Another big bank announced the removal of 80% outlets, the staff were directly arranged to retire!

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Another big bank announced the removal of 80% outlets, the staff were directly arranged to retire!

2017-04-21 19:00:08 175 ℃

2015 was a watershed in South Korea the number of expansion of bank branches, when they reach their peak in 2015, the Korean national bank outlets, a total of 7445, however, only a year in 2016, the Bank of Korea outlets shut down 165, fell to 7280.

In 2025, a report by opimas, an American consultancy, said that by the end of the year, the global banking industry would have eliminated a lot of physical outlets, and 230 thousand bank employees would have lost their jobs. Recently, Citigroup announced the closure of South Korea's 80% physical outlets, seems to confirm that this moment slowly approaching.

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Citibank announced the removal of 80% outlets in Korea

Recently, Citibank announced the closure of 80% bank outlets in South Korea, that is, from the network to cut the 126 outlets, the staff will be removed from the network to adjust the relevant. However, Citibank, a South Korean employee, said the bank staff will be removed from the network or will retire directly, no longer be arranged.

Citibank said the move is designed to address the challenges of digitization and promote the use of digital services. Citibank said that now 95% of Citigroup customers have been through digital channels for business, so there is no need to maintain so many lines of physical outlets.

The news came out, panic anxiety immediately spread in South Korea's Citibank employees.

Because once the downsizing plan formally implemented, which means that Citibank will only stay in the Seoul metropolitan area 21 outlets, as well as Daejeon, Daegu, Kwangju and Busan, the four outlets.

It is reported that Citibank such a substantial reduction in the Bank of Korea outlets, the entire financial sector in South Korea is unprecedented. Since the beginning of April, South Korea has been a large number of Citibank employees protest Citibank abolition of physical outlets.

South Korea expressed concerns about the industry, and said that if the industrial revolution or the progress of technology in the past took such as workers and other laborers employment opportunities, so now in artificial intelligence, mobile Internet as the representative of the fourth industrial revolution will likely make a large number of bank employees unemployed. Some people worry that the banking industry has entered an era of downsizing due to digital innovation due to the expansion of the physical network era.

The global banking industry stepped into the era of physical outlets

France's largest bank, the Bank of France, Paris, announced the end of this year, 50 bank outlets, by 2020, will gradually close the 200 bank outlets, equivalent to the size of the existing bank entity network (1964 outlets) of 10%......

In fact, the bank closed physical outlets is not new, in recent years, the world bank cut dot moves frequently, according to statistics, the United States has more than 6 thousand outlets in the bank before the financial crisis, there are only 4629 outlets; British banks have been closed nearly 1700 branches; as of the end of February this year, Thailand commercial bank outlets entity number from last December's 7016 to 6980.

ICBC's physical outlets 16429, closing 303;

Agricultural Bank of China on the implementation of nearly 1800 inefficient outlets downsizing, in the promotion of the standardization of the transformation of the more than 12 thousand outlets;

2014, the Bank of China in the mainland banking institutions reached a record high, a total of 10693, followed by a decline in 2015, a decrease of 6 in the first half of 2016 to reduce the number of home again.

In 2017, the phenomenon of global banking outlets will continue?

One is that a request related to face execution and other regulatory compliance, such as the first purchase of financial products must be signed and risk assessment;

Two, the bank's own brand display and product promotion;

Three, many of the public business still need to go to the bank outlets;

Four, for the elderly and some of the Internet development in the region, a large number of users still need to go to the bank outlets for business. These are the existing network of financial technology can not be replaced.

However, with the changing times, even if there will not be a substantial removal of the tide, bank outlets will also become a trend.

With the development of mobile Internet and technology, users go to the bank outlets queuing business demand is reduced, online banking and mobile phone banking has become the main channel for banking users, the monotony of the 'counter bank' outlets will reduce rapidly in the future, more and more bank outlets will be 'personality' and 'the content of "customer service and experience center." An industry source said.

Network outlets, bank employees go from here?

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Once the flow of bank outlets is one of the most intensive areas, but with the development of mobile Internet and new technology, many banks have been transferred from the line to line, the user must continue to reduce the field in bank outlets for business to go to the bank outlets for business frequency decreased year by year.

According to the Changsha Evening News survey, 30% of respondents said they did not go into the bank for more than three months, and most of the people in the past six months have not been to the bank in 25%.

Rarely go to the bank to transact business, before going to the bank to handle the most business is withdrawals, now go out direct mobile payment. Used to handle the business of banking outlets, should be early to queue up, often ranked one or two hours to row, now occasionally to transact business, the queuing time is much shorter than it used to complete, from the queue to the finishing operations within half an hour, "a Beijing branch of the bank business, Ms. Liu told the little customer series.

In recent years, with the development of mobile payment and mobile banking, such as Liu more and more people, so, China's banking industry from the cabinet rate rose year after year.

Banking association data show that in 2016 the average rate of 84.31% out of the banking sector, and from the state-owned banks, the current majority of banks from the cabinet rate has exceeded 90%. Among them, the Agricultural Bank of electronic trading channels of financial accounting has reached 96%, ICBC e-banking transactions accounted for the entire line of business number is 92%, Bank of communications and electronic bank Chinese shunt rate is respectively 91.42% and 90.74%.

Mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies as the core of a new generation of revolutionary wave has been irreversible trend forward. In the face of fierce competition in and out of the industry, the banking industry has taken the initiative to "downsizing" and "transformation", layoffs as the banking industry in the process of the development of the new term.

"With the changes of technology and customer habits and needs, the current banking industry layoffs relative to the upcoming deep, high frequency, large amplitude reduction tide is a dot, engaged in personal banking employees should practice their own as soon as possible, to enhance their ability to adapt to the future of the new post demand." A bank official said.

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