Cui Yongyuan also set up shop selling food, routines deep can sell high prices?

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Cui Yongyuan also set up shop selling food, routines deep can sell high prices?

2017-05-20 01:48:59 92 ℃

China Jingwei client May 19 (Li Pengfei) fulfilled the "all net red home is Taobao shop" this sentence, "reverse Gladiator" Cui Yongyuan also online shop selling food, the main non GM food.

This is called Pu Gu Tang mall website recently quietly on the line, although no publicity, Cui Yongyuan's personal micro-blog is not mentioned, but the web page Cui Yongyuan portrait and the signature is eye-catching. Cui Yongyuan shops selling food, is bound to be a controversial topic: is the first public opinion, after the routine business, or public danger, save the feelings of the masses?

Pu Tong Valley mall.

Membership system "ring powder", only 30 thousand people?

In the new longitude client (WeChat public number: jwview) seen in Pu Gu Tang mall home mall selling food is divided into 10 categories, from grain, wine, vegetable oil, spices, nuts, fruits and vegetables to, to dairy products, aquatic products, poultry meat, edible fungus Everything is contained therein. However, there are not many varieties, only 34 kinds, mainly in cereals, vegetable oil and meat. The operation of the main mall is Pu Gu Tang Cui Yongyuan food Cultural Exchange Club limited.

Publicity in the mall, non GMO is a striking word. Soybean oil is the selection of raw materials, non transgenic soybean; black pig, ate non GM feed; millet, the selection of high-quality non genetically modified seeds, it is pointed out that millet and no transgenic varieties......

"Reverse gene" has become Cui Yongyuan's iconic tag in recent years. He went to the United States at filming a documentary, "exposing" the harm of genetically modified food; and Fang also launched a fierce debate, even up to the court. In the eyes of the inversion, Cui Yongyuan does not represent any interest. But when a fighter smells business opportunities, the money he earns is earned.

In the 2016 China full retail conference held in November 4, 2016, Cui Yongyuan has said publicly that he has entered the retail industry, after 3 years ago with the "transgenic flood" to fight, he thinks it is a responsibility and opportunities, so this year, I established my own food company, is a preparation for the brothers and sisters and friends provide non transgenic food safety."

Webpage Screenshot

Cui Yongyuan also said that the food company intends to open membership system, business in 3 cities, 10 thousand members of each city. These 30 thousand people are only served healthy food. "Every year I have to do 12 speech activities, please is the world's big head, is that you can think of who the best speech master, because he is my friend, I can be invited to use this way to my membership level of evolution." Cui Yongyuan said.

According to Pu Gu Tang charter member, mall to take membership members do not limit the amount of consumption, consumption, but added to pay 5000 yuan deposit as pre order items. In addition, members will be invited to participate in a series of activities, such as lectures, theatrical performances, art salons and investment salons.

Non GM when selling points? Pay attention to legal compliance

In the current food industry, many companies have "non GM" as a selling point to be speculation, and even in advertising words use comparative language, suggesting that non GM is safer...... Science and Technology Education Department of the Ministry of agriculture in January 2015 had issued "guidance on notice" involving GM advertising management work, the practice is not only against the "People's Republic of China advertising law" and other relevant laws and regulations, resulting in the industry disorderly competition, exacerbated by the public on GM panic mood.

Notice of China without the approval of imports for processing of raw materials, not approved for commercial planting in China, the market does not exist on the genetically modified crops and their processed products, prohibit the use of non GMO advertising words; to our country has approved the import of raw materials or for processing in the country has grown commercially, the GM crop and non GM crops and their processed products exist on the market, can be marked non GMO but prohibit the use of more healthy, safety and other misleading advertisements.

It is understood that Chinese approved commercial cultivation of GM crops are cotton and papaya 2, GM crops approved for processing imported raw materials are soybean, corn, cotton, rape and beet 5, has not yet been approved for commercial planting of transgenic crops.

In other words, only made more than raw food can only be marked whether transgenic or non transgenic identification, with other raw material production shall be marked "non GMO" -- because of the use of genetically modified raw materials without the approval of the production itself is a violation, but not whether the food labeling of non transgenic varieties is does not have any meaning.

Data map

After Luhua and other edible oil brand was reported in the media labeled "non GMO" on edible oil packaging, and in fact are not genetically modified peanut varieties.

In July 2014, the only non GMO "ads for Xiwang food trouble: spokesperson for the company's new signing, film star Zhao Wei in the ad says:" no matter a few more than a few, not genetically modified, I just Xiwang corn germ oil". Finally, the ad was asked to be taken down and the content changed. (Sino Jingwei APP)

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