Joke: your husband is so lucky, I was so beautiful girlfriend was married to him

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Joke: your husband is so lucky, I was so beautiful girlfriend was married to him

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[happy moment] afternoon Liuxiaolingtong came to our school, that is the first sentence of his speech: just when I was outside someone called me six teacher, and teacher called me six small, it even, what can be called my teacher sun?

Want to bury the dog, but the dog's friends do. That's why I don't care for Wang

Who is the color?

The working principle of the sewing machine, the original sweater almost

I can only say that this man has the ability, I can not do

Marry marry gap so big

At least the child passed the exam

Seeing the end, it's embarrassing.

Girl, I don't want water.

Other people's school uniform, small fresh

1, when I was a child, no money, go to the store to buy sugar, to pay when the boss gave a few corn. The boss hesitated for a moment, I watched in dismay as he said: not enough? He looked at me and smiled and said, "no, you gave too much. I haven't found you yet.". And from the locker two cents to me.

2, there is a time to go out to play, sit light rail, opposite is a little girl, about twenty years old, holding a bottle of water, want to drink, but not open. I was on the opposite side, said to me, boy, can help me to open? I took the water, turned, out of habit, drank, the girl looked at my face, I face a red.

3, met yesterday for more than six years no girlfriend, holding about 16 years old boy, after chatting I jokingly said, your husband really lucky, I taught for two years so pretty girl he married, "he not so lucky, just buy one get one." Shaking the boy's hand between the words, I always feel wrong when I get home.

4, high school on the morning self-study late, the teacher asked me to stand early to read, because the stomach is uncomfortable, no reason for him. He was so angry that he called my dad and said, "your kid's at school." At six o'clock, my dad did not wake up, a fight went to the school to go to my brother, my brother was in junior high school is reading, my dad was suddenly pulled out the beating ah, sister is really not intentional!

5, the morning before dawn I was in a hurry to go out, because the boss this morning to catch the shipment. What can be left not long, I suddenly remembered, looked at the table and quickly went back home. Open the door, standing in the hall, I confused the glanced at the door, looked at the familiar room, scared out in a cold sweat.