I just learned to back up, so I can only do it

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I just learned to back up, so I can only do it

2017-01-11 00:34:21 192 ℃

Funny brother today for everyone to prepare a very rich content, let's first ten funny GIF action figure:

1, I want a beautiful water.

2, I must be charged calls sent

3, I just pass by the baby ~.

4, I only learn to reverse the car, so it can only be opened

5, daughter-in-law, you can not eat in bed

6, little sister is how to buy an ice cream?

7, the mood is good, to jump about it

8, the new year to the. Husband should remember to give his wife lucky money

9, face Meng force, engage in a mess

10, too much to make people feel inferior!

Here again funny connotation diagram:

1, this is the elder brother of God and Goddess

2, I have forgiven you, really

3, the number is clear how many pieces of it?

4, the hair can sell how much money?

5, feel the whole body is not painful

6, good, grandson!

7, this is the old driver of small time

8, brother, you are too hard

9, I believe that there is true love in the world

10, will not break up?Next is funny brother to pick ten jokes:

1, yesterday to play a bit, beauty nurse touched my hand said: hey... Your blood vessel is very thin! I said: it's all right, you touch for a while, touch the touch on the rough...

2, noon meal back, see table in the movies, just ask: "what to see?" The goods didn't look up." Oh yeah, sit down together, did not see two seconds and I will beat him, MD, the first time the "journey to the west" say ecstasy, cheat sheet...

3, as a doll seller, in order to ensure the quality of each order I have to try to be assured delivery. Now business is getting better, but the body is not as good as one day.

4, the language teacher let us use one, two, three,... In turn, said a word of the word, the results of our class math class on behalf of said: one by one, the 22 was four, 33 was nine of the total number of students in the past four years.....

5, I usually do not go to the market to buy food, because not bargain, the only way is to read the aunt aunt behind, good bargain after I said: "boss, give me a second!"

6, shepherd died between shepherds can not find a replacement dog in the flock took sheep, clothed it in skins, and said: you are a shepherd. Unexpectedly, it was done in place than the real dog, whenever there is a wandering sheep, it rushed to bite, in this pseudo dog driven, miserable sheep. A sheep whispered to him, "you are a sheep...... The sheep rightly said: we should be responsible for the skin!

7, honest people why not love people, because not enough hypocrisy, mouth sweet enough, not before a man, after a person, not nonsensical, won't make people happy, always go straight, slowly found, have a good heart, as has a good mouth, because good than ever but good mouth now, the society, now people, love are false, false, not true love, really, who is who is false expert, master

8, want to make a girlfriend, my home city of Shenzhen five suites, two cars, a Mercedes Audi, deposit seven digits, in short Jiacaiwanguan, eight meters tall, handsome, and a bunch of beautiful and cheerful girl, but only one request, can forgive me......?

9, the girl is chatting on the phone, suddenly jumped out a stranger: I like you, do you have a boyfriend? Girl: sorry, I have a boyfriend! Stranger: no wonder you have to play with your cell phone every day, I am your father, come back at night to talk about!! Girl: um...... The second day, and a stranger: I like you, do you have a boyfriend? Girl: I don't have a boyfriend! Stranger: I'm your boyfriend, I know you don't like me! Girl: I'm sorry, I thought it was my dad... Stranger: what your dad said is true, I'm your mother!

Finally, the goddess town building!

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