He was the man behind Ma Huateng and is now China's leading charity

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He was the man behind Ma Huateng and is now China's leading charity

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Chen Yidan hopes that one day science and technology will narrow the gulf between the richest and the poorest schools.


Wen and Zhai Wenting Liu Dongsi

In May 17th, Forbes's China Charity list was released in Shanghai in 2017.

Tencent co-founder Chen Yidan (Charles Chen) topped the list with an annual cash donation of 2 billion 370 million yuan. Followed by Hengda Xu Jiayin and Shanda Chen Tianqiao and Luo flourishing couple, cash donation amount is 1 billion 660 million yuan and 790 million yuan respectively.

Last year, Forbes topped China's charity list with Tencent Ma Huateng.

As an alumnus of Ma Huateng, Chen Yidan, 46, is very fond of education. He was born in Guangdong, Chaoyang. He majored in Applied Chemistry at Shenzhen University, received his bachelor's degree, and later received his master's degree in economic law from Nanjing University. He worked in Shenzhen entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau for several years after graduation.

Most of us were not familiar with Ma Huateng, the co - founder of the reserved Tencent, and not sure what he had done. People used to be the leader of an enterprise, founder and CEO, apple and Microsoft. The Tencent is an exception. The Tencent has 5 very important co founders who have their own areas of responsibility, work under Ma Huateng's coordination, and run Tencent together.

After the creation of the Tencent, as co-founder of the Chen Yidan administration, responsible for legal and policy development, human resources and charity fund issues, relationship management mechanism of intellectual property rights, and the government also by his coordination, "daddy said Tencent".

Compared the story of Chen Yidan Ma Huateng take cities and seize territory, do not so sexy, and even some boring. However, he graduated from the Department of chemistry and has a literary and artistic heart. He is especially interested in human relations, customs and Chinese culture. University four years of winter and summer vacation, basically traveled all over china.

Be an honest man

There was an earthquake in Wenchuan in 2008. Although the Tencent is 1000 miles away in Shenzhen, the company's philanthropic thinking has been touched. Previously, the Tencent from time to time and done some charity donations, such as computer and donated the school. At the moment, the Tencent leader, like everyone in China, is asking the question: how can we help further? Instinctively, he thought of his most understanding field - the web, in an attempt to better cooperate with NGOs and nonprofit organizations to help people in need and to strengthen ties with people.

Chen Yidan, then chief executive of the Tencent, said it was "an opportunity" for the Tencent to help the earthquake relief in Wenchuan". Chen Yidan, the first president of the Tencent foundation, has institutionalized a certain percentage of the Tencent's annual contribution to the company. Thus, Tencent created one of the world's largest online donation platform - Tencent public welfare.

In 2011, WeChat came out and achieved great success. Chen Yidan realized that it was time for new action. On March 2013, Tencent announced that Chen Yi Dan "for personal reasons, and the management of the company to reach a consensus after retiring chief administrative officer, as the company's lifelong Honorary Advisor, honorary director of the Tencent and continue to serve as the foundation for long. Chen Yidan said he still went to work in the company for 6 months after leaving office, until no one came to him. He knew it was time for him to leave.

Subsequently, he invested 2 billion yuan to Wuhan Institute for public welfare private university. Liu Chiping, President of the Tencent met with Chairman of the College Board of Wuhan dragon peak at a meeting. He asked, "how did you get Charels to vote 2 billion?" What magic have you done?" "Feng Feng replied," I didn't make any magic. It was there, and you would find it natural to make this decision." For the early realization of financial freedom of Chen Yidan, the next exciting point is public education, not angels.

Some media say he wants to "build Standford of China", so as to promote the reform of educational system". When accepting an interview with the Chinese philanthropist, Chen Yidan laughed, "how easy is that?" A good university needs to be worked and accumulated from generation to generation." He carefully revised, "not to say that I want to reform, but not so, I just want to make a sample, do some modest work, is a kind of mobilization and soil."."

He said he was not the king, nor was he an educator. He wanted to build a platform and be an honest man".

It fits his personality. In the Tencent, Chen Yidan is responsible for the company's feelings. In 2016, Chen Yidan announced a donation of HK $2 billion 500 million (about $320 million), setting up an award for education, a Dan prize". The money has been donated before the award, and the "Dan Dan" award, up to HK $2 billion 500 million, is the highest prize in education in the world so far.

Last year, Chen Yidan visited Harvard University, MIT, and several other top universities in the world to encourage the nomination of Dan Dan candidates. He believes that the government will continue to play an important role in the large population of China, especially in the nine year compulsory education stage, while private education will promote the development of China's education. But he also believes that education should be more personal.

Chen Yidan hopes that one day science and technology will narrow the gulf between the richest and the poorest schools.

The significance of finding wealth in traditional culture

Chen Yidan is keen on Chinese traditional culture. He emphasizes the influence of education on culture and the belief that culture carries. Money to do public welfare, is his "financial donation", to promote the network of public welfare, innovative school running mode, promote traditional culture, are counted as his "law giving."".

Wealth is only a tool and how to use it, Chen Yidan said. Ultimately, it is the user's values that work.

In 2013, Chen Yidan launched the Tencent's traditional culture channel on the line. The previous 3 months, he invested 10 million original fund, set up in Shenzhen Chen Yidan charitable foundation. The foundation is a non-public offering to promote, revive and prosper the Chinese traditional culture and education.

The Chen Yidan foundation to create "a heart of pure loyalty" and "a tree:" two major public brand.

"A heart of pure loyalty", August 2012, Chen Yidan invested about 13000000 yuan, donated Shantou Chaonan Tian Xin middle school English CI buildings and supporting facilities. The completion of the CI Ying Building ended with the history of 30 years of no high school education. The foundation has also set up a "middle school in Tian Xin CI English scholarship" and "Ci Ying scholarship".

Chen Yidan has donated 50 million yuan two times through the foundation to build a modern digital library for the military academy, and to configure millions of books and classics. In addition, a library of books and records will be established in the library, which will be one of the largest collections of ancient books and records in universities and colleges in china. Library books including "kushu" "Tripitaka" and "Taoist", including Confucianism, Chinese traditional culture classics. All these books are offered to teachers and students and will be read and read to the public.

"One tree:", is to carry out a traditional chanting music project, Miaoxiu project, as well as intangible cultural heritage published public funded projects.

Chen Yidan believes China the vitality of the traditional culture, he said, "our ancestors which will lie to you? He wrote this thing for so many years of accumulated wisdom. Why would he do that? He must be good for you."

He found the meaning of wealth in traditional culture. Wealth is only a tool and how to use it, Chen Yidan said. Ultimately, it is the user's values that work. "Wealth is in your hands for a while. What can you do about it?" Today, I am lucky to have a little fortune, so I will do something with this wealth."

The martial school motto is "Ming Tak innovation, and the solution and progress", which was put forward by Chen Yidan in 2010. In March 2012, the military academy opened a series of lectures on "Ming Tak lecture hall". The poetry of Tang and Song Dynasties, Yi Zhou, Kong Meng thought, Sun Tzu and all classes of authors and other traditional famous scholars, Ancient Chinese Literature Search, called for the teachers and students make regular keynote speeches and interaction.

"Ming De" language out of "University", "University of the road," in clear germany". Chen Yidan hope that students can truly understand the traditional culture, and "solution and".

"Life", with this name, body, are just borrowed. How to do well in nature? It's not what others evaluate, but what you want to know. Knowing where to come?. Knowledge is only solution, you have to do it, you have to prove it."

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