Alipay can directly brush face your circle of friends do not delete delete?

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Alipay can directly brush face your circle of friends do not delete delete?

2017-05-20 01:47:39 279 ℃

. The content of the article is the author's personal point of view, does not mean that the news and network positions. Investors operate accordingly, the risk at your own risk. As China's Internet industry's two giants, in May, Tencent and Alibaba's market capitalization has crossed the $300 billion mark, becoming China's Listed Companies in the history of the unprecedented "giant."".

These two days, China's Internet arena has been dominated by Tencent and ali. In May 17th, the Tencent announced a quarterly in 2017, earning 160 million quickly became a hot topic once. A day later, Alibaba released its annual report for fiscal 2017, with a comprehensive lead in Tencent on revenue, profit and other indicators.

Yesterday afternoon (May 18th) daily economic news, "IT home" website announced by Alipay official confirmation, has long been brewing rumors of the brush face payment finally is about to become a reality.

Alipay brush face function is online

After each small May 19th morning notice, suspected the video circulating on the network appeared in Alipay brush face payment terminal.

The afternoon of May 19th, "IT house" published an article, Alipay announced the official confirmed to the IT family, the majority of users long-awaited brush face payment function is online. Some netizens joked that, finally, to enter the "face to eat" era.

Photo source: video screenshot

According to the network transmission of video display, a tester without mobile phone, enter the account, it can achieve Alipay payment brush face. According to IT reports, Alipay today has been to the house of IT confirmed the authenticity of this video, and said it had completed the brush face payment from the laboratory to the last step of the business, will soon be partners in on-line stores.

According to the measured exposure video, users only need 2 steps to complete the brush face payment: first face recognition, the recognition process only one second; 4 successful recognition input after the Alipay mobile phone number to bind after double verification can be completed after payment.

The brush face, many users have to pay the safety concerns, some people even played "cosmetic" and "face".

For security reasons, Alipay said, "in the actual application scene brush face payment", will be detected by in vivo detection algorithm (judge face collection is not a photograph in vivo information forgery, video forgery or other software generated), and through the face recognition algorithm of identity recognition. Therefore, in reality, there will be no use of other people's photos or videos can be fraudulent use of the situation. In addition, the "face" function requires user authorization to open, and can be closed at any time.

Alipay said, has completed the brush face payment from the laboratory to the last step of commercial. Testers need to type in cell phone numbers for two tests to prepare for large-scale commercial use. Alipay said further to IT home, brush face payment products will soon be on the line, will be the first to achieve commercial purpose in the world.

Ali, VS, Tencent, who will make money?

Tencent and Alibaba after a day has announced earnings, the two comparisons over the same period of time, especially the industry attention.

For the US listed Alibaba, fiscal year 2017 began in April 1, 2016, ending March 31, 2017. Alibaba released the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017 data, it seems to be slightly inferior than Tencent".

Tencent in 2017 first quarter total revenue of 49 billion 552 million yuan ($7 billion 182 million), growth of 55% over the same period last year; earnings for the period was 14 billion 548 million yuan ($2 billion 109 million), growth of 57% over the same period last year, net profit rate is 29%.

Alibaba group achieved a total income of 38 billion 579 million yuan over the same period, an increase of 60%. In the first quarter of 2017, Alibaba adjusted EBITDA to 16 billion 597 million yuan, an increase of 44%; non GAAP earnings amounted to 10 billion 440 million yuan, an increase of 38%.

But on the other hand, the Alibaba figures for fiscal year 2017 are better than Tencent's 2016 annual performance.

Tencent 2016 annual total income of 151 billion 938 million yuan, an increase of 48% over the same period last year, net profit of 41 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of 42%.

Alibaba's fiscal year 2017 total annual income of 158 billion 273 million yuan, an increase of 56%, exceeding Tencent 4%; non GAAP net profit of 57 billion 871 million yuan, exceeding Tencent 26%. Net cash flow from operating activities was $80 billion 326 million, exceeding 23%.

From the breakdown of the field of business, the two strategic layout and profit model is entirely different.

According to the Tencent 2017 first quarter earnings report, WeChat's monthly active users have reached 938 million. Such a terrorist "ruling class" number of users, has not yet brought strong liquidity to Tencent, Tencent's revenue and profits mainly from other sectors.

According to earnings, the three biggest contribution to Tencent's revenue growth in the first quarter of 2017 came from gaming, social networking and advertising. Among them, the largest online game income of 22 billion 811 million yuan, an increase of 34%, accounting for 46% of Tencent's total revenue in the first quarter.

In contrast, NetEase carefully created "Yin and Yang division", "Fantasy Westward Journey" and "Westward Journey" and many other high-quality games, but in the game area by Tencent's "king of glory" beyond. Tencent's ability to develop its business outside its own core traffic platform is amazing.

Friend spoof map

Compared to the business diversification of Tencent, Ali relies on the core business of electricity providers to obtain more than 80% of revenue, the main source of income is firmly built on the basis of the largest user platform.

2017 fiscal year fourth quarter, Alibaba group core business income of 31 billion 570 million yuan, accounting for 82% of total revenue over the same period. According to earnings reports, 2017 fiscal year China's retail platform Ali active buyers increased to 454 million, mobile monthly active users as high as 507 million. 2017 fiscal year, Alibaba China retail platform merchandise turnover amounted to 3 trillion and 767 billion yuan, an increase of 22%.

As the country's largest business platform, as of March 2017, Forbes, the world's most valuable brands in the top 100, 75% of consumer brands have been settled Tmall.

In addition, according to the British financial times, Alibaba's payment related company, Ant King Kim, said the number of its daily users doubled in one year. According to the ants, much of this growth comes from an increase of 40% in the first quarter of 2017. The payment service users daily living services, Alipay did not disclose the number, but said a total of 450 million people use the payment and other financial services, including banking and insurance.

In the realization of revenue flow of users at the same time, Ali group is also plowing other business segments. Every time Xiao Bian found that the other small volume of Ali business segment, although the income scale is insignificant, but it has maintained a high growth momentum of more than three figures.

The fourth quarter of fiscal year 2017, Ali cloud revenue reached 2 billion 163 million yuan, an increase of 103%, since the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 has eight consecutive quarters of growth rate of more than 100%; digital media and entertainment business income 3 billion 927 million yuan, an increase of 234%; annual revenue grew 271% to 14 billion 733 million yuan; Ali health revenues of 475 million yuan, an increase of up to 739.4%.

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