Beijing, Tianjin and recruit 8000 people more than one million annual salary positions

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Beijing, Tianjin and recruit 8000 people more than one million annual salary positions

2017-04-21 18:57:57 485 ℃

For the further implementation of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development of a major national strategy to accelerate the integration of talent development, in April 20th, three of Tianjin jointly organized the 2017 Tianjin high-level and urgently needed talent introduction plan press conference". Deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Wang Keping, three of Tianjin Human Social Security Bureau (Office) responsible person, the Binhai New Area, the SASAC, Wuqing human IESS, Nankai University and other key units responsible person to attend.

At the meeting, the three jointly issued a high level and in urgent need of talent demand post 3020, covering education, science and technology, health, finance and other fields of industry, involving the focus of employing units of the more than and 750 family of 30. Among them, Tianjin issued 1320 job requirements, Beijing, Hebei, respectively, issued a total of 500 and 1200 job requirements.

Talent demand is a barometer reflecting the activity of talents and the level of economic development. Tianjin human IESS, the person in charge, this year, Tianjin talent job demand presents three characteristics.

First, wide coverage.Covering the emerging information industry, energy conservation and environmental protection, Bio Industry and other eight strategic emerging industries and aerospace, high-end equipment, such as the ten pillar industries. With the "double" (major projects, key laboratories), "two enterprises" (high-tech enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises) related to the position of up to 278.

Two is the high level.In all the positions, the requirements of a doctoral degree or associate professor above the title of high-end talent positions 439, accounting for 33% of the total number of posts. Requirements academicians, national people plan experts, national special program candidates, the Ministry of education, the Yangtze River scholars and other national top talent job requirements 110.

Three is a good treatment.In terms of salary, the annual salary of more than one million jobs reached 51, the annual salary of more than 500 thousand yuan, the annual salary of more than 300 thousand yuan of 305 yuan, more than $160. Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University of Technology and other 5 units for important research positions, the introduction of talent to provide more than 1 million yuan and more than $10 million of research funding.

Beijing human social security bureau relevant responsible person said, compatible with the construction of Beijing National Science and technology innovation center, vigorously develop the high-end service industry, science and technology talent demand for basic science and cutting-edge technology talent demand in Beijing city this directory is larger, commerce, finance, culture, health and other modern service demand significantly increased the proportion of.

Hebei province human social security department official said, as the Beijing Tianjin high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing and processing base for supporting R & D, production of Hebei province manufacturing jobs demand a larger proportion, this needs to carry out post jointly issued, not only for overseas talents gather wisdom, but also makes emphasis on flexible Beijing and Tianjin lead two talents, promote the scientific research cooperation projects and transformation.

Beijing, Hebei Department of human resources and social (bureau), said the person in charge, the first time the organization of the three needs of personnel release activities, is a new mode of cooperation, will accelerate the process of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and talent.

In addition, this year, three in Tianjin City Economic and Technological Development Zone Talent Center website based on the development of the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei" recruitment network, and high-level personnel urgently needed post the release of the specific content of the directory, you can visit the website inquiries.