Funny: no culture, really happy ah!

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Funny: no culture, really happy ah!

2017-01-11 12:17:07 180 ℃
  1. Bestie recently unmarried, parents let her boyfriend symbolic to home to propose, and discuss the marriage thing. Before I came here, bestie let her boyfriend to buy something, and specially asked the best buy practical. As a result, her boyfriend bought several bags of baby diapers wet...

  2. Just hit lol, my house was pushed left crystal, the other side is also, in this tense moment, girlfriend to ask me what? I said in the game, and then she was silent for a long time to say goodbye, I said the game is more important than her, the last...... The game has also lost, the girlfriend also did not have, I turned off the computer to arrive at the window, has ordered a cigarette, I regretted, good regret at the beginning, my tears glide cheek to fall on the ground, I really had a good regret,...... I'm not supposed to have an electric knife

  3. The dinner met a brother, the genetically modified food xiankan, eldest brother very sincerely advise you not to eat genetically modified food, said too much harm to the child, his child and his paternity genes do not match, because children eat genetically modified food to gene changed, we all ignorant, ask these who said that knowledge is to listen, he said proudly, he told his wife...... Sentiment: no culture, really happy ah!

The gun will blew it

  1. Walking on the road to see a big uncle lying on the ground, I quickly went to lie down with uncle, uncle looked at me and said: you do not come back with me, my son to buy a house to marry a wife. I said: I have to buy a house to marry a wife ah, but I do not gnaw old. Uncle said: a man ambition, it gives you, I change a place!

  2. The first time I went to my girlfriend's house, my aunt was too hot! Do braised meatballs, fried and steamed meatballs, meatballs, meatballs soup...... Uncle is also very interesting, that is, a little naive, and I have to give my girlfriend to eat pears, but also the old breakfast to eat the cooked eggs to my side of the roll ~!

  3. Today, I asked my wife, why our colleagues throw waste paper group then? I never saw him throw it out of the trash! She said, "if you'd known me for a couple of years, you'd be better than them."! What's the meaning of this?

Master is gone, let's throw a plate

  1. The Spring Festival, every family all reserve has three special special purchases for the Spring Festival, only two husky. For the convenience of residents of the area inside sometimes put sausage hanging in the downstairs green belt branches on the sun, some time ago LZ did not return home, dad gave me a call: "your dog had its sausage home, lost more than and 200 people." As of today, my dad and my three statistics, only two dogs back to the sausage totaling more than 800 yuan, dad also secretly tracking back, said: "people will reach the team, it is also special pyramid!" I'm going to go......

  2. And the wife just married a few days before, there is a more than nine at night did not see her back, ask her if she is in overtime, then she said over the phone, and I forgot to get married directly back home......... Have amnesia wife vulnerable!

  3. Tian Peng molested Chang, Chang huff, will tell to the emperor! The Jade Emperor Taibaijinxing asked: "day Peng move, how to deal with?" Taibaijinxing: "violation of the law, according to law when zhu!" The Jade Emperor nodded and said: "Oh, when the pig when the pig!"

Cabriolet, pretty cool ah ~

  1. There is a small partner for help: "people say: Heaven has shit you don't eat, hell no shit you end bowl. How to hate him?" "Come to the bowl!"