Why is China rich? How the poor become rich

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Why is China rich? How the poor become rich

2017-01-12 00:38:18 259 ℃

Is a summary, Xiamang a year, is not that light sad, wages are not keeping up with things up, gone are the days stretched, 2016 not only save money, but also to save the deposit before all of it, think to want to cry!

2016 China's urban average monthly salary ranking, you drag it?

Look at the list, Xiaobian want to say this year finally do not drag, drag to the heel......

And what's worse, even the average is not good enough? And be on average! Xiao Bian would like to ask what is the average wage ghost? Ma Yun and I have an average asset of $75 billion and $5 Small make up mathematics is not good.

What is a rich man? What is the poor? Standard is not the same. With inflation erosion, million households had to become a historical concept, in the financial 360 small memory, million households in 80s and 90s is very rich, with mobile phones, Santana, and now can not afford a ten thousand square meters of housing! Out of the recent "Chinese rich line" again to refresh the standard small circle of friends, according to this standard, you count the money?

According to this standard, the annual production of millions of people who have a good life, but the reality is that no house, no matter how good the job is also a high salary. If you live in the north of Guangzhou, a good house to hundreds of thousands, millions of years into the high removal of various daily living expenses, it may take several years to buy the room, in our poor low, buy a lifetime struggle!

Prior to the 360 small series had been seen in the knowledge of the difference between the rich and the poor:

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

For example, A's father earned five sets of houses, passed away, A I earned a house, together is the house of the six. These six houses worth a lot of money, you can let A as collateral to do some business, if the A business is good, you can also accumulate assets, the next generation of body delivery, A's son may have a suite of sixteen.

B's father was a bricklayer, died, B to learn the computer did not inherit his father Mason technology, B finally do the program ape, Bob B died, his son may be accounting, although the B family of intelligence of each generation in ascension, but every generation only from zero began to learn knowledge and skills.

In fact, Marx's "rich use of resources to exploit the poor" theory can answer this question. As of 2016 Chinese prices, housing prices rose everyone exclaimed, but the reality is that there is no real real landlord is poor, the sooner buy, buy more and more money, now just north of Guangzhou are several sets of house people are worth millions, Tang wife in China's richest woman. As early bought the whole Beijing Campbell street.

China's economic development is characterized by the world's largest labor force, workers have no bargaining power, wages have been very low. But China has been very short of money, the material is too expensive, the scarcity of capital led to a high rate of return on investment for decades. Specifically, in the past ten years, the real estate investment trust and investment, the average income of more than 10% local financing platform, if you have 1 million, one year income is 100 thousand, higher than most people's wages, investment for 7 years, 1 million had doubled to 2 million, a year income is 200 thousand, while wages may still piaffe.

The rich can use money to make money, while the poor can only use "labor" to make money, the labor resources are too limited and can not scale, money effect is too low; and "money" this resource can form scale and resources to make money without limit, with resource accumulation efficiency will be higher.

Is there a chance for the poor to turn over?

Thaw 360 small heard people often complain, and may already know the network free by time domain name registration to make money in others, I still be installed at home color TV and excitement, our starting line is not the same, it never stand up!

Although the actual condition is not optimistic, the poor get less information, to keep the family from morning till night, plus the China financial system has been very backward, the financial elite is a monopoly, most people do not understand financial knowledge, many people have no investment income, most people will have to work. Work to earn money to save the interest rate is very low bank, the bank's money and lent to the rich investment, the results of the rich to make more money, but the poor poorer.

However, investment is not a simple money begets money, the need for economic development, financial products, investment risk study for a long time to learn. Investment and work as complex work attention more micro, more macroscopic investment focus, investment needs hard work than work less, we can invest their own, while we are young, learn more knowledge and skills, financial product research, collecting some contacts, to meet a big bull market, skyrocketing housing prices, to seize timely. After all, such opportunities are equal for all people.

In the past 2016, a lot of people in the year of stocks made money, some real money, why not get rich that you? I believe a few years will certainly have complained: "Oh, his belated effort was good opportunity to earn a lot of money!"

Xiaobian want to say we ignore the rich's success is more than and 10 years behind their investment skill accumulation, more aid is to promote economic development trend, think now Chinese Regal 60 after 70, when they are not like a tramp?!

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