Dad: who's your pretty aunt around?

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Dad: who's your pretty aunt around?

2017-01-08 11:19:48 162 ℃

1. What is blue and white?

2, the driver power

3, sleep in the shop is the most tired!

4, let us work to a new height.

5, such a good tradition...

6, this business is very good to grab

7, the devil's horn!

8, I would like to quietly

9, the teacher let Halloween with pumpkins, so......

10, the birth of the daughter-in-law, after raising children!

11, this translation is very standard

12, I go, I do not answer?

13, haze, if not resolved for a long time, people may evolve into this

14, Taiwan, a primary school textbook guidance: to see others sad angry, to encourage him to smile to him [smile] but this is really not playing?

1, I will be named the peak for my son, meaning his life as CEO marry white Formica has embarked on the pinnacle of life. He is the pride of our family.

2, yesterday, a female colleague suggested to play mahjong, I both got a friend to make the four. Mahjong to meet, find the two are a couple, but before they are said to each other to work overtime at night.

3, ready to take a glass top cabinet, just want to step on to pick up the bench, the mother shouted: "down the bench, let your father help you with." My mother ah... Just turn to listen to my mom said: "old man, to take a glass cabinet to the girl, I'm afraid she trampled on the bench."

4, one day, I picked up a stick outside, so I took it home. The mother was very angry. "What is the use of the stick?" I have a brain: "you can use it to hit me ah."

5, the son turned over the photo album asked: "Dad, who is this beautiful aunt around you?" That girl, I looked at the picture beside slim, looks beautiful, lovely, liberal and dignified said: "it was your mother." Son stubborn mouth, look to the kitchen, and whispered: "it's not my mother outside the fat man?"

6 at noon, my mom went to buy food when I want to say my mother said Braised pork in brown sauce, hot to eat less greasy things who... I eat when depressed eating vegetables accidentally bitten my tongue down my mouth, blood flow... I appeared in front of a large bowl of Braised pork in brown sauce for dinner, my mother said: not to eat if you bite the tongue Dutch act Braised pork in brown sauce...

7 afternoon, go to work by taxi, taxi driver on the bus to chat with me, I absent-minded with. The brother also feel disappointed, asked me: to transfer a topic? I shook my head. The brother asked: listen to the dialogue? I nod. This brother really awesome, I said a stand up comedian. I want to get off, the brother also enough, I pulled a: you don't slip in, I have the burden of not shaking......

8, a grass root like a goddess. Today, he went to the toilet to wash his hands. So ready to come up with a couple of words, from behind her back, she turned her head to smile. Grass root sometimes desperate, he did not know what to say. Blurted out: "you also urine hand?

9, if there is such a hint after the Tencent: the other side to see the chat record has been a long time, find him talk about it!" "The other side poke your head there are many times, and quickly find him talk about it!" "The other side of the input but also deleted XXXX, and quickly find him to talk about it!"

10, a nurse, two months ago, a patient had a broken leg, I was his care. Today, he came to the hospital to remove the gypsum, after dismantling, I told him: you touch the legs, see if there is no feeling. As soon as I finished, his hand touched my leg. Touch end also said that there is a feeling.