Funny teacher: today is your father here to meet you!

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Funny teacher: today is your father here to meet you!

2017-01-11 12:17:46 151 ℃
  1. I have a friend do express, just send, and the case of a three point type door wearing a beauty, the last encounter is translucent gauze pajamas vacuum inside the tender female, he said that the master took him when told him that the weekend or holiday express delivery time must be sooner than later. I do not know when the master of the well intentioned, now finally understand the words of the master of a good teacher

  2. Several times to the heart and the girlfriend had to break up, but whenever I see her left hand carrying a bucket of water, his right hand holding the gas tank breath on the third floor, my heart is soft.

  3. LZ is a small two brothers, small time thief fine, then the school should pay tuition, about 100 or so, they will discuss how to get more money back to the big point with mom said the school to pay the tuition fee of 350, when his brother ran for mother, a brother, as long as 300 tuition. Second days and brother with a giggle oh brother import high places (canteen)

Dude, it's a little too much

  1. These days to catch orders, always working overtime, it is too busy, the boss personally out of the delivery. A few days down, a serious lack of sleep. Last night to night, the boss came to ask me to get some concern not to snack, I replied: even if the night without thinking, can let me have a nice sleep! The boss suddenly blushed quietly: I called to ask, he could not go back tonight......

  2. I think my mom only a short while ago, cook too always refused to eat, and my mother said, otherwise, you go to a training class what, when you graduate, I must eat well! A month later, my mother took the certificate of Taekwondo training class in front of me shook, I obediently eat, and now has 160 pounds, and we say that this matter who?

  3. This afternoon to pick up her daughter in kindergarten, out of the school to see a kindergarten teacher and his boyfriend together, hand in hand to go home from work, the daughter and the teacher said hello after the teacher said today is your father to pick you up!

Singles or doubles

  1. 8 times, 8 times. Time is a friend called me to his home for dinner, the door he saw the couple quarrel, every time I ask them to go out to eat a meal to resolve this.

  2. The girl saw the morning in bed, you'll be late for school, daughter-in-law quilt a lift, the hand is two slap up. Wash your face with her daughter: Dad to give you a good mother? Daughter: no! How are playing like this, I can live for a stepmother?

  3. When I saw someone with rabbit ears, I asked my mother, so that the rabbit does not hurt? My mother told me that the rabbit ears so long is for the convenience of man, this sentence has been in my ignorant mind, until one day, I saw a donkey that day...... I TM was almost kicked to death!

Pull out to shoot for 10 minutes on the left

  1. I am a programmer, I remember just graduated into a company code, mistakes, write BUG again and again, not only the manager often scolded me, to my colleagues also reported a Voices of discontent. Later I, a training class, after a month of hard work, hard work pays off, but they scold me.