Industrial at heart: financial transformation of software companies, 1 years Kuangzhuan 100 million gross profit margin of nearly 100%

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Industrial at heart: financial transformation of software companies, 1 years Kuangzhuan 100 million gross profit margin of nearly 100%

2017-04-21 18:59:13 140 ℃

Do business cannot do without money, but in recent years, as the real economy is not seen by the capital.

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Liberation Daily reported earlier this year, a Vc firms fund manager in Lujiazui, 30 projects a year investment. But the vast majority of his investment is the Internet project." Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, Yuan Shengming, deputy director of the Pudong New Area Municipal People's Congress, with specific examples to illustrate that the domestic investment community generally exist off real to virtual tendency.

Yuan Shengming also said, do the real economy, investment, risk, return slow, whether it is bank financing, or venture capital, are not favored, entities will encounter a variety of invisible barriers. "

While the other side, do the software started 2345 listed companies have tasted the sweetness of the financial transformation, the cash lending business, the ability to make money for all to see. 2345 business loans Wang of the company's financial technology platform is growing exponentially, in 2016 2345, the king issued loans loans over 1 billion 376 million yuan, revenue 206 million yuan, net profit of 110 million yuan, gross margin is nearly 100%!

Borrowing 3000 yuan to deduct $186 fee

Cash loan is the abbreviation of small cash loan business, with a convenient and flexible way of borrowing and repayment, with timely approval, fast arrival, the amount of small, short term and other characteristics. According to the securities, there are third party statistics:

At present, there are thousands of small loan platform, active users of about 30 million people, the scale of the industry is about between 600 billion -1 trillion yuan.

But with the explosive growth of the business, a variety of drawbacks of cash loans also gradually revealed.

2345 of its loans are provided by the king of $500 to $5000 in small cash credit services APP, the loan period of 1 months, you can advance repayment.

Daily economic news reporter at 2345 cash flow loan to apply for loans, in accordance with the loan 3000 yuan, a period of 30 days after calculation, platform advance deduction of 186 yuan fee, the actual arrival of loan principal 2814 yuan, according to the daily rate of 0.06%, due to debt totaling 3054 yuan, calculated from actual annualized rate of about 104%. If borrowing 15 days, the actual annual interest rate of up to $3000 by up to 184%.

The part of the cash interest rate loan platform (source: Daily News)

In April 11th, the CBRC issued the "guidance" on banking risk prevention and control work, for the first time a cash loan, demanding the implementation of the relevant provisions of the highest interest rate of private lending, not illegal Gregory lending and violent collection.

Daily economic news reporter recently on platform borrowing fees and other issues associated with the 2345 secretaries do concurrent interviews outline. The company's deputy general manager said that the platform interest rate in accordance with the regulations, sources of legal compliance, the issue fee will not be easy to answer, "now the CBRC has some provisions, we answer the questions in this area are very cautious, do not know there will be a change in the future."

Internet financial business gross profit of nearly 100%

Internet banking easier way to make money so that more young people do not want to do entities. Daily economic news (reporter) noted that 2345 of the promoters of the loan on the website of the king of the union, the phone can only be registered as a promoter. Successful recommendation of a user in the loan platform to complete a loan operation of the king, the promotion staff can get 60 yuan Commission, multi push more, not capped.

The photograph: 2345 annual report 2016

The huge young blue collar class, the fresh graduates and the good credit city white-collar and so on are the 2345 loan King's main customer groups. As of the end of 2016, the cumulative total of 2345 loans of more than 7 million 800 thousand users, the cumulative number of users of more than 3 million 800 thousand borrowers, the number of these figures in the end of 2015 was only 939 thousand and 50 thousand.

2345 annual report shows that in 2016, the company to 2345 loan for the main business of Internet financial services revenue was 206 million yuan, operating costs only 3 million 80 thousand yuan, gross margin reached 98.51%.

The company expects to achieve net profit attributable to the parent company in the first quarter of 2017 than the same period in 2016 increased by 100% ~ 130%, the main reason is still the rapid growth of the business platform of the 2345 loan wang.

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Today, China can become the world's second largest economy, the real economy can not afford. According to Shang Yinquan, China's Sankei news commentator:

In the past 40 years, China in opening to the outside world in the process of export trade accounted for more and more small, sewing buttons, machinery to heavy machine and mines are trade rely on the real economy to complete the product.

Unfortunately, with the spreading of fictitious economy in Chinese, intensity of financial support for the real economy, the real economy was decreasing year by year, most living in relying on its own accumulation cycle development situation, the "venture capital", the "Predators", the huge amounts of money invested money with money "business, the real economy feel the crisis of survival.

Fortunately, in the first quarter of 200 billion yuan fee issued based reduction measures, in April 19th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to launch further tax cuts, continue to promote the real economy increasing and cost reducing potential. Daily economic news reporter learned that, all these measures in place, and fully open the pilot replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) the first 4 months of this year is expected to reduce the tail, to reduce the tax burden of about 380000000000 yuan of various types of market players.

The photograph: visual China

Break the current real economy difficulties need real determination to implement the ruling, perhaps as Mencius said:

Where the road, although thousands of people against the, I go to.

Edited by Li Jinghan

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