City trap deep, I want to go back to the countryside!

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City trap deep, I want to go back to the countryside!

2017-01-12 01:11:57 278 ℃

[1] the elder brother plays big, the hand wants to waste it -- use the chopsticks to open the beer, the chopsticks directly poke in the hand:

[2] use chopsticks to open beer is not used to pry it, such as:

There will be chopsticks to open the beer, the message sign up! It is said to look simple, actually very difficult!

[3] the eldest brother, you tease me?

[4] the dog thinks that the grass is in front of him, and he rushes straight to the ducks:

Duck: quack, stupid dog, did not expect it!"

[5] the city is deep, everywhere is a pit!

[6] look at this figure to know that each package of instant noodles are hard won, and never waste instant noodles!

Don't believe it -- so the question is, what is it like instant noodles, wool or instant noodles?

[7] instant noodles just eat:

[8] under the tofu is not broken, but you somehow touched the bricks:

[9] this is really the ability of Ge hand, look at the two hands did not as big as:

[10] below the eldest brother's performance is the push brick:

[11] is not the guy you can really stick too strong even hollow brick are broken at:

[12] brother, Hong Kong films to see too much of it, wine bottles which have so good crack:

[12+] did not like Bing Bing before, after watching this picture, the road turn powder!

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