The cat version of the scene, it was in tears

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The cat version of the scene, it was in tears

2017-01-12 01:09:10 139 ℃

1 a picture let me in a daze for half an hour..2 I'm going to perform a magic trick. Come on, close to it!3 bought a box of ugly tofu, my cat would smell it and then make a familiar action!!!4 day to day Teddy day air, but was the uniform.5 do not give each other the opportunity to fight back, doing pretty!6 you are the fox is not a dog, can you have integrity, integrity, integrity!7 What did you do to the aunt? ??8 want to kiss me? No way!! ???9 cats look out of the window of the lost in the end to see what? I gather to the past to see... Actually looking at! The cat! Piece!! Or the live version of the!!!10 smiled very little, will jump out. Have wood have the feeling of first love

11 that he started to draw the point of praise

12 see how you play tonight, "day" out of the new world