads to excessive trading places, a small number of provinces and cities set up the false start trading places, some places illegal private equity transactions on-line payment risk debt generated.

These actions not only violate the State Council documents, some even constitute a serious violation of the law, the infringement of the interests of investors, to bring a lot of complaint letters and visits, affect social stability, should be clean up.

The meeting clearly, the inter ministerial joint meeting of the relevant functional units of the member units, the relevant departments and governments at all levels, we must firmly grasp the overall tone while maintaining stability, focus on the overall situation, the courage to play, as the initiative, in accordance with the spirit of the central economic work Conference and the requirements of the State Council, to carry out a trading places straighten out "look back" activities, focus on remediation in the past half year, and effectively solve the problem of illegal trading places exist, prevent and defuse financial risks.

For all kinds of spot trading clearing upTwo rounds have occurred, respectively, in 2011 and in the year of 2014.However, each time the whole is not satisfactory. Sina said, this is because of the daily supervision, the local exchange of illegal handling and risk disposal, the approval authority is still in the hands of the provincial government, domestic trading places seem to have a normal order for framing policy regression.

Late last year,Clean up and rectifyAll kinds of spot trading again sounded the clarion call!

Liu Shiyu, chairman of the Commission, said at the Sixth General Meeting of the Dalian commodity exchange,It is necessary to speed up the development of futures market from the national strategic level.Liu Shiyu will spearhead illegal futures platformFutures Company, warned: "I make a suggestion to the Futures Company, the country commodity spot trading institutions a considerable part of illegal disguised covert open futures trading, I did not get the Futures Company report, you have supervision ah, they in the erosion of your site ah, the future of illegal trading at the local Futures Company members checked when the evaluation should be reduced, to pay the membership fee, because you do not protect your turf."Your side of the couch how others sleeping.

At the end of last year, the national clean up and rectify all types of trading venues inter ministerial Joint Conference Office issued "on the local trading places suspected of illegal activities in the securities and futures risk warning letter". The risk warning letter in 2011 after the national development No. 38 issued, some of this has been through the acceptance of the local exchange violations, or even suspected of illegal activities in the securities and futures of risk warning and give the relevant opinions. Various types of trading venues straighten out the inter ministerial joint meeting on January 2012 by the State Council approved the establishment of.

Directed at the two types of transaction risk

The media have previously reported that the joint meeting of the situation, some trading venues through illegal behavior after acceptance, some also alleged a stirring among the dry bones "illegal activities in the securities and futures.

Mail content display, some organizations to carry out illegal futures exchange alleged activities, these places in silver, crude oil and other commodities as the subject of the transaction, by way of centralized trading auction, continuous auction, electronic matching, anonymous trading, market makers and other standardized contracts, and the use of margin system, introducing lever 10 times, 20 times, even 50 times; settle transactions through hedging positions, basically no physical delivery; the introduction of futures trading daily balance system, the forced liquidation system, market volatility slightly larger that led investors to ruin. Members of the unit and individual investors based on gambling transactions, resulting in a serious loss of the majority of investors.

In addition, some suspected illegal exchange organization "securities trading activities, these places mainly postage stamps, coins and cards for the subject of the transaction, or to jade jewelry, tea, wine and other commodities as the trading object transaction, transaction mode and the stock market like. Some exchange with the issuer collusive virtual issue, to lure investors high disk, then the price limit, a large number of investors have been looted.

The letter pointed out that these places are in violation of the provisions of the relevant provisions of the State Council, not conducive to the real economy, and the risk of huge risks. And that the provincial people's government to pay close attention to the investigation to find out the risk base, make money and personnel management, the trading places illegal activities take proper measures to crack down, suspected of a crime, the public security organs to move; do a good job in the area of trading venues rectification work, to implement the rectification requirements and classification disposal; at the same time according to total control, reasonable layout, prudent approval principle, strict procedures, clear standards, carefully set a new batch of trading places.

Investors overnight explosion! CCTV exposure spot trading platform insider fraud

CCTV financial last June has focused on the exposure of part of the spot trading platform chaos, said some spot trading platform under the banner of financial innovation, with a huge benefit for the temptation to attract investors to join, resulting in the loss of many investors lose everything.

