Exposing powder School: what is the deviation? How to use? 3 minutes learning

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Exposing powder School: what is the deviation? How to use? 3 minutes learning

2017-03-19 06:33:24 95 ℃

Recently found a number of exposing powder, in the background message, ask me what is the departure.

Every Saturday, we went to the school of the school, the old rules, the old rules, please our Daikin teacher:

Hello, everyone, I am Daikin, today, with you exposing the popularity of the basic knowledge of the separation of dust:

What is the departure from the point of departure is that when the stock is falling, or rising, the process of innovation is high (low), and some technical indicators do not follow the new high (low), which we call a departure from. In simple terms, is the trend of the stock and technical indicators of the opposite trend.

The most common deviations are the following:

Volume and Price Divergence: with the rising stock prices, volume should be accompanied by rising stock prices continued to enlarge, volume and price deviation refers to the volume indicators did not increase as the stock price rises, but the attenuation, but due to the trend of the price will continue to rise for a period of time. The price at this time is like a car uphill, to throttle down, landslide, especially a larger increase, profit rich, great price to buy gas shortage if the latter probability turn. This is also called the top deviation:

There is a call to the bottom of the departure: with the stock price continues to fall, the amount should be accompanied by the decline in stock prices continue to decline, the amount of price deviation refers to the amount of energy indicators did not decline with the decline in stock prices, but the emergence of a large volume. Especially the larger decline, no one wants to be sold, if the latter demand gradually increased probability of a great price will occur turnaround.

There are many entry-level investors favorite indicators MACD, there is a deviation

MACD: after the departure from the top after the share price fell after hit a low of 1, the MACD index of speed line forming A position, rebound after the stock to a new low of 2, but the speed of the MACD line of B points in with the shares fell to new lows.

MACD: after the stock fell after the end of departure after reaching a high of 1 MACD indicators speed line formation A position adjustment after the stock hit a new high of 2, but the speed of the MACD line of B points in with the rising stock prices hit a new high.

Other technical indicators not a example, eventually, in addition to technical analysis, finally is news from:

After the formation of the results of some events or news, the impact on the index or stocks, good news stimulus index or stocks rose, bad news stimulus index or stocks fell. When there is a good news index or stocks fell instead, the emergence of bad news but the stock price rose, we call it a departure from the news.

For example, on Thursday, the United States announced a rate hike, but A shares rose or fell. The reason for the formation of deviation is because the news leaked in advance, good or bad has been digested by the market. The hike is not without signs, data show that by March 8th employment data for the better effect, the probability of market expectations of Fed rate hike quickly rose to 100%, which means that the market believes that the Fed rate hike is a foregone conclusion. Such a market has long been known to be bad digestion, so it will form a departure from the news.