Provincial model agricultural theme park released a list of 6 list in Mianyang

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Provincial model agricultural theme park released a list of 6 list in Mianyang

2016-07-30 16:03:40 421 ℃

Mianyang, China News Network (Jin Canyang reporter Li Zhihao text / chart) on July 30, the reporter from the city Bureau of agriculture industry development guidance, was informed that on the 28th, the province identified 80 of the first Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Demonstration Park and the award. Among them, the city Jiangyou City Xin an agricultural park, Jiangyou City bainianhaoge Love Valley, Fucheng District the herb garden, Anju District Flower Guoxiang agricultural park, Anju District seven agricultural demonstration garden, Youxian District fuller Huaxiang ecological park a total of six modern agricultural park was identified as of Sichuan Province, the first batch of provincial agricultural Demonstration Park, cognizance amount ranks second in the province.

It is reported that, at present, the city has built modern agriculture area 30, 11 agricultural theme park, leisure agriculture village gathered 113; won China's important agricultural heritage 1 (Jiangyou Wu mountain magnolia flower), "national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties" 1, China beautiful garden 2, 1 national 4A level agriculture area, the leisure agricultural creative boutique 3 silver, "Sichuan provincial demonstration leisure farm nine, eight farms (product) selected" impression Shu Xiang "top 10 products.

Next, the city will speed up to promote modern agriculture industry base scenic construction, global build with higher ornamental value of the industry landscape, promoting leisure agriculture sustained and healthy development, so that more farmers involved, from benefit.