May day magnetic stripe card can not be used?

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May day magnetic stripe card can not be used?

2017-04-23 09:55:36 883 ℃

In those years, we used a magnetic stripe card

Do you still remember the cancellation of the magnetic stripe card? In 2016 July, the people's Bank of Chinese issued "the people's Bank of Chinese on Further Strengthening the risk management of the bank card notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), clearly since May 1, 2017, round off chip magnetic composite card magnetic stripe transaction.

Magnetic stripe card in the end can not be used? Why should the bank with the magnetic stripe transaction can not get through?

China is through train storage mapping

May 1st, magnetic stripe card can not be used?

Will turn off the chip composite card magnetic stripe transaction message, at the time caused widespread concern, and even had been misinterpreted as all magnetic stripe cards will become a waste card".

Doomsday is approaching, whether from May 1st magnetic stripe card can not be used?

China is a train reporter visited a number of banks, the staff have said:Not yet notified.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing branch staff told reporters that the "notice" mentioned in the closed magnetic stripe transaction also refers to off chip composite magnetic stripe card in the magnetic stripe transaction, pure magnetic stripe cards can be used normally. But as of press time, the bank has not yet received notice to close the magnetic stripe composite card magnetic stripe trading after May 1st.

Reporters visited the Bank of China Construction Bank Road, also received the same answer.

Therefore, the notice requirement from May 1st to close the magnetic stripe composite card magnetic stripe transactions, even if the real implementation, the card can also continue to use. Of course, we hold the magnetic stripe card will not be affected, you can continue to use.

Why should the bank with the magnetic stripe transaction can not get through?

It is understood that the traditional magnetic stripe bank card magnetic stripe information technology is relatively simple, easy to be cracked and copy, criminals through the use of magnetic stripe information bootlegging device to copy bank card track information, and then through the pinhole camera or phone fraud and other ways to cheat password can forge the magnetic stripe bank cards, causing some cardholders card from hand stolen the brush, causing great loss.

In addition, the magnetic stripe card magnetic stripe easily damaged or degaussing, leading to the success of the credit card also occurs.

China News Agency fameng Zhong De photo

Compared with the magnetic stripe card, IC chip card is more secure and large capacity, you can store keys, digital certificates, fingerprints and other information. Card read and write protection and data encryption protection, and in the use of protection to take personal password, card and reader two-way authentication.

Chip card replication is very difficult, with a strong ability to attack.

Therefore, even if the magnetic stripe composite card or magnetic stripe card can not be stopped, the card in the hand can be changed into a chip card for the safety of the account.

To change the card, how to change?

Currently, the card is only supported in the bank outlets counter.

Change card need to carry ID card and the original magnetic stripe card,If you have previously handled also need to carry U shield.

After the bank takes the number,To counter the bank counter and the card number is not the same or re apply for a new card.If the required number unchanged, will need to wait for the time, if you do new chip card, directly for the opening and after the card is disabled, to an account before the association of bank card information, but before the bank card binding and other business needs to change their information.

The bank card replacement process is the same, for the card service and the cost is not the same. If you are not aware of the process or service, the cost,Can directly call the bank customer service phone service, ask clearly on it.

It is important to note that the abandoned bank card, shall timely cancel business, and the magnetic stripe card is damaged, do not arbitrarily discarded, even a small cheap sale.

According to reports, most banks can provide remote account cancellation service. For example, the customer can get a bank card and identity card to the commercial bank in the city of Beijing designated outlets households; most of the Construction Bank branches can be directly handled off-site card account, but if handled U shield friends, in addition to the card and ID card, please remember to take u shield.

Extended reading

Bank card in the past life"

1979First, a proxy by Chinese bank Guangdong branch of the Bank of East Asia, Hongkong East America credit card acquiring business in southern China, is actually a foreign card in the domestic bank for counter cash business.

1981 to 1983,Industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, construction bank and other financial institutions have launched a single card business, VISA, Mastercard, JCB card into Chinese at this time.

Until1985Bank of China, the first bank card in China, issued by Bank of China Zhuhai branch.

1987, the first ATM machine in Guangdong, Zhuhai. The magnetic stripe card can withdraw money directly in ATM, let everyone feel convenient.

March 1995Guangdong Development Bank issued the first domestic credit card - Guangdong Development Bank card, to create China's credit card market precedent.

July 1995China Merchants Bank card available, an important symbol of China's bank card product innovation.

March 26, 2002, China UnionPay was established in Shanghai, announced that China's banking card system innovation into a new stage.

2002With the people's Bank of China under the leadership of the organization, with the joint efforts of various commercial banks, the realization of the network universal 314 goal, the domestic bank card inter provincial inter provincial highway initially built up.

May 2002ICBC Peony Card Center was established, which is the first division of the Department of relatively independent credit card center, the implementation of unified scheduling, independent accounting, vertical management and professional management.

August 2003UnionPay launched the 62 BIN UnionPay standard card, to fill the domestic bank card market has long been the absence of independent brand card blank.

January 2004, UnionPay card officially opened in Hongkong brush, took the first step in the internationalization of bank cards own brand,

According to the China bank card industry development report released the day before the Chinese Cup "(2017)" shows, as ofBy the end of 2016, UnionPay card issued a total of more than 6 billion global, UnionPay card global acceptance network has been extended to more than 160 countries and regions, covering more than 4000 businesses and more than 2 million 200 thousand ATM.