Wong Kwong Yu purchased $41 million 500 thousand worth of property in New York

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Wong Kwong Yu purchased $41 million 500 thousand worth of property in New York

2017-03-15 06:00:19 349 ℃

Before the Chinese richest Wong Kwong Yu although dormant cage, but are still active in the business.

According to "New York post" 14 reported earlier this week, Wong Kwong Yu and his wife Du Juan bought in New York East 76 street, No. 7 (7 East 76th Street) a townhouse, the property area of 14 thousand square feet, worth $41 million 500 thousand, Wong Kwong Yu purchased the property of the average price of nearly $3000 per square foot.

It is reported that the property named Clarence Whitman Masion, the former owner of the Japanese Regal Bungo Shimada, the initial listing price of $50 million. In January this year, Shimada and the price of $45 million re listed.

Wong Kwong Yu is the founder of Gome, 2004, 2005, three degrees ahead of 2008 Hurun Report of the mainland's richest man in 2006, Forbes Chinese list also ranked first.

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