On the coquettish, you are better than me?

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On the coquettish, you are better than me?

2017-01-12 01:09:19 115 ℃

Hi, I was laughing jun!

Today we take a look at this gentleman with laughter Nothing is too strange. world, the following one, are the talent ah, in ancient times is that can dominate the hundreds of years, but Born Under A Bad Sign, has now become a funny force! Ha ha ha ha

For example, the following, no money, don't show it, it was disgraceful to

The child, so coquettish since childhood, grew up that can not ah

Well, you just show like the spring river to the East!

This big brother, good play, don't show up!

On the coquettish, you force, you have 10 thousand ways to kill youself, you can stand in the middle of the motorcycle why?

This sanitation worker, I like!!

Brother, I just gave you a cut, dancing?

Fat man's exclusive Sao, is simply a big Sao, call you crayon small Sao good?

In front of her sister must be sure to do something ah, coquettish, but also to get into the hospital is not worth it

This is the most cattle ah, if the man up, it really did not matter what a woman ha ha ha

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