To who is a key figure in Ma Trump and getting 40 minutes?

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To who is a key figure in Ma Trump and getting 40 minutes?

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Before Trump became president of the United States, can see him on the side, is a measure of Chinese entrepreneurs in the international market in the end there is no weight of an important sign.

So far, the outside world can see and Trump met only two Chinese entrepreneurs.

One is called "New York Times", Ampang Insurance Group Chairman and CEO Wu Xiaohui. He had a low-key dinner with the Trump family at the end of last year.

Another is the high-profile ma.

Caption: Trump cannot refuse 1 million jobs opportunities

Have to say, Ma is indeed the banner of the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. After Trump was elected, he threatened to impose tariffs on Chinese goods of about 45%, and to start a trade war. If Trump does, it is estimated that one of the most serious injuries to Chinese companies is Alibaba.

And now, Trump has not yet governance, attitude to a 180 degree reversal. Through a "great" meeting, Ma became the guest of the new government.

Behind this, there are at least two key members of the meeting - they are the directors of the Alibaba.

The first is the investor of Alibaba, director of the board of directors Sun Zhengyi.

Sun Zhengyi last year launched the largest amount of human history of a science and technology fund, the scale of about $100 billion. One of Sun Zhengyi's Softbank Group invested 25 billion, Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund invested 45 billion of the remaining 30 billion for other investors. The fund has completed over subscription.

With this super large sums of money, in December 6th last year, Sun Zhengyi held talks with Trump, promises to be implemented in the US $50 billion in investment and 50 thousand jobs, and the Ma said to create millions of jobs to the United States the idea as like as two peas.

Caption: has the typical significance of Sun Zhengyi and Trump meeting

So it is possible under the impetus of the Sun Zhengyi, Ma to a "copy", with a mission to meet with Trump. After all, Sun Zhengyi is Ma Yun's investor, and Ma Yun is the director of Japan's softbank.

The second is the director and chief executive officer of Alibaba group, Mike Evans (J. Michael Evans).

Mike Evans is an expert on China, is also one of the legendary figures on Wall Street. Prior to joining the Alibaba, he was vice chairman of Goldman Sachs group.

Caption: Mike Evans is a member of the board of directors of the Alibaba of luxury

20 years of working experience at Goldman Sachs, Mike Evans has a wide range of contacts. Trump created the president's economic team, mostly from Goldman, finance minister Steven Nouchine, with 17 years of seniority Goldman; senior economic adviser Steve Bannon, Goldman investment banker; Gary Cohen, director of the White House National Economic Council, Goldman is president and chief operating officer.

Steven Nouchine, in particular, is a 15 year old friend of Trump, who served as chief financial officer for Mr. Trump during the campaign. His influence on Trump is very deep.

In addition, Trump also nominated a well-known Wall Street lawyer Jay Clayton as chairman of the U.S. Securities and exchange commission. Jay Clayton has been involved in the listing of Alibaba group operations, familiar with Alibaba and Ma Yun, but also has a lot of intersection with the Mike Evans.

Caption: American public opinion, Goldman established "state in the Trump administration"

This is equivalent to the board of directors of the Alibaba, the board of directors, the executive official website shows ranked fourth (after Ma Yun, Cai Chongxin, Zhang Yong, and Trump) itself is president of the economic team the same origin, to arrange a meeting at the BOSS level, is not difficult.

Caption: Alibaba board of Directors consists of six directors and five independent directors

It now appears that Ma invited Mike Evans in 2015 as president of Alibaba, is a very far sighted decision. Although at that time did not expect the emergence of Trump, the black swan, but only by the influence of the business community in China and the United States, is enough to bring long-term impact on the internationalization of Alibaba.

Statistics show that Mike Evans was born in Canada, aged 61, in 1981 at the Princeton University, a bachelor's degree in political science. He worked as a Canadian man canoe team members,Won the gold medal at the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games.

His experience in finance and investment banking is as follows:

Joined Goldman Sachs in 1993 and became a partner in 1994. During his tenure at the company's offices in New York and London Securities Business Department held a number of leadership positions, including equity capital markets, global head of equities, global co head and global co head of the securities department.

2004 -2013, served as chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia business.

February 2008 -2013 retired in December, served as vice chairman of Goldman Sachs group.

Mike Evans is very familiar with the Chinese market. Understand the reform process of state-owned enterprises Chinese people know, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen (Henry Paulson) during CEO Goldman Sachs, has been involved in the China Telecom listed, China Mobile established, Chinese IPO super oil project. And Mike Evans was a member of the team as a result of the entire process involved in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises in the process of.

In Henry Paulsen's book, "Dealing with China", the book describes the story of his dealings with Chinese companies with Mr. Mike Evans.

Caption: Mike Evans and his old boss Henry Paulsen, is China

Mike Evans intersection with Alibaba began in 2007. At that time, Alibaba B2B business listed in Hongkong, Goldman Sachs is the lead underwriter. At the time, Mike Evans, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia business.

Caption: Mike Evans assist the Alibaba B2B business listed in Hong Kong

Later, Alibaba in the United States IPO, Goldman Sachs is still one of the five leading underwriters, although Mike Evans was not directly responsible for the transaction, but the influence is still in. After the listing, Alibaba hired to become an independent director of the company.

After more than a year, Mike Evans simply from the independent director, became a director and President of Alibaba, Alibaba is responsible for international affairs, the name "Bethune".

Mike Evans although low-key, but it is a major task. It's probably just a matter of arranging a meeting with the president. Future Alibaba 50% of revenue from international business, have to rely on the efforts of Mike Evans.

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