Nine good group flicker type restructuring top grid punishment 600 thousand

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Nine good group flicker type restructuring top grid punishment 600 thousand

2017-04-21 19:00:02 150 ℃

[Caixin] (reporter Liu Caiping)Nine good group fudge style restructuring official landing. In April 21st, the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun at a regular press conference, the Commission organized a special law enforcement forces quickly investigating the case, and the official made the decision, the nine group, saddle heavy shares (002667.SZ) and the main responsible personnel 600 thousand yuan in the top grid penalty "Securities Law" regulations, at the same time nine good group fraud mainly responsible Guo Congjun, Chen Hengwen, et al. Song Rongsheng intends to take lifelong shichangjinru, ranging from five to ten years of securities shichangjinru.

Zhang Xiaojun introduction, the nine group of the actual controller of the fact that the fact that the law should be recognized, said to accept the punishment and the hearing at the scene to withdraw the application for the hearing on. Saddle heavy shares and all the responsible personnel are not required for the hearing, except for one of the directors other than the responsibility of the staff said not to defend the statement.

The Commission to identify nine group inflated 2013-2015 service fee income of 100 million yuan in 2.6, inflated 2015 trading income 57 yuan, up 300 million yuan bank deposits. In order to cover up the funding gap, borrowing to buy financial products or certificates of deposit, and immediately secured collateral collateral for the borrower. Nine good group through the above means, will be packaged into a value of $3 billion 710 million of outstanding assets, with the saddle heavy shares jointly flicker type restructuring in order to achieve the purpose of backdoor listing. Nine good group and saddle heavy shares of information disclosure of false records and significant omissions.

Founded in 2010, the nine good group is mainly engaged in intermediary business platform for logistics service providers and customers to provide brokered, and to the supplier according to the introduction of a certain percentage of the transaction amount of service charges. A typical platform company how to assess the assets of 3 billion 710 million yuan?

A bank staff told Caixin reporter, "assessment of asset value how much money in advance to talk about good, to wherever, and assessment is necessary, can use the valuation report, and accounting firms need to carry out checks."

Four years, a total of nine group for four firms, "general accounting firms see nine good group book would get off, eventually reanda certified public accountants signed." SFC investigators said.

Commission audit department specifically deployed 76 investigators, set up a task force. Nine good financial data show that from 2013 to 2015 handled the business with the more than 3 thousand single, corresponding to the number of customers million, taking into account the number of visits to a large, final project group chose single family income in more than one million yuan or about 400 suppliers of funding cycle visits.

The investigation by the Commission staff to verify, which has 125 suppliers of units or individuals through different ways and confirm the nine group no real business dealings, or funds with no real business background of 46 customers; 84 suppliers corresponding site visits to verify, confirm both itself and nine group shows no supplier business ledger business dealings, or between the two sides of the business and the nine group.

Nine good group in the process of reorganization of listed companies involved in the huge amount of information disclosure violations, means extremely bad, especially serious violations of the law." Zhang Xiaojun said that the current case is not thorough investigation of the agency diligence, illegal once verified, resolutely punished.

Nine good group because of illegal disclosure of information was fined $600 thousand, which is the securities law within the scope of the top fine.

There are market investors told Caixin reporter, the market is too low the cost of law, can not play a deterrent effect. After the reorganization of the relevant information disclosure, saddle heavy shares of the stock trading limit for more than a few consecutive days, almost completed a vertical lift, a short period of time is more than 200%, and then fell to 70%, investors deeply stuck.

The Commission of a presiding member told the new financial reporters, China is a civil law country, law enforcement should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of law enforcement; the existing legal provisions on the market reflect the penalties for violations of the weak part, the Commission is also very concerned about, is actively communicating with the legislative Department, and strive to be perfect when amending the law. It is understood that the revised Securities Act intends to improve the scope of punishment for illegal activities, increase disciplinary efforts.

The mega lawyer Yang Yifei told the new financial reporter interview, said, "the" Securities Law "provisions of the punishment is sure to improve, but the repair method can only solve part of the problem, and the timeliness is more important for the market for rectification."

Yang Yifei believes that if each of the illegal acts of disclosure of information have been punished, but the punishment is very timely, which is bound to deter the formation of other listed companies. In this case, a few days after accepting the material fraud, immediately found, quickly verified and rapid punishment, timely response, a typical example of efficient law enforcement, not only broke the counterfeiter's wishful thinking, to prevent the toxic assets into the market, more important is the warning of market participants, violators are prosecuted, will not be tolerated.

The Commission reiterated the chaos on the market a variety of "Huyou" restructuring, constantly improve the rules and regulations, strengthen law enforcement, improve the cost of illegal, purify the capital market environment, maintaining market order, punish an evil member of the herd to disturb the market order, the reorganization of fraud, the toxic assets into the listed company's behavior will not be tolerated. Effectively optimize the regulatory system, to play a positive role in the structural reform of the supply side of major asset restructuring services to support the development of the real economy. Li