These platforms such as crude oil, bitumen, silver, and other agricultural products as seemingly investment targets, but futures, stock, and privacy is strong, it is difficult to see through.

An investor to a proposed investment institutions do spot crude oil investment, tailored investment plan, is expected to yield up to 271%; but in the end, the investor has a deficit of about nine million.

Many investors were wiped out in a very short period of time, investors exchange that are losing money, not about money. Investors just began to doubt their level is not, then gradually doubt behind the spot trading platform is tricky. Many investors in the loss of funds, fees accounted for a large part of it. In addition to handling fees and overnight fee loss, members of the unit will be directed by the teacher with investors reverse operation.

In addition, more than a year before the "Pan Asian non-ferrous metals exchange," surely we all remember events. Pan Asia once the world's largest rare metal exchange, or domestic customer asset management, the largest stock exchange. Pan Asia was founded in Yunnan Kunming in 2011, four years of rapid expansion, to attract investors to invest about two hundred thousand.

At first, investors will lend funds of Pan Asian non-ferrous metals exchange, Pan Asia as the actual lender will lend funds traders earn spreads. In the saturated state in the market, Pan Asian cannot increase income. So will pan raising money to buy directly from the producers of non-ferrous metals, assume investors dailyWith 3- at 3.75 interest.

The final model difficult to continue. The second half of 2015, Pan Asia under a name "treasure" of the current financial products to honor the outbreak of the crisis. 43 billion Asian investors have 220 thousand huge scam.

The storm blew again why?

From 2011 the State Council No. 38 ("on the rectification of various types of trading venues to guard against the financial risk decision"), the central and local authorities almost every year to carry out special rectification on the spot trading platform for illegal acts.

However, after a number of non-standard platform shut down, but soon there are more platforms emerge. 2015 precious metals exchange suffered rectification, many exchanges then changed its name from precious metals to commodities, or from commodities to a specific commodity, and from the trading center to business platform.

At present there is no accurate statistics on the number of domestic commodity exchanges and practitioners.

According to the China Federation of logistics and purchasing commodity trading market circulation branch incomplete statistics, at present China's commodity electronic trading market a total of 739. Among them, in the operating state of the market for 661, in the suspension of trading or closing state of the market for the 78.

Guoxin Securities Research Report released in August last year, the current national spot exchange (Center) 800-1000 home, trading more than 200 varieties.

Treasure island platform as a reference for rough estimates, the number of employees released treasure island more than 400 people, taking into account the size of the treasure island industry, with a total of 600 local exchanges, the average exchange of each of the 200 employees,At present, the number of domestic commodity exchanges should be more than 120 thousand people.

Another data show that China's securities industry employs a total of about 310 thousand people, distributed in the 126 securities companies. Among them, the securities company employs 150 thousand people, part-time broker, the 160 thousand.

According to the first financial daily news, investors reflect more problems in the spot trading platform in the past two years, almost all have a legal record,butThe winning rate is less than 3%A, some investors choose to withdraw, privately negotiated settled, more investors are still waiting for the opening day in and day out anxious and helpless.

Last November, the Commission spokesman Deng Ge said, various types of trading venues straighten out the inter ministerial joint conference office has made arrangements around the ongoing diagnostic investigation of various types of trading venues in addition, around the CSRC also dealt with several "fake intermediary intensive".

In addition, since 2016, the commodity market rebound. Chinese futures industry association data show that in 2016 the city cumulative volume of 4 billion 138 million hand, an increase of 15.65%. Each spot exchange activity increased.

China business newspaper quoted industry point of view that the spot market brutal expansion, disrupted the market order, many stock exchange began copying futures, in addition to basic varieties, also relates to mung bean futures market in 90s listed varieties. Compared to the futures, spot investment design is more rough, and excessive publicity, and supervision is small, so many investors are lured away, causing erosion of the futures market.

Comprehensive since sina finance, the Commission issued

Wang Chenghailun, editor of new media operations