Qixing group deferred debt crisis: Bankruptcy outcome inevitably Xiwang Group or disk access

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Qixing group deferred debt crisis: Bankruptcy outcome inevitably Xiwang Group or disk access

2017-04-08 01:45:44 386 ℃

Qi Star Group funding strand breaks seem to be a smooth solution.

It is reported that in the leading Zouping county government, Qixing group, Xiwang Group and Zouping county government signed in April 3rd entrusted with the operation of the three party agreement, Qixing group will put property and other assets all by Xiwang Group business hosting, hosting for a period of 3 months. Escrow period, Xiwang Group will be raised funds to advance the Qixing group debt interest. Now that the crisis has been resolved, then Qi Xing group can come back to life? After hosting business, property rights will be owned by all? These issues are still the focus of market attention.

Securities Times e reporter learned from the local, Qi Xing group, bankruptcy is an inevitable outcome. In fact, although managed to ensure that the crisis period of corporate assets to achieve value added, but can not change the fate of the enterprise. It is only in order to avoid certain sensitivity problems and operational difficulties of enterprise bankruptcy, merger and acquisition, temporarily without changing the original ownership, directly carry out a way of restructuring and flow of enterprise assets taken. Trust management is the beginning of bankruptcy reorganization, in fact, not too much. While the group is currently in the star of such a hosting period.

Delicate 3 months

When the star group formally launched the bankruptcy proceedings? In fact, from three months of operating period can be seen as a clue, since bankruptcy is an inevitable outcome, then, the longer the custodian business as soon as possible. No accident, three months or so, Qi Xing group will officially start bankruptcy proceedings.

According to media reports, the three parties signed entrustment agreement, Xiwang Group joint Zouping county government deployed personnel set up 20 working groups of Qixing group and its 19 subsidiaries of a full takeover in April 3rd, 4, two days has sent the management team in Qixing group and its subsidiary, the situation thoroughly, material inventory, assets managed transition etc.. From between the lines can be seen, Xiwang Group and the local government is to deal with the problem of Qixing group, hosting business progress very smoothly. Seen in this light, within 3 months of the star group is expected to start the bankruptcy proceedings.

Who loses the most?

Generally speaking, corporate bankruptcy, the biggest loss is certainly the bank. As for how much the loss of the bank, which one of the biggest losses, because the group has not yet entered the liquidation phase of Qi Xing, is not yet clear, depending on how much of the group's net assets. In accordance with the provisions of the "enterprise bankruptcy law", the bankruptcy liquidation order: claims secured with property, bankruptcy costs and total benefits of debt, creditor's rights, workers into social insurance costs and the bankrupt social pooling account taxes owed, general claims not secured with property.

At present, Qixing group has a total of 36 credit units, including 25 banks and securities companies, investment companies, Asset Management Co, trust companies, financial leasing companies, small loan companies and commercial factoring. Only the financial institutions, the star group's debt on more than 7 billion yuan, and other social debt of about $4 billion, a total of about 12 billion yuan. Of these financial institutions more than 7 billion yuan of debt, there are nearly 6 billion 500 million secured, belonging to the secured creditor's rights, should be repaid first. But in the end how much to pay, in addition to see how much of the group's net assets, depending on the results of negotiations between the two sides. According to the announcement of the 2016 1-9 month Xiwang food, Qixing group, the total assets of 17 billion 643 million yuan, net assets of 6 billion 639 million yuan, operating income of 8 billion 340 million yuan, net profit of 177 million yuan.

Xiwang Group greater odds

After the bankruptcy, the ultimate attribution of corporate assets who? Legally speaking, property rights to creditors, but also to see whether the creditors have the ability and willingness to receive and manage, if the creditor has no business capacity, so that enterprises can not increase the value of assets, so, even if the creditors get this part of the property will be sold or transferred to shoot.

At present, Qixing group of creditors including 36 financial institutions, and Xiwang Group, Shandong Taigang, home textiles, Hongcheng Weiye group, Rizhao sea real estate and other 5 home secured party. Comprehensive comparison, Xiwang Group management ability, good relationship with financial institutions, and have enough cash, Qixing group power, electrolytic aluminum and snow mountain resort and other high quality assets, to maximize the value in the hands of Xiwang group. Xiwang Group is undoubtedly the best offer Qixing group mess.

It is reported that the Zouping municipal government was chosen as the custodian of Xiwang Group Qixing group, in addition to the secured creditor relationship, mainly Chinese Xiwang Group financial strength and management ability.

Both guarantee and trusteeship relationship, and financial strength, management capability, Xiwang Group Qixing group to offer the possibility of a larger core assets.

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