Graphic joke: girl, you have a taste of the meat balls, to see if it was ripe

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Graphic joke: girl, you have a taste of the meat balls, to see if it was ripe

2017-01-12 01:11:10 132 ℃

[happy moment] brother is a long-distance truck driver, run around outside for many years to daughter-in-law alone, every day she sent me a message: husband, come back tonight? Husband, where is it? Husband, when will you come back? Every time I receive, heart sour, but for this family can't rest, today I didn't tell her home, give her a surprise, hey hey hey.

Two Kazakhstan: cold, open idiot mode

It looks so ugly

Sister looked good and quiet

Dude, there is gas

What kind of performance is it easy to do?

After reading, I feel my IQ has been unprecedented insult

See the car is to flash quickly

Friends like to guess the car, I sent you a car to see what brand

This car is fast enough.

The girl in a black, very beautiful

1, different love, sister: "dear, so boring ah, I went to a movie alone good." Elder brother: "pay attention to safety!"

2, and friends go out to play, see the watermelon, friends: this watermelon miscellaneous sell ah? Stall: five dollars two. Friends: ten dollars to buy or not to buy three. Stall: this can not sell, to lose money. Me i:......

3, I think I am absolutely natural, at noon today, she said to me: girl, you taste the Rice-meat dumplings, to see if it was ripe. Mom, have you thought about what would happen to eat meat?

4, when young adults asked me what my name, I said lee. Then I said: you adults with the surname. I hastened to explain, but also not clear, every time crying. Today I met a boy, asked what his name, he said my name is Wang, and then I make him say: originally you Zhang. The boy gave me a look of calm to say: you are not stupid.

5, a group of people playing cards, there is a girl with a mobile phone camera and ring, what to say and friends playing cards, he's hot. Then the three of us silently out of mobile phone reading, then everyone knows her card.