Golden King was born into a small, users have the hand piece!

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Golden King was born into a small, users have the hand piece!

2016-07-21 11:55:40 421 ℃

After a day of waiting, finally born king plate, the first family of children, hearthstone,Here congratulations to President and board mother gave birth to a son!I stayed in the monster's stomach for several months, wow la la la, the golden legend!!!!

President said handsome, board Niang too ugly, this is very embarrassing

Is to invent a new card according to the birthday: boss Wang, 7 0 / 2, battle roar: summon a Murloc knight and Finley. Sir Mogedun, and enable the with cynical

"My son, when the day you were born, the hearth of the hotel table are in whispered the name: ER in dogs, My child, I watched with pride as you grew into an avatar of God. Remember, we have always been in the kingdom of God and PY. You will be careful to use your powerful force. One day, my life will reach the end. And you will be crowned king!"

This nose is exactly the same as president, a good news and bad news, the good news is that it looks like a president, the bad news is like president!

    The stone of the Maddie article, the new copy to go out, it is better to call Wang Diwen.

    As the furnace stone, they are two generations of the furnace, I am particularly single!