Millions of pilgrims sitting on Beijing Tianjin Hebei first Dojo: what God can make

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Millions of pilgrims sitting on Beijing Tianjin Hebei first Dojo: what God can make

2017-05-20 01:51:05 180 ℃
As a religious line store experience, when I saw the hand wheel immortals, the heart is ignorant. In fact, this reflects the pragmatism of the Chinese, and uses the artificial gods to find the peace of mind. But the villagers themselves are not tickets, no bad things, in fact, no ground for blame.

After we went to Hebei, Yixian County, the temple of the old lady worshipped. Grandma temple, known as the first North China Dojo, mainly consists of color steel, paper boxes, hand burning fairy and spray plaque.

You may have seen various testimonies: the temple is the main hall solemn king hall, main hall, temple law. Grandmother temple in the world it is called - the main hall

You may have seen in other Temple Buddha, Buddha, Lao Maitreya, or Confucius, Zhu Geliang, Guan Erye, they designated in accordance with the historical figures or religious sites home, their separate regime.

Grandmother temple are all there, and here they are more specific, the name is called: the God of wealth, cheshen, God of Learning -

God is not Schumacher, but he is also holding the steering wheel, for the journey to the people on the escort, bless you happy to go out and come home safely.But according to our observation, the cheshen received the most desire is: to shake the number.

Of course there are Paul weather dragon, Paul marriage matchmaker, a monk Tang, may bless the students studying abroad.

The source, about grandma temple every one people all say the same thing, only pick up a word, together is a complete story, vivid details, view of history, to tell everything, you can't believe.

There are one million pilgrims admiring the temple fair in the 15th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar each year, when the line stretches several kilometers, has been routed to the mountain. Last year the fire too much incense, incense directly to the hall burned down, this year the villagers fund-raising and reconstruction of A.

This is the mountain temple management under the Ma Tau Village, every family is responsible for a temple, statues, murals, instruments are made. Therefore, the temple under the jurisdiction of the various gods in charge of the field is very vertical, a villager told us: "nothing is impossible to achieve, and if the lack of which gods, then we will build a casually."."

Is this a foolish money making scam? Not at all。 The understanding of the beliefs of the very subtlety:"No tickets, tickets are not formal, who can believe in faith, why do you want tickets?"

But the villagers can be responsible for their own temples have a small presence in incense, incense cover shed, selling snacks.

With the talismans, selling the Taobao composite sign, hexagram divination, hand forced the metaphysics of the same service, Yixian County Temple pilgrims almost all given a five-star praise.

Yes, Yixian County temple is a contemporary religious line under the store, although the color steel construction, especially Lo-Fi and environmental protection, but it has its character, not soliciting, do not insist, not cunning, here it is, the smile, quietly, watching you, two characters appear on the face: sincerely.

Editor: Chen Zhijie