Can not buy a new room in the security room, small tin has been difficult to buy daughter

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Can not buy a new room in the security room, small tin has been difficult to buy daughter

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Speculators who aimed at the license plate, I am afraid that the purchase of this can be seen as a piece of small iron bring value.


"You can't buy a new car in the new district! After the new license plate is also valuable."

I did not expect this sentence really started the article, since April 10th, rumors about the number of car buying in Baoding spread in the community, the New District of the three counties in recent days there has been a car abnormal phenomenon. reported, Anxin County engaged in auto sales Zhang told reporters, a few people in Beijing two days ago, once bought more than and 30 cars to vehicle license.

But Xiongxian, An Xin, Rongcheng three counties have passed the official WeChat micro-blog and posted notices, etc., the rumor of the Baoding car Yaohao rumors.

In April 16th, Rongcheng county night issued a "notice" requirements, car dealers and advertising operators shall not be issued to contain false or misleading advertising, not to deceive, mislead consumers, it is strictly prohibited to unfair means "speculation", prohibit any form of "panic buying wind fueled vehicle".

This time, the small flame of hot money has not been burned, it was extinguished.

From "real" to "speculation", in the newly established male New District, all may be regarded as the wealth of things are hot. The reason why the speculators are aiming at the license plate, I am afraid that the purchase of this can be seen as a small iron sheet to bring value.

At present, the domestic license plate restriction of the city include: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

According to the twenty-first Century economic report, in a salon in March of this year, Shao Yu, chief economist at Orient Securities, threw an interesting topic: which investment can outperform the growth of broad money?

He pointed out that, from the existing data, from 1985 to 2017 M2 (broad money) turned 303 times, the compound growth rate of 30 years was 21%. So, what do you want to invest in order to win M2 growth? Shao Yu said, there are four things: first, Shanghai's four core areas of housing prices; second, Cordyceps sinensis; third, stock. Finally, there is a Shanghai license plate.

Shanghai: license plate auction

Every month there is a day, want to take the Shanghai license plate, people want to experience a gust of wind.

According to the China News Agency reported that Shanghai April license plate auction in the end of April 15th. Day a total of 252273 people involved in the auction, a decrease of more than 9737 people last month. This month, the lowest closing price and the average transaction price of 89800 yuan, respectively, $89850, have created a new high in the past four years.

What is the winning rate of 4.8%? About 21 people compete for a license plate, or the auction can take a license plate for the 21 time: the auction from the wife to the child to two years of age, every month there is a Saturday, because the license plate can not play well.

Shanghai is China's earliest license auction City, dating back to 1986.

November 1986, People's Republic of China's first private license plate Shanghai AZ0001 was born in Shanghai, to 100 thousand yuan Qipai price. The traffic control department of Shanghai private car brands use "provisions of own car" the first phonetic alphabet Z, known as the Shanghai Z license.

In 1994, Shanghai began to have the price, not the public auction, the market allocation of car license plate quota. From 1994 to 1999, a total of 11 thousand vehicles to the amount of private car auction. This time, Z word license price is generally about 100000 yuan, the highest close to $200 thousand.

However, the Shanghai auction competition has become increasingly fierce competition in the past two years.

In 2008, the Shanghai stock market basically finalized the current model. 2011 years ago, three months, the number of cards per month to maintain the majority of the time in less than 20 thousand people, basically about the winning rate of about 50%. In December 2010, there were even 11 thousand people shot the scene of the license plate, the basic part of the 9000.

But into 2014, the sudden increase in the number of cards. In January of that year, the number of shots on the number of more than 40 thousand, up to two months after the year of April to reach 90 thousand in Shanghai in the beginning of the number of cards into the + + mode in May. That year, Shanghai banned the sale of second-hand license plates as well as more stringent restrictions on the wind outside the card, etc., are driving the urgency of the people playing cards.

The evening of June 19, 2016, the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission issued a "Shanghai non operating passenger car quota auction management regulations" revised edition, the main adjustment of the personal application to participate in the Shanghai auction qualifications.

In simple terms, is to want to take the Shanghai license plate, must be registered in Shanghai city residence / residence permit + 3 years of social security or tax + no car without license + law-abiding.

Shanghai license plate has therefore been dubbed the most expensive iron".

Beijing: Car Yaohao

But the money is not what you want to spend it, Beijing Yaohao policy also allows many buyers miserable.

Beijing at the end of December 2010 formally promulgated the "Interim Provisions" regulating the number of passenger cars in Beijing restriction order implementation rules, also known as "".

Then, in 2014 promulgated the "Interim Provisions" regulating the number of passenger cars in Beijing implementing rules (revised in 2013), clear license plate index according to the annual allocation once every two months, and the provisions of personal, 25-36 is not in the ballot Yaohao in total, the success rate of automatic rise as the current benchmark success rate of 2 times; the cumulative 37-48 in Yaohao not success, the success rate of automatic rise as the current benchmark success rate 3 times, and so on.

According to the Beijing city issued a notice, 2017 Beijing small passenger car index annual total configuration index amount to 150 thousand, the general quota 90 thousand, demonstration and application of new energy indicators quota of 60 thousand, little change compared with 2016.

Among them, it is worth mentioning that the application of new energy vehicles. According to last year's application, in 2017 individual new energy vehicle targets or will be released in April.

2016, Beijing individual new energy automotive indicators have shown a fiery phenomenon. As a result of direct distribution, first come first served principle, in August last year, individual new energy vehicle indicators have been sent all over.

A responsible area of Beijing new energy automobile sales industry insiders have said on the Volkswagen APP, last August annual new energy vehicle index distribution, but in October there are still about 10 thousand people apply for new energy vehicles index, increase the number of applicants in December to 20 thousand people. If in accordance with this trend, in 2017 of February, if there are 20 thousand people to apply for, in the new energy vehicles in the index in 2017 will be distributed in the end of April.

Beijing Yaohao difficult even the Minister of transport Yang Chuantang repeatedly sigh: "my home is my wife, daughter, son-in-law, niece and nephew in law, five people shook for several years did not shake."

Driven by the Beijing, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, the major cities have joined the car purchase army.

Large population, large car ownership of other cities, the city has become the next target for the purchase of the forecast. Xi'an, Wuhan, Chengdu and other cities have one after another, and now it is the turn of the topic of the new district.

"Limit word order" is a panacea?

The reason why the government to limit the purchase of vehicles to implement measures, the most simple reason is to control traffic congestion, reduce exhaust pollution.

Wahaha's headquarters is located in Hangzhou affected by the purchase of motor vehicles, its chairman Zong Qinghou has made a proposal to cancel the purchase of cars.

In 2015 NPC and CPPCC period, Zong Qinghou once said, "in recent years, many domestic city car purchase and take measures to limit and to solve the city traffic congestion, air pollution, in fact palliatives, according to air pollution, blocking the license, and the purchase of the car license plate auction of hundreds of thousands of dollars, not only increased the public the burden of life, suppressing domestic demand, affecting the development of the automotive industry. Therefore, it is recommended to cancel the car purchase limit line policy as soon as possible, fundamentally solve the problem of urban road congestion and air pollution."

As a worldwide problem, traffic congestion is also a challenge for all countries. How to deal with those countries with the earlier urbanization?

The United States is the country with the largest number of cars in the world. In the middle of the 90s, the traffic congestion in New York and other cities reached intolerable levels.

In order to solve the traffic congestion, the central area of New York parking lot by charging high parking fees to ease traffic demand, and the construction of park and ride (Park and Ride) system, in the suburbs and satellite towns carefully designed a good convergence of parking facilities and sites, encourage and guide the residents of outlying areas of city traffic mode transfer into the city, greatly promoted the total amount of car traffic cuts, alleviate the city traffic pressure.

The United States in the tax policy on the implementation of high license tax, driver's license and parking fees. In Manhattan city parking lot at least $8.99 per hour, in some other downtown is as high as $20-30.

The Danish tax system is used to limit the ownership and use of cars. Private cars have to pay taxes up to 3 times the cost of buying a car. At the same time, in order to limit the purchase of large, high fuel consumption of the vehicle, the vehicle weight and pay taxes with the increase Car Buying engine displacement and growth.

Copenhagen, Denmark has become one of the least developed countries, the lowest rate of car ownership.

Second, the Danish city centre to limit the supply of parking spaces. Over the past few decades, the city of Copenhagen each year to reduce the supply of parking facilities 2%-3%.

Singapore land area is small, transportation infrastructure is very perfect. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of traffic congestion, the government in 1975 to implement the regional license system, the car must first purchase a valid period of 10 years, car license". Because the number is very limited, in short supply, so the price has been rising, and 10 years after the re payment of fees. The implementation of this system has increased the number of cars in Singapore is not more than 3%.

With the continuous growth of the number of vehicles and travel demand, many media and netizens also questioned the rationality and feasibility of China type block ": travel restrictions and Car Buying whether is the only way to manage congestion? Improve the public transport network, parking fees and fuel tax reform, improve the traffic civilization, whether there is no room for improvement?

Yang Jianhua, director of the Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, said, limit word order is not panacea, the fundamental approach is still in the transformation of urban development ideas, the introduction of market-oriented means of governance and other deep-seated